Blood Bond

Sex Jokes Get Old Sometimes

"Um, I…it's because I fell in love with you when you were a human."

"But I'm a vampire now."

"Exactly. He doesn't think you should be…But it doesn't matter what he thinks, my beloved. But there is something else we need to tend to. You look very lovely."

"Not fat anymore."

"I don't care what you look like…I just like you better how you were when I met you and especially when I changed you. You're still so sexy. If you know what sexy is really supposed to mean." He shifted eyebrows.

"I am pretty appealing, aren't I?" I taunted, no longer sad at all. I kissed his neck softly. He smiled.

"Oh no. You're not teasing me." He kissed me softly with a laugh. I stuck my hand under his shirt and made circles on his back.

"Of course not. I'm an angel remember?" I acted appalled.

"Boy, is it me or is it hot?" he asked, taking of his shirt.

"We're…we're in a hospital room!" I shouted, clinging to Daryl, crying.

"Right," he mumbled, picking me up and carrying me to our room. "All better," he promised, taking off his jeans. I managed to get my heartbeat back to normal as I took in the coziness of Daryl's room.

"Keep your pants on!"

"I planned on taking a nap! What you do to me in my sleep is out of my control."

"You are sick!" I commented, getting out of my day clothes and searching for a nightshirt.

"Babe…" he breathed.

"Hmm?" I turned around to see Daryl looking down at me, eyes smoldering over of any emotion. He reached out and pulled me to him.

"I'm not so tired," he purred into right in my ear.

"Are you trying to seduce me?" I asked nervously, trying to distract him with humor.

"Yes," he admitted. "It working?" He nibbled on my ear.

"Baby…" I muttered as he kissed from my jaw to my neck.

"Is it?" he mumbled against my neck.

"I don't know…if we should."

"We're married, remember? And I don't want you pregnant: I was too guilty to touch you in any way because I could get carried away so easily. Now I can and there will be no consequences. You said you want me. Were you…lying?" He sounded hurt.

"No, I love you. I'm tired though…" I lied.

"No you're not…" he sighed, removing himself from me.

I reached out and grabbed his arm, pulling myself to him. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pressing my body tightly to his and kissing him deeply. His hands trailed down to the back of my thighs, trying to pull me even closer. I was crushed against him and it was a bit painful. If I were human I’m sure he would be breaking me in half!

"I want you," I forced out, making sure my voice didn't crack. Daryl didn't even bother to check my eyes for the truth.

"I want you so fucking bad," he panted, removing the rest of my clothes.

I moved my shaky hands to his boxers, breathing deeply. I knew I would regret this. Daryl apparently thought I was taking too long, so he moved his hands onto mine and helped me. He breathed quickly, trembling as his hands trailed over my body.

"Did you really think I could resist this for long?" he breathed, pulling me over to the bed.

"You told me you could.”

"I thought I could, but you're so damn sexy." He pushed me down on the bed and crawled on top of me. He kissed my collarbone and I wrapped my legs around him. "Good thing you're not human or what I'm going to do would break you."

"Don't be too hard," I begged.

"Oh, I couldn't be any harder," he told me, trailing kisses all the way from my neck to my stomach.

The lights went out, but I could still see Daryl entirely. His eyes were focused entirely on me, but he didn't seem like he himself was actually focusing on anything but what he was doing.
"I love you," he made sure I knew before kissing me deeply, shoving his tongue practically down my freaking throat! He moved into a comfortable spot, eyes burning into me.

"I know," I told him through raspy breaths. Was I actually going to do this?

"I wanted your first time to be perfect, but it was interrupted. This time, no one's here to do that: we're all alone. Better late than never, perhaps."

"Daryl. Where are our children?" I asked quickly.

"They're being watched. No doubt Damien is showing Saskia already. They're in the best care imaginable, I promise. And you are, too. I had so much more planned for us at your house, but it was spoiled. I swear it will be so much better than last time."

Daryl kissed me softly again and I wrapped myself around him, kissing back.

"I need room for movement, darling, and you clinging to me isn't making it very easy," he explained in the least awkward way possible. I made myself relax and he pinned my hands down. "It will be worth the while. Only for you”.