Blood Bond

You're The One That's Overrated

"Oh don't cry," he begged with fake remorse. "I'm just stronger than you."

"Well, I'm sorry I don't bench press people everyday!" I shouted in his face.

"Someone has a mouth on them. And I like it." He kissed me as I tried to stop laughing. "Oh, come on! It's a bit hard to kiss you while you keep laughing."

"Oh, I'm sorry. But that line was just so corny! I can't breathe!" Daryl gave an irritated look as I tried to roll around.

"You're a demon, making fun of me!" he told me, pouting. I smiled, slowly regaining the ability to calm myself.

"Aww! But you called me an angel before!"

"That's because I didn't have control over the situation."

"Oh, you are so deceiving," I pouted, faking a few tears. He laughed.

"Well you were laughing at me!" he argued. I smiled and acted as though I was going to kiss him but at the last second I pulled to the side and licked his cheek. "What are you doing?" he yelled, jerking his head away.

"Licking you," I said innocently. Daryl smirked.

"Tonialla, that's the wrong head to be putting your tongue on." I thought about his words.

"Eww! Get off me, you perv!" I pushed him off.

"What? You want to be on top?" He started laughing loudly as I stomped away. He fell over from laughing so hard.

"Oh hardy har har!"

"That's not the only thing that's 'hard'!" He was rolling on the ground.

"You are sick!" I yelled as I got away from him.

I was watching TV on the couch when Daryl came and plopped down on the seat beside me. The switch in pressure caused me to fly into the air and fall on Daryl's lap.

"What just happened?" I asked, looking at Daryl. "You did that on purpose, didn't you!"

"What if I did?" he asked, kissing my neck.

"Then I'd smack you."

"Then I suppose I didn't," he said, laughing.

"Oh god. Aren't you done laughing yet?"

"I guess you just bring so much joy to my life and make it less hectic, until we have three little hell raisers running around."

"I know where that will come from..." I mumbled.

"What was that, dearest?" he asked.

"Oh, nothing."

"Oh my god. You aren't good at playing innocent."

"Jerk!" I slapped him again, storming up to our bedroom. I opened the window to feel the breeze before I stepped onto the ledge with the wind blowing around me.

"Planning on leaving again?" Daryl yelled with anger, pulling me back into the room suddenly.

"What? No! Daryl, I was just—"

"Enjoying the view? Trying to kill yourself? Trying to see if you could survive that drop and run away from here? And you had almost earned back my trust. Ha!"

"Daryl! I was just looking!" I tried to tell him as he paced. He didn't buy it one bit.

"I don't buy that one bit!" he informed me almost word for word. "How dare you?"

"How dare I want to feel the wind and smell fresh air? Yes, how dare I! And I almost fell for you again!" I shouted, storming to the door. Daryl seized my wrist.

"Oh no you don't! You just lost a privilege."

"I didn't do anything!" I yelled, squirming as I tried to get free.

"Don't play innocent, girl! You are to not roam the halls without me! And you are not to leave this room without anyone with you!" he yelled. "Have a nice stay!" He slammed the door and, just like that, my love for him that had been growing shattered yet again.