Blood Bond

Royal Brat

The drive there had been horrible. They were behind me so they had kept touching the back of my neck and blowing on it. I had sighed and tried to position myself so they couldn't do that, but it never worked. Daryl eventually told me to sit still, but in a less nice way.

And the movie wasn’t any better at all. Daryl sat on one side of me and Jacob was on the other. The other three sat a row behind me and it was just as bad as the drive, if not worse! Daryl glared at me and I stopped moving—and breathing. I trembled slightly, afraid.

"If the movie is that scary, you can hold my hand, love," Jacob whispered, his hand on the arm rest, waiting. I cast a glance at Daryl who was on the verge of hissing at me. I scowled and took his hand.

"Tonia!" he snarled in a hushed voice. I said nothing so he grabbed me and yanked me out of the theater.

"I was watching a movie, Daryl," I growled, poison laced in my voice. "What do you want?"

"Stop flirting with them!" he exclaimed, throwing his arms in the air.

"I hold his hand because I'm afraid and you act as though I'm making out with him! I don’t believe you!" I yelled, anger rising and overtaking my fear.

"Stop it or I'll do something about it. I own you, got it?" His eyes were completely serious and he didn't falter. I grimaced.

"So I'm a toy now, huh? Alright, master."Daryl looked down at me and then to the floor.

He gave no answer and pulled me back into the theater. I went to sit down, but he pulled me onto his lap. I sighed but cooperated nonetheless. "I'm not comfortable, Daryl."

"Shut up," I rolled eyes, trying to do the impossible and get comfortable.

What an hour and forty-six minutes of pure torture it was! Whenever I had moved, I got a death glare. Whenever I sighed, I got smacked. Whenever I almost fell asleep, I got growled at!

"Well, that was something...special," Xavier said as we walked out of the movie theater.

"That's the understatement of the century," mumbled Mica as he stumbled, half asleep.

"It wasn't too bad..." Gerald said softly, not seeming so convincing.

"Oh, come on," Jacob muttered. "It was horrible! But oh well, it killed some time."

"More like brutally murdered. I can't say it was enjoyable, but we learn from our mistakes," Mica offered with a soft voice.

I walked beside Daryl, afraid and angered to the point of running away again. Daryl cast a glare.

"Don't even think about it."

"Too late," I smirked, "I just did." He sighed deeply, aggravated but not willing to act on it yet.

After all, there were witnesses.

"You are so insolent," he commented and I glared, sneering.

"Bastard." He backhanded me and I stumbled back into Mica's arms.

"Why are you hitting a delicate flower such as this?" he asked, anger rising. "I can't say I agree with your actions."

"I don't care if the fucking Pope doesn't agree with my actions! And I especially don’t care what any of you freaks think."

"Are you alright?" Mica asked, ignoring Daryl as he ranted. I nodded, but stayed there, clinging to him.

"Used to it." So maybe I was just trying make Daryl bad. Whatever, it felt good.

"Give her to me," he commanded. Mica handed me over to Gerald.

"I will do no such thing."

"She is mine, lover boy, and I will do what I want with her. And right now I want her back, so give her to me," he demanded again, patience wearing thin.

"It's not worth it, Mica.” I eased myself out of his arms. He seemed hurt, but nodded slowly.

Yeah, Daryl, I can be a total jackass, too!