This Picturesque Life

Darling What Happened

He opened the front door to his own apartment and sighed contently as he placed his luggage down on the ground before moving his brown hair out of his face. He walked in and closed the door, deciding he’d leave his bags until morning he headed to the kitchen to make himself a drink before getting ready for bed. He took long strides, stepping over a pink teddy bear in the process before opening the cupboard and getting out a glass. He filled it quickly with tap water and as he was lifting the drink to his lips he noticed the blue glow of a television coming from the living room. He chugged the water quickly, gently set down the class and made his way to the living room with a slight frown on his lips; one that quickly transformed into a smile upon seeing her curled in the blankets fast asleep.

He grabbed the remote that had fallen from her hand onto the ground, and turned the television off before bending down, picking her up with little struggle. He walked slowly towards their bedroom, pulling the covers back with one hand, setting her down and tucking her in. He smiled as she snuggled into the blankets and pillows for warmth, as he pulled off his shoes, socks, and pants as well as ridding himself of his button up turquoise and black plaid shirt. He pulled back the covers on his side before getting in and pulling her into his body; sighing upon realising how much he missed the feeling of this.

He buried his head into the crook of her neck, listening to her steady breathing and matched his to hers. His eyes grew heavy as she started to stir in his arms. Her eyes fluttered open softly and she squinted to see in the dark at the figure clutching onto her so tightly and lovingly. He heard her breath pulled into a gasp as her hands came up and cupped his face; smiles over took both of their lips.

“Eric?” She questioned thinking maybe; just maybe she was still dreaming.

“Yeah, Liv it’s me,” He smiled kissing her forehead.

“I didn’t know you were coming home so soon,” She exclaimed in a whisper.

“Surprise,” He mumbled through his smile. She’s so cute He couldn’t stop the thought no matter how long she’s been his.

“Jerk,” She mumbled before kissing him fully on the lips. He moaned having missed the feeling of her lips on his, and gripped her tightly as he rolled on top of her. He pulled away and looked down at her, as her eyes sparkled in the moon light that filtered through the curtains. “How was it?” She asked.

“Tour? It was amazing, so much fun; I wish you could have been there,” He murmured as he sunk his head onto her chest listening to her heart beat.

She smiled and ran her hands through his hair “I know baby, I wish I could have been to, but you know I got to work; and take care of Ashley,” She sighed.

“How is my baby girl?” He asked raising his head to look up at her.

She laughed and looked down at him “She’s good, misses her daddy, I don’t blame her so do I,”

“Well I’m here now, and I’m not leaving for a month,” He breathed, kissing the hollow of her neck.

“Where are your bags?” She asked absentmindedly her hands still caressing his head.

“By the door, I didn’t have any energy to deal with them and carry you into our room,” She laughed lightly “I may have shot my back,” He pouted up at her.

“From your bags?” She asked alarmed.

“No, from carrying you,” He joked playfully.

“Jerk,” She hit him lightly and pushed him off her before rolling onto her side.

He grabbed her from behind and kissed her exposed neck and shoulder “You know I was joking,” He mumbled. She huffed lightly, “I love you,” He breathed into her ear causing her to shiver and roll over and face him.

“I love you too,” She sighed kissing him once more. She rested her head on his shoulder as both of their eyes grew heavy with sleep. He wrapped one arm around her waist and took her hand in his other, entwining their fingers and kissing her knuckles before letting his eyes close and his breathing steady out. She looked up at his sleeping form and sighed in content before joining him in dreamland.
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