This Picturesque Life

I'm In Trouble

The girls were laid back, relaxing as they laughed and suntanned; little Ashley kept fussing but wanted desperately to be a big girl. Olivia opened her eyes and peered over at her daughter as she fussed once again. She smiled softly then looked over at the boys drinking and having a grand old time; she caught Eric's gaze and waved at him. He grinned and waved before turning to Garrett who was talking to him.

"Baby, if you want you can go hang out with Daddy," Olivia cooed to the 2 year-old.

"No, big girl," Ashley pouted in protest crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"Alright then, my big girl," Olivia smiled rubbing her daughter's head.

"Awe, its times like these that I want a baby…" Tania sighed loudly. Olivia laughed and turned to her friend as Allison did the same.

"And does John know of this?" Allison smirked.

Tania blushed at the two of them "No, I haven't told him; it's just at times like these when Ashley's so cute and all," She confessed.

"Babies are a lot of work," Olivia stated sternly.

"Gosh you sound like my mother!" Tania laughed and the other two joined in.

"God I sounded like my mother!" Olivia sighed. "Don't let me do it again…" She grimaced.

"Haha, well when we're talking about things unrelated to Ashley sure. But I think all mothers sound the same when it comes to their young," Allison voiced, smiling softly at her.

Olivia laughed and nodded before the sliding door opened and Kevin walked out in just his swimming trunks. He smiled broadly at his big brother before running and jumping into the pool, the boys all cheered and soon joined in; taking off their shirts and jumping in. Tim laughed as he tended to the BBQ and brought his drink too his lips not minding that he wasn't in the water one bit, the girls giggled looking on the boys goofing around.

Without much of a warning John climbed out and rushed forward scooping Tania in his arms and carrying her back into the pool. The girl squealed and protested kicking her legs, distracting the girls from Garrett inching closure; he did the same as John did picking Allison up and jumping into the deep end of the pool.

"Mommy," Ashley whined as the squeals turned into laughter that mingled with the boys.

Olivia glanced down at the toddler who now stood on her chair "What's wrong hun?" She questioned taking the small hand and lifting the little one onto her lap.

"Dey gunna throw us in?" She whimpered clutching onto her mother tightly.

"No honey, they wouldn't think about it," Olivia reassured the girl as she glared up at the boys; they took a hint and just waved smiling widely.

"Momma, Dora?" Ashley questioned. She was done with being a big girl if it meant being thrown into the pool.

"Sure let's go inside," Olivia nodded standing up and carrying the young girl inside to the living room. She set her on the couch "I'll be right back," She said before walking to the main hallway where the bag she brought was located.

Kevin got out of the pool quickly and dried off a little bit; he noticed the absence of Olivia and Ashley. He opened the sliding door and slipped inside the cold house, shivering slightly as he passed the AC. He caught Olivia on her return to the living room, almost bumping into each other.

"Oh sorry," She blushed lightly moving to her left as he moved to his right.

"My bad," He chuckled lightly and let her slide back to her right and passing him. He followed her into the living room where Ashley was waiting impatiently. He then noticed the DVD in her hand and grinned taking it from her "Let me," He smiled softly at her. He placed the DVD in the player and turned everything on.

"Thank you," Olivia smiled from the couch as she pressed play on the remote.

"No problem," He shrugged sitting down beside her.

The two of them watched Dora the Explorer in silence while Ashley shouted at the TV like Dora requested. Feeling brave and confident enough Kevin yawned loudly and placed his arm around Olivia's shoulders.

Olivia glanced down at his hand, her brows furrowed in confusion before she shrugged him off of her. He frowned slightly at both himself and her, he boldly placed his hand on her bare thigh feeling sparks in his stomach. Olivia on the other hand felt utterly awkward, they had only ever been platonic she had a boyfriend and he was said boyfriend's best friends little brother.

She moved his hand and crossed her legs, but he went to place his hand on top of hers "Stop," She said standing up. "Baby stay here, I'll be back," She told Ashley before walking briskly towards the backyard once again.

"Olivia, wait," Kevin protested following her.

"No, I'm going to get Eric, my boyfriend," She stated entering the kitchen; the sliding door was close enough she could just reach out and grasp it.

Kevin reached out and grasped her wrist, pulling her towards him. She spun and collided with his chest, her hands pressed against his cool flesh to steady herself. "Please, I really like you," He whispered softly, his heart pounding from the closeness.

"I have a boyfriend, and I don't plan on leaving him any time soon," She stated her eyes narrowing.

"Please," He breathed his breath hitting her lips as he leaned down towards them.

She didn't have time to protest, the sliding door opened and she closed her eyes praying it wasn't Eric. But the strangled voice confirmed her deepest fear "Liv?"
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