This Picturesque Life

This Is The End

Everyone stayed quiet; the only sound was the ticking of the clock and the faint sounds of Dora the Explorer. John stood behind Eric clenching and unclenching his fists, and running his hands through his hair every once in a while; he couldn’t believe his brother ‘what an idiot’ he sighed to himself. Jared walked back into the house the girls behind them, they quickly rushed by and into the living room; the sounds of Dora grew louder than before. Kennedy, Pat and Garrett sat on the floor; Garrett messed up his hair while Kennedy played with the hem of his shorts and Pat looked up at his friends resembling a young boy with wide innocent eyes.

Tim sighed, this wasn’t going anywhere. “Okay what happened before we came in,” He questioned the two, everyone turned to look at him before looking at the couple in the chairs.

“I walked in on them just about to kiss,” Eric mumbled not looking up from his lap. Everyone turned their attention to Olivia as she sat up a little bit straighter and glanced at the hurt boy.

I wasn’t about to kiss him, he wouldn’t leave me alone and then just grabbed my wrist and pulled me into him. He wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer and was trying to force himself on me,” She protested. “I swear I wasn’t going to kiss him,” She stated tears threatening to spill from her eyes.

“You’re such a liar, you got caught and you won’t just give it up will you?” Eric roared. Everyone in the room was taken aback; this wasn’t a side of him they saw often. “Every time I’ve been around him he’s been staring at you, undressing you with his eyes and just plan following your every move! Not to mention the guilty looks he’s been giving me since I got back!” Eric yelled standing up from his chair. Jared and Tim rushed forward trying to push him back onto the chair.

“So I’m automatically lying because he’s has an infatuation with me? I’m lying that he just sexually harassed me today and wouldn’t let go of me or take a fucking hint?” Olivia screamed jumping up as well. Pat and Kennedy jumped up quickly pulling her back to her chair, but Eric fought against his restrainers and was closer to her than everyone would have liked at the moment.

“Yes, because there’s no way you couldn’t have noticed before! All he does when he’s with Ashley is play daddy dearest, and he stares longingly at you. You can’t have not noticed it Olivia, that’s a load of bull shit saying that! And also why would he decide to just ‘harass’ you while your boyfriend’s just outside; while I was outside!” He shouted.

“I don’t know go ask that asshole yourself! You obviously don’t believe me!” She screamed tears pouring down her cheeks. Pat and Kennedy managed to get her on the chair, while Garrett joined Tim and Jared battle of getting Eric back in his.

“No, and he didn’t lie for you just moments ago either, so you know what Olivia? We are over,” He growled before letting himself being pushed into the chair.

“Wh-what?” Olivia choked looking up at him through her tear filled green eyes.

He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms in front of his chest “You heard me, I’m moving out,” He stated. He knew that he had no place to go, not when it was John’s little brother and roommate who caused this problem; he’d have to call his parents later on.

“But, but what about Ashley?” She sputtered knowing at the moment he could care less about her, but surely he still wanted to be there for his daughter.

“I’ll take her to my parent’s alone,” He narrowed his eyes. Olivia slumped over in her chair trying not to let her pain show too much. These boys were Eric’s friends first she didn’t know where they stood anymore when it came to her.

She took a deep breath and stood up slowly, when no one ran towards her she brushed past Rex and into the hallway, grabbing Ashley’s bag before going into the living room and taking out the DVD. The little girl let out a cry of protest and Olivia smiled at her softly kissing her forehead “Don’t worry baby, you can watch it when we get back home,” She whispered closing her eyes trying to stop the tears.

She picked up the little girl before sighing realising she came with Eric, walking back into the kitchen with weary eyes she looked at the boys before clearing her throat “Um… I, I need a ride home,” She mumbled.

John sighed and ran his fingers through his hair once more, he wanted to get out of the house, he wanted to drive her home and make sure she was okay; but Eric was his best friend and the boy wouldn’t forgive him if he just left. “Tim will you drive her?” He questioned.

“Yeah, come on,” Tim nodded walking past her into the hallway.

As she was about to turn to follow Ashley made a strangled cry and made grabbing motions at Eric’s sulking figure “Erwic” She wailed. She knew something wasn’t right when she was told they’re going home, but he wasn’t with them.

Eric felt his heart drop even farther into a black pit and looked up at his daughter as she fought her mother her eyes filling up with tears. He shot out of his chair and plucked her from Olivia’s grasped and held her close.

“Erwic,” The little girl sniffed looking up at him her tiny fingers sprawled on his chest.

“I’m sorry baby girl, you’ve got to go with Mommy, I’ll see you tomorrow though and we’ll visit Grandma and Grandpa,” He whispered softly petting her soft hair.

“No,” She cried and buried her head into his chest.

“Hey, I’ll see you all day tomorrow princess, I’m not leaving completely,” He tried to reassure the young girl.

She screamed and flailed around as he tried to give her to Olivia “Baby you’ll see your daddy tomorrow,” Olivia cooed once she had Ashley in her arms again. Ashley didn’t stop her protest until Tim came and took her from her mother.

He looked at Eric “Your car would be better,” He stated slowly. Sighing Eric tossed him his keys and watched as he walked away Olivia following quietly.

Once the door closed shut he fell into his chair his hands holding his head as he fought to keep composed “Fuck!” He roared in defeat.
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