Blood Bond

The Prologue: Part Four

School was finally out and I was walking to the house with Kyle, Justin, William, and Daryl. I was walking in between Justin and William. William was beside Kyle and Daryl was on the other side of Kyle. Everyone was laughing because Kyle brought up something that happened at lunch.

"That was great! But I gotta go, so I'll see ya." William waved as he walked to the left as the rest of us went straight.

"Bye, Will!" I shouted and Justin echoed me. I smiled suddenly.

"What is it, Tonia?" Justin asked.

"Oh. I just remembered what happened at lunch." Justin nearly fell over, but I caught him.

"Just now?" he coughed. I smiled sheepishly. "Wow."

"But we love you anyway!" I looked over to where William used to be and Daryl was walking there, his arm around my shoulder and being his annoying self. Justin growled.

"Kyle and I love her. Well, at least I do. You don't. She doesn't love you either, sorry." I frowned. Kyle didn't seem to care. Justin had been acting crueler around Kyle about ten days before the present day. I didn't know why, but even Jeremiah had been a bit more distant from him, but fine with me.

"I can love her if I want to!" Daryl yelled, getting mad. Was that all it took to set him off?

"Yeah, right. Then again, lust is often mistaken for love."

Daryl growled at him. Justin put his arm around my shoulder after knocking off Daryl's. Daryl glared at him and suddenly punched Justin right in the gut. He went tumbling to the sidewalk, holding his stomach.

"Some friend you are, bastard!" Justin gasped as he coughed blood.

"Justin!" I gasped, running to him. Daryl just watched and Kyle actually looked a little scared. I ran to his side and helped him up. "What are you doing?" I yelled at Daryl.

"He knows why I came here. He can't be getting in the way now," was all he said. Justin growled and when I looked back down he was sitting up, fine and no longer hurt. That always seemed to happen.

"Never said I'd let you!" Justin barked. I just glanced back and forth between them.

"Didn't say I wouldn't try!" Daryl yelled, licking his lips to rile Justin.

"Shut up, you pompous bastard!" Justin really tried to pounce on him, but I held him back.

"Justin! Stop! You're hurting me!" I cried because it was true. He was clawing at me as he was trying to get to Daryl.

"No! I won't let him talk like that! Just like every other fucking perv at this school! And what does Kyle do? Nothing! That's what!" Justin lashed out and I tumbled to Daryl's feet. Daryl helped me up and Justin growled.

"You okay?" Daryl whispered. I nodded and he pulled me up completely so that I was resting in his arms.

"Don't touch her!" Justin yelled, but all of a sudden he collapsed. He looked up and growled. "I hate you." Daryl seemed taken back, but before he could say anything Justin walked off. "Tonia, I'm going for a drive. I'll be back." I watched as he left.

"I love you, Justin." Justin stopped and turned around, smiling sweetly.

"Love you, too." With that he began walking again.

It seemed so important that I told him and I didn't know why: then again, I didn't want to know. Because if I knew, my heart would've broken in half. For in a few days, I'd never be able to tell him that ever again. As long as he long as he knew I loved him, maybe it would make a difference. So, every time I saw him, I told him, but he seemed to get sadder each time.

"Are we going?" Kyle asked, breaking the surreal silence that had happened without me knowing it.

"Oh, yeah. Of course." Daryl led me out of my stupor and I began walking with them, looking over my shoulder to see Justin's black Mercedes drive off, and a figure in the passenger seat.