Blood Bond

Four Little Brats

"So you're really going to be the Devil?" you asked. He smiled and kissed you as you pulled on your pants.

"Yes. You’re in love with the Devil, my love. And our children are the Devil's spawns," he mused lightly. He smirked slyly. "Yeah, I heard when you called my kids 'spawns of Satan'."

"Yeah, I am pretty funny." I pulled on my shirt quickly. He gave Timothy to me and led us out the door.

"We need to drop off the kids with someone. I was thinking my mother. She really likes you, you know?"

"That's good. I have no problems with that."

Daryl led me to the master bedroom of the house and knocked once before opening the door.

"Mom? I have a favor to ask you," Daryl said, walking up to Rosalie. "Would you watch over these three whilst I talk business with Aubrey?"

"Of course!" she accepted with delight, gathering all of them up in her arms. "Hey there, little ones," she cooed, walking them out of the room and to the room next door.

"She's taking them to the nursery where she raised my brothers and me," he said, answering my nonexistent question. "Come, love. Let's go talk with Daddy," he said snobbishly, leading me out by the waist.

He led me down a few sets of stairs, which really made me tired, so he carried me half the way. Hey, let’s see you go through childbirth and not be tired! Anyway, he carried me into an office-like room and I saw Aubrey waiting with a scowl as Daryl sat down with me standing beside him, holding his hand tightly.

"Make this as quick as you possibly can, please. I have three newborns to take care of and I would prefer them to be in my hands, not in someone else's."

"How territorial of you. Always were, you know? I'm not surprised how obsessive you are of this one." He gestured to me. He stood up and walked up to me, the back of his hand brushing my cheek. I shivered under his touch.

"Stop!" he yelled, standing up in front of me and baring his teeth at his father. "Don't touch her!"

Aubrey laughed and said, "What is it about her, I wonder, that makes you act this way?"
"She's my mate. Back off," he growled.

Aubrey circled around me and I trembled violently: I knew very well that he could easily be the end of me.

"Aubrey!" he shouted, throwing a fist at his own father and making just enough contact to put a cut across his face. Aubrey laughed as the blood trickled to the floor moments before the cut healed.

"Anyway," he said, returning to his seat, "We do need to make haste, for I have some guests coming over. And I don't need you biting their heads off for checking out your...Tonia."

"Perhaps we should discuss this another time."

"No, we need to discuss at least one thing: balance. I can tell you're going to have troubles with balancing your family with your work. When you're on duty, you must not let your family make you seem weak." This made Daryl laugh.

"Me? Weak? I have killed more men in one day than a professional assassin could ever do in a whole week! I could crush two skulls together with merely a tap in the right direction! I am the most dangerous predator out there in this world! And you think I will look weak?" Daryl's eyes smoldered over and he had a sadistic smile on his face. "I am a Devil. I am not weak."

He was scaring me immensely. I shivered and wrapped my arms around me as if to keep myself from falling apart. Aubrey laughed.

"Of course not, my son!" He put his arm on his shoulder. "Good to have you back."

"Aubrey, you’re a madman," he said with harsh laughter. "Will that be all for today?"

"Yes. My guests will be here in a few seconds." The door opened and five males piled in. "Speak of the Devil. This is my son, as you know. Daryl, this is my loyal friend, Fredrick, and his sons. I'm sure you can form some friendship if you try."

"Naturally." Daryl nodded to the four boys who nodded back.

"And who is this?" Fredrick asked.

"Her? She's not important. Now shall we get down to business?" Aubrey asked, rolling his eyes almost inconceivably.

"Yes," Fredrick nodded.

"Hmph. I think she's a bit more than ‘not important’," one of the boys whispered to his brothers.

"Come on," Daryl said coldly as he walked out. I stumbled after him, the four boys behind us.