This Picturesque Life


I gasped, groaned and panted all in one. Voices were telling me what to do, but I couldn’t really focus on them; I was too busy trying to remember what I had learned in the months before. I gripped onto the hands that were holding mine in support as I sat up again. Immense pain flooded my lower body, and I felt like I was being ripped into two. There was so much noise, I was aware of it all but it was muted; while I focused on this task at hand. Ignoring the hair that clung to my face, I fell back and panting as I bit my lip holding back another groan. Faintly I heard the words ‘one more’ and sat up pushing and crying out in pain; before a new sound broke through and I fell back panting but not in pain no more. Shrill screams filled the room and it brought me back to reality, I looked up to my left to see him smiling down at me. He was pulled away for a moment and when he returned his smile was even bigger, he lent down and kissed my forehead not minding the sweat.

“You did wonderful,” He murmured before our attention was stolen by the approaching doctor and a blanketed bundle.

“Miss. Beaumont would you like to meet your daughter?” She asked smiling motherly at me.

I nodded weakly and felt him help me sit up before she placed the blanket in my arms; I stared down at the little sleeping face in my arms feeling my throat tighten and eyes watering. He sat beside and behind me a little bit, just breathing neither of us saying anything as we stared down at her.

“She’s beautiful,” My mother’s voice gasped as she returned to my right side. I nodded still unable to speak and bit my lip before turning to face him. He smiled his dorky smile that I loved and lightly pressed his lips to mine.

“Any thoughts on what you’ll be naming her?” The doctor asked once again interrupting us.

Right at that moment her eyes snapped open and I totally broke down seeing her eyes… his eyes.

“Give them some time,” My mother hissed lightly shooing away the doctor. I giggled at her before focusing on our daughter again as she reached forward with her tiny pink hands. She grabbed a hold of his right index finger and put it in her mouth as he cooed at her softly.

“Ashley,” I mumbled the first words I’ve said since she was born. He looked up at me quickly, even she seemed to look up at me, and cocked his head to the side. “Ashley Elizabeth,” I stated more firmly than before.

He smiled and kissed me nodding his head in agreement before turning back to the tiny girl who already had him whipped.

“Ashley Elizabeth Beaumont?” The doctor asked quickly, her pen and clipboard out.

“No, Ashley Elizabeth Halvorsen,” I stated glaring at her slightly. She nodded apologetically and walked out of the room mumbling how she’d be back for the spelling of that later.

“I’ll go tell your father and your parents as well,” My mother smiled kissing my forehead before leaving the room also.

“I love you so much,” He murmured kissing my cheek and cupping my face gently.

“I love you too,” I smiled getting caught in his eyes. His face inched closer slowly and soon his lips were pressed against mine passionately. The same old fireworks that went off back when we shared our first kiss returned, intensified by the serenity of the moment. We pulled apart upon hearing our mother’s coo at us, and let them have their moment with Ashley as Eric wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into him. Nothing could have made this moment any better than it already was; I was in love and starting my new life as mother.
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So this is a new story, I know I'm like commiting overwork suicide but ;D ya'll love it.
Sisky and Caleb will be over soon and this summer I'm hoping to work a lot on my writing.

Also note that from this point on the story will be 3rd P.O.V. and Eric actually is the main character.

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