This Picturesque Life

*thank you Allison Wonderland for the banners!!*

The biggest night of my high school career, my mother helped me get ready silently; both her and I anxious for the night – for completely different reasons. My father answered the door, and as I walked down the stairs I saw my boyfriend of two years smiling up at me his hazel orbs never once leaving mine. My parents took pictures and bade us farewell, knowing perfectly well that I wasn’t coming home until morning. The night was perfect, everything, when I fell asleep that night in his arms I would have never predicted what was to come… but it did come; and it changed our lives around. 2 months later we bought an apartment together and prepared; both scared out of our wits. Not knowing what the future held anymore.
  1. Prologue
    March 2007
  2. Darling What Happened
    Did I Fall Asleep?
  3. I'm Happy Knowing That You Are Mine
    The Grass Is Greener on the Other Side
  4. She Had the Most Amazing...
  5. Caught Up in the Moment
    But Not in the Right Way
  6. What A Pretty Friend Of Mine
    We're Finally Intertwined
  7. Reach Out Touch Someone
    Touch Someone (Touch Me)
  8. 'Cause On The Calendar of Your Events
    I'm Last Week...
  9. Make A Fool Of Myself
    When You Hang Around
  10. I'm In Trouble
    I'm So Cliché
  11. Just Sit Back And Tell Me
    I'm A Liar For This
  12. This Is The End
    Of You And Me
  13. Started Making His Way
    Past 2 in the Morning
  14. Now I'm Losing My Mind
    And Losing Everything I Had
  15. Sweet Dreams That Won't Come True
    I'd Leave It All For You
  16. When You Break My Heart
    Everybody Knows
  17. My Chest Is Feelin' Empty, Always
    You're It's Only Cure
  18. Every Night We Spent On Weekends With Good Friends
    We Did Nothing But It Seems That We Did So Much
  19. You've No Clue What You Do
    You're The Storm, And The Rain
  20. I Regret Not Knowing When To Put An End
    To All This Madness
  21. I Never Want To Let You Go
    And I Can't Stand It
  22. Here's A song For The Kid Who Aims So High
    He Shot Her Down
  23. I've Got Something To Say
    I Love You All The Same
  24. He Never Made It Through A Day Of School
    The Only Thing He Studied Was You
  25. 'Cause She's Everything I Ask For
    And SO Much More