Blood Bond

Black Is The New Life

Daryl and I were sitting together on his bed and even though he was acting a bit paranoid — on the lookout for Mica, should he return — it was still peaceful and sweet. I had given up trying to get him to tell me about the Devii thing after he shot me down around forty-seven times!

"Though I still don't get it, we're already married. Or I thought," I grumbled. He smiled against my forehead.

"Oh, love, indeed the ring is on your finger, but I'm not discussing this any more." I pouted a bit more but accepted his silence on the subject. "I love you, honey."

"Yeah, yeah." He stood up as if in shock.

"Is this really happening? A few seconds ago you were on your knees begging for sex with me and now this? This is absurd!" He laughed at his little joke and sat back down. "I'm good now." I scoffed playfully and walked out his room with him at my heels. "Where are we going, love?"

"I want to check on my babies."

"Oh." He stopped and I turned around to face him. "Love, my mother is having so much fun with them and she hasn't gotten to see much of them at all. Let her have her memories. Please."

"But I miss them. They're my babies, not hers." I crossed my arms and he sighed.

"They're my kids, too, but come on. They're her first set of grandchildren."

"Daryl," I growled, growing aggravated. "They are my children and I am entitled to seeing them!"

"That's nice! Just revert back to yelling to get your point across!" Daryl screamed.

"I wouldn't have to scream if you'd just listen! Just listen to me! We weren't ready for this! We're not ready for kids!" I screamed back, starting to cry again.

"You just need to control your temper!" he yelled, ignoring my tears. I stopped.

"My temper!" I exclaimed, voice getting even louder as I ranted. "Mine? You're the one making me angry and yelling back! I can't believe of all men you had to be the one to knock me up! I can't stand you!"

I felt a tug on my jeans and looked down to see an innocent little face staring back up at me with Kyle's eyes. My anger fell and I felt guilt as the baby started crying.

"I'm sorry! He got away from me!" Rosalie said, ashamed. I picked up Kyle Jasper Trint and rocked him in my arms. Rosalie gave Daryl the other two and walked away.

"I do like how you look with a baby in your arms. You're better at this than you give yourself credit for." He smiled softly, trying to make amends. "We can make this work."

"I hope you're right. I really do."

"Hun, you will marry me, right?" he asked softly, looking down.

"I thought we already were married."

"I want it to be official. I want you to be mine and me to be yours. Forever." I nodded.

"Fine, but I want a black wedding."

"Is there any other kind?" he asked with a laugh. "Black for my eternally damned darling."

"Lovely, doll. Simply lovely."

♠ ♠ ♠
The end! Yay, I love happy endings! Don't you? Well, I hope you enjoyed this story and be sure to check out my new story, "Trembling with the strings". I've already got some wonderful feedback, and I have high hopes for this story. Thanks, and much love.