One of Us Is Going Down


When the Kensington family home is broken into, Ashlyn’s mother and stepfather think it might be a good idea to get their eighteen-year-old Los Angeles College bound girl a bodyguard. Because, let’s face it, life at home in Miami isn’t all peaches and cream, and LA is certainly no Candy Land. Ashlyn is out raged at the thought of an adult ‘baby-sitter’. But what can she do when her mother and stepfather put their foot down and get one anyways for her?

Even worse, what will Ashlyn do when her ‘baby-sitter’ follows her around campus, to classes and anywhere else she might ever go to, along with living in the same apartment with her – for her own protection of course. Suddenly living on her own and going to college doesn’t look as grand as she had originally thought.

Will they get along? Sure, he thinks she’ll be a snotty brat with tons of money to throw around, she thinks he’s just an over-grown babysitter out to ruin her fun. Will she try everything conceivable to get him fired? Who really wants someone killing all their fun and keeping them from the experiences of being young? Will something happen that he has to protect her from? Because, let’s face it, college can be perilous, exams, homework, drunk boys, drugs and midterms – college is not for the faint of heart.

But the real catcher, it’s amazing what one drunken night at a club can do to destroy futures.

Author’s Note : Surprise, surprise my lovelies! Here is the newest story that I’ve been hinting around at for a while, welcome to the first stage of a large surprise for you guys that are already reading my Never Think story. Of course, I –sadly- do not own Brian Haner Jr. If I did, I wouldn’t be here writing about him. We would be off doing ‘things’. I did however come up with this plot on my own, and make the banner. You steal, I will hunt you down and you won’t like it when I find you. Trust me. I love the banner so much, I’m going to have to make another like it I just love it so much.

Story title credit goes to Sick Puppies, it’s from their awesome song ‘You’re Going Down’. It fits the story very well, you’ll see that soon enough. If you haven’t heard the song, you should.

Enjoy the new story, as always, feedback is loved and appreciated. – Ash <3
  1. Welcome Home?
    Tears welled in Ashlyn’s eyes as she stepped into her home. Sure, the pool house was an extension of her parent’s house, and she had just recently moved out there just for the hell of it, but looking at it now astounded her.
  2. Poppin’ Pool Floats
    Ashlyn paddled with her foot to the side of the pool and pulled the ball from the dog’s mouth. “Wanna fetch?” She asked the retriever, he barked and wagged his silky tail.
  3. Invasion of the ‘Adult Baby-Sitter’
    No one ever knocked, they just walked in. It must be him; she thought and went to answer the door to the over-grown baby-sitter.
  4. The Baby-Sitter Has A Sense Of Humor.
  5. Trouble Comes In Twos
    In the past, Brian had delt with gunfights, drug dealers, cops and rowdy bitchy teens, but something about the two, skinny girls whispering in front of him made him nervous.
  6. Bonding?
    It was then that she realized she hadn’t gotten to know him well, and they would be living in an apartment, alone within forty-eight hours.
  7. Private Jet
  8. Chinese, Japanese, and MTV – A Night In
  9. The Sleeping Beauty
  10. How to Piss-Off Your Bodyguard 101.
  11. Drinks All Around?
    He looked over, choking on his beer the moment his eyes landed on Ashlyn in the middle of the group.
  12. She Prays to a Porcelain God
    Brian smirked as he watched Ashlyn lay with her face pressed to the cold side of the toilet, begging it and God to let the vomiting stop.
  13. Sarcasm and Leather
    “It’s for you silly, I made it for you, your size and everything.”
  14. Things That Go Bump In The Night
    Brian yanked the gun from his bedside table drawer and stood, ready for anything.
  15. A Cute Bed Bug
    He opened his eyes and peered up at her. Ashlyn looked down at the bed, debating.
  16. Let’s Get These Teen Hearts Beating Faster Faster
    "Can we take it slow?"
  17. It’s Not Delivery
    Brian was ready to go on a *** spree.
  18. One for One
    Ashlyn was in hysterics, screaming for Brian.
  19. Annie Oakley
    Ashlyn took a deep breath, she would have to do this alone, she tucked the loaded gun into the back of her jeans, under her shirt.
  20. Gowns That Show Off Your Assets
    “Where’s Brian?” was the first question out of her lips, her throat was dry and itched as well.