Blood Bond

Yeah, I Tapped That

"Where are we going?" I asked him. He scoffed.

"Well, I planned on going out. Gotta keep these four busy."

"Oh, there's plenty here to keep us busy," they all said in unison, staring at me. I grimaced in disgust and Daryl shook his head.

"I don’t need you all jacking off in my bathrooms.”

"All we would require is a bed, naturally," one of them joked. Daryl tensed a bit, but laughed it off.

"What's your name anyway, little lady?" one asked.

"Tonia," I said softly.

"Voice of an angel," he commented, hand on my shoulder. "And sweet as a songbird."

"Um," I stuttered, uneasy. "Thank you?" I wasn’t exactly used to a poet, sensitive guy.

"Modest, too? You got it all going on," he said with a smirk and smacking my ass.

Take back the sensitive part: he’s an ass!

"Watch it," Daryl muttered, pulling me up to him.

"Why should I?" he asked, pulling me back. "She's my type: impure."

So, uh, how the hell could he tell I wasn't a virgin?

"Yeah? Well, you should have smelled her scent before I took her innocence."

"You hit that?" he gaped, envy. He smirked, nodding and grabbing my ass to pull me up to him.

"Daryl," I whimpered.

"Shut it," he demanded. I bit my tongue to keep myself from saying something that would get me smacked. Had he really changed at all from a month ago? It sure didn't seem that way.

"Looks like she'd be amazing in the sack," he sighed, daydreaming. His brothers laughed, hitting his shoulder.

"You have a dirty mine, Jacob!" he laughed. Jacob smirked, pleased with himself. "Isn’t that right, Gerald? Mica?"

"Hell yeah!" Gerald and Mica shouted, laughing.

"Xavier, you were thinking it!" Jacob argued and Xavier shrugged.

"Watch your mouth," Daryl ordered again, angrier.

"Calm yourself, Daryl. It's all in good fun. Where are we going?"

"Movies perhaps. I'm sure our fathers will be talking for some time."

"Okay with us," Xavier replied, never taking his eyes off me. Daryl nodded, walking out the front door at a pace so fast that I stumbled along to stay with him.