Blood Bond

What A Coincidence!

"Justin!" I squealed. I hugged him, afraid to let go. Wendy walked to class so we could have a moment.

"Tonia...What happened to you?" Justin asked, looking at my eyes. I bit my lip.

"I'm like you." Justin's eyes grew wide.

"What!" I cringed. "Who did it?" he shrieked.

"Daryl…" I dropped my head.

"Why did you let him?" he asked.

"It was that or I was going to die. Justin, there's no easy way to say this, but I'm pregnant."

"Oh god. Oh god, oh god, oh god." Justin looked at the ceiling. "But why are you here? Shouldn’t Daryl be smothering you?"

"I ran away. He tried to rape me so I told him I'd do anything but that. So he told me I was his and he put this blasted ring on my finger. It won't come off either."

"Wait, wait, and wait. You ran away?"

"Yeah. And I don't know what will happen to me."

"Jeremiah and I will watch over you and the little guys."

"Thank you." I kissed his cheek. He smiled.

"But I can see why he wanted you so bad: you are beautiful, Tonia. Now I'll have even more trouble keeping those boys in line!" Justin lightened the mood.

"We should get to class, though."


When I walked in I saw all the familiar faces and some new ones. I sat beside Wendy and a rather good-looking new guy who was staring with emerald eyes.

"Hi, I'm Jamie. I'm kind of new." I turned from Wendy, and he did the "emo hair flip".

"Well, Jamie, I've been going here for quite some time. I've missed some school though."

"Oh. Well, I'm sorry you did," Jamie said with a sheepish smile.

"Yeah. I'm sorry, too. But could I see your schedule?"

"Yeah, hold on."

"You can see my schedule," I heard someone whisper. Daryl? I whipped around and saw no one. I took a shaky breath.

"Here it is." Jamie handed it over, and I looked over it.

"Hey, look, we have the next class together. Good! I don't have Wendy in my next one, so maybe I could walk with you?" I asked.

"Me? Oh, uh, sure. That'd be—that's great." Jamie smiled, looking down.

"Hey, Tonia." I looked behind me and saw it was Richard.

"What?" I asked. I could feel Jamie's eyes on me.

"Where is Daryl?" he asked. I scoffed.

"Why would I know?" I asked, not wanting to think about him.

"Well, I figured you two were dating."

"No!" I exclaimed. "He is a pervert and I would never go out with him! In fact, I hope he's burning in hell right now!" I turned back to Wendy and Jamie.

"Tonia, why do you hate Daryl so much?" Wendy asked.

"Bad history over break. He kept acting like we were dating and it got on my nerves!" Wendy raised her arms in surrender.

After class I was walking with Jamie when William came up.

"Hey, Tonia!" I looked and saw Will. I hugged him. "Where's your brother?"

"He's dead, Will. Sorry, but he's gone." Will looked a bit numb.

"Oh…That sucks…" Will walked off, leaving Jamie and I alone.

"Sorry about your brother. I didn't know him."

"Yeah, he was my twin actually. But he's gone and that's that."

It was a little scary that I could pretend to be so okay with it.