This Picturesque Life

Just Sit Back And Tell Me

She pulled out of Kevin's grip quickly and harshly, turning around to see Eric staring at the two of them, a deep look of hurt shone on his features as he stared at the two of them. His mouth opened and closed as he tried to put words together "How, how…"

"Eric, it's not what it looks like," She gasped her heart hammering as both of their hearts sunk.

"Oh?" He managed to get out.

"I swear, why would I cheat on you?" She breathed walking towards him. "I've only ever loved you; you're the father of my daughter! No one else could compare to you," She stated now only inches away from him.

She cupped his cheek carefully looking up at him "I've seen how he looks at you… I'm not blind. And then I catch you and you try to fool me? I'm not stupid Olivia," He stated his voice low, his eyes angry.

Her throat tightened he was stubborn, as stubborn as Ashley could be. She didn't know how she could convince him; she turned to Kevin who looked upon the two uneasily. "Tell him," She growled. The young boy's eyes widened at he glanced up at Eric how looked livid.

'Tell him and get beaten to a pulp, but save their relationship or don't get beaten to a pulp and maybe have a chance?' He thought, he looked back at Olivia who looked ready to kill him. He gulped before opening his mouth "Tell him what love?" He questioned.

Olivia let out a scream but Eric beat her to the punch, literally. "You bastard!" He shouted tackling the boy to the floor and repeatedly punched him in the face.

Through the door John and Tim ran in and pulled him off the boy only for Olivia to run up to him. She got in a slap to the face and a kick to the groin before Jared pulled her away as well.

"What the hell is going on?" Tim roared.

"She's been cheating on me with that bastard!" Eric growled fighting John's hold on him. John paused before glaring at him brother and Eric almost got free, but he caught him. No matter how pissed John was at his brother he couldn't let Eric kill him.

"No, I haven't he's lying! He was harassing me!" Olivia screamed fighting Jared.

John's glare at his brother intensified, he knew one of them was telling the truth; and both were good reasons for Eric to punch him a few more times. But there'd be no stopping him once he was set lose, John knew this because he'd be the exact same if someone did either to Tania.

"Get him to his room," John spat at Tim, he mentally cringed and felt bad because he didn't mean to snap at Tim. But Tim understood and carried the young boy into his bedroom and threw the first aid kit at him before locking him in the room. He returned to the kitchen, after checking on the living room; Ashley sat immersed in her show, she didn't seem to know of the fight that just broke out. In the kitchen the two were separated and sitting in chairs, sulking and breathing heavily glaring at the floor.

'This is going to be fun…' Tim groaned.
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