Blood Bond

Good God, I'm Blind!

It had been a month since I had that talk with Daryl. And I still felt undeniably horrible about everything I had said—and especially the things he knew. I could see the hope in his eyes every time he said he loves me, hoping I'd say it back, but it'd be even worse if I said it and didn't mean it. I had, however, come to a conclusion.

"Ok, I'm going to give you some alone time... I love you." Daryl hugged me good bye.

"Hey, Daryl," I started softly, "I like you." Sure it was so childish, but he deserved that much. He gave a half smile. It was forced and held so much pain.

"It's a start," he decided out loud, giving me the conventional goodbye kiss. He embraced me one last time before walking to his room hesitantly, as if it pained him to leave me. It probably did, but he made that sacrifice and it made me respect him more. He knew this effect and that was probably the only reason he did it. He hadn't gotten mad recently and that also helped. He probably vented out that anger then.

I looked around the room, thinking what to do. I looked down and sighed. I’m so fat, I acknowledged with a grimace. But that was normal for someone who only had two months to go. It had happened really fast. In one month it had become painstakingly obvious.

And the dizzy spells had really started picking up. But whenever I said Daryl's name he was there in a flash, carrying me up the stairs. He had grown really soft in the last month. It melted my heart and really made me see that he wouldn't be so bad a father.

"Oh, shit." I sat down. Speaking of dizzy spells... "Daryl," I whispered so softly. He was there in a flash.

"What is it, love?" he asked, picking me up and rushing me upstairs. He had me tucked under the covers before I could say another word.

"I just got dizzy, that's all," I assured him. "I'll be fine." He always got so worked up.

"Need anything?" he asked eagerly, holding my hand and kneeling beside me.

"No, I'm fine, I promise."

"Are you sure? You don't look so good," he murmured, feeling my forehead. "You don't feel so good either."

"I don't know, but it'll pass." He was making such a fuss over it. His eyes held way too much worry. He opened his mouth, but I heard nothing. The feeling seemed familiar. I suddenly grew really uncomfortable and struggled out of the covers. Daryl shook his head furiously, obviously trying to tell me to lie down. I struggled against his grasp and eventually broke free so I could stand. I leaned against the wall, pressing my burning forehead to the chilled wall. It felt unmistakably pleasant.

Then there was an even more pleasant sensation on my arms. I saw two hands chafing them, trying to keep me cool. I leaned back on what was obviously Daryl. He turned me to him and pressed his hands to every inch of my face

"Daryl," I gasped out, trying to find my voice. I reached for his face and he grabbed my hands. He was so tense and his hands were shaking as he led my hands to his cool face.
I felt his breath cool my face as he tried to talk to me to no avail. He pressed me tightly to him, his whole body trembling violently.

'Stay with me!' Daryl's voice cried in my head. He had given up physical talking.

'I'm not going anywhere,' I promised him, not so sure.

'Baby, please! Talk to me!'

'But I can't hear your voice. I can't find mine.' I felt myself slipping into unconsciousness. There was a deep pain in every moment I was awake.

"No! Tonia don't you dare!' Daryl gripped me tighter. 'Don't you dare!'

'It hurts…' I wanted to sleep so badly.

'What if you never wake again?' He was going into hysterics. I groaned and he kissed my forehead. 'You promised me you would stay with me.'

'But…It hurts so much…it really hurts!'

'You said it would pass!' He wasn't mad, but he was so scared he was crying. I only knew this because I felt his tears fall on my skin. It brought slight relief.

"Don't cry," I squeaked. He shook his head, trying not to look so emotional…so caring. "And don't hide that from me."

'I'm sorry,' he said in my head. I smiled softly, but it hurt so badly it dropped into a frown as I bit my lip.

'I can't stay up. I'm sorry…' my voice trailed as my mind wandered.

"No! Baby, please!" he cried so loudly that I heard it. His eyes bore into me, full of fear.

I passed out in his arms.