This Picturesque Life

Started Making His Way

“You did it yourself, you could be going home with them,” John stated trying to keep the bitter taste out of his words. He was the only one brave enough to say anything to the broken man before them; and he was the only one who was on both sides. The girls came into the room once Olivia left and upon having it confirmed he broke it off with her they took her side and stole John’s keys taking off after Tim. The boys were there for their friend though they were on the fence about the whole fiasco; they just hoped they didn’t have to tell him that.

“Shut up, I didn’t do anything, she and your brother did,” Eric spat out icily, glaring up at his friend.

“You didn’t have to call it off though, you could have fixed it. You didn’t have to break your daughter’s heart,” John stated.

“How could I be with her when she won’t tell the fucking truth?” He questioned, not looking up at anyone trying to hide the sadness and heartache in his eyes.

“What if she was telling the truth Eric,” John sighed.

“Why are you picking her side?” Eric yelled at his friend, John knew it was nothing personal Eric was hurt and just wanted his friends there for him; not there for the one who hurt him so.

“I’m just saying, what if; because my brother’s an asshole we all know that and none of us want to go question him because we all know we’re likely to pound his face in. Including me,” John said calmly.

Eric glared at him before looking back at his lap as he hugged himself, “I don’t know what I’d do if she wasn’t lying…” He trailed off in a whisper. John looked on his friend never seeing him so broken, and he knew Olivia wasn’t in any better shape; Eric was her rock and she his, they were only separated for long periods because of careers they needed to have to support Ashley. And now they were broken at the seams and just falling apart.

Eric sighed he didn’t want to think about the chances of her telling the truth, because that would only mean that he screwed up. And he couldn’t go on if she was in the clear all along, and when he’d go to her she’d just kick him out and never let him back in; he wouldn’t blame her, he wouldn’t let himself back in… but this was only if she’s telling the truth of course.

The door opened and closed and Tim walked back into the kitchen disappointed that nothing had changed while he left. He didn’t want to come back, but he knew Olivia and Ashley had the girls taking care of them they didn’t need him; and Eric would need his car. He threw a duffle bag at Eric’s feet and watched as the younger boy looked up at him with questioning eyes.

“Some clothes for tomorrow, you can grab more when you go pick up Ashley,” Tim stated.

Eric reached down and grabbed the bag and stood up slowly “My keys?” He questioned softly, when Tim placed the keys in his outstretched hand he forced a smile “Thanks man,” He mumbled before walking down the hallway. He climbed into his car and turned on the engine before pulling out of the driveway and heading off towards his parents.

John sighed and ran his hands through his hair once more before giving in and stalking off to his brother’s room. He pulled the door open and slammed it behind him, watching Kevin jump and turn his head quickly to see John; he let out a breath of relief foolishly thinking John would place family before friends.

“I want to know what the fuck you did, and I want to know right now,” John seethed at his little brother pulling him up by the collar of his shirt.

“What? I didn’t do anything!” Kevin gasped grabbing onto John’s hands.

“That’s bull shit and you know it. Now you’ve either been sneaking around with Olivia behind Eric’s back, or you just harassed her… either way you’ve killed their relationship; and they both look like they could do something drastic. What did you do?” John growled.

Kevin’s eyes went wide, he didn’t think they’d do something drastic until now… and he was wondering where everyone else was; someone had to come and stop John before he could possibly hurt him badly. “How drastic are we talking here?” His lips quivered as he looked into his brother’s angry eyes.

“Well… I’m pretty sure Eric’s gone to drink away the pain… and then he’s not going to do anything else because he promised Ashley he’d see her tomorrow. But then there’s Olivia… and she’s pretty much under watch of Tania and Allison, because she’s more likely to do something stupid or just shut down completely and Ashley still needs to be taken care of,” John stated his tone harsh.

Kevin gulped as thoughts of what exactly qualifies as stupid flooded his mind “Alright,” He gasped and John let go of his collar quickly “I’ll tell you,”

Eric pulled into the driveway very carefully, he turned off the engine and took deep breathes before getting out of the car and locking the door, his duffle bag slung over his shoulder. He slowly made his way to the front door, feeling heavy headed and didn’t notice he wasn’t walking in a straight line. He got to the door and leaned against it before sloppily knocking on the door; the porch light flicked on and then the foyer light turned on inside.

The door opened and a grumpy man in his pyjamas stood before Eric, “What do you want at three o clock in the bloody morning,” The man cursed before Eric raised his head and grimaced. “Eric?” The man gasped taken aback.

“Hey dad,” Eric nodded swaying as he tried to stand up straight, the smell of alcohol just radiating off of him.

“Eric, what happened to you,” His mother’s concerned voice gasped as she ran down the stairs and embraced her son, ignoring the stench.

“O, Olivia and me… we broke up,” He mumbled “I, I walked in on, on them about to k-kisss,” He slurred. “Can, can I stay here?” He questioned.

“Of course you can,” She cooed and led him down the hallway to the first floor guest room. She pulled back the covers for him and kissed his forehead before leaving “Night Eric,” She whispered softly.

“Night mom,” He nodded and she closed the door, turning to her husband. They didn’t believe that Olivia was cheating on Eric, she was always her or at her parent’s house on her days off, her and little Ashley would stay over when she had to work weekends; it didn’t make any sense at all. But perhaps they were missing something, or Eric overreacted, or something else that would clear Olivia from the wrongs Eric was accusing her off. Without a word they ascended up the stairs to their bedroom, as Eric pealed his clothes off and climbed into the bed falling into an intoxicated sleep almost instantly.
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