This Picturesque Life

I Regret Not Knowing When To Put An End

The music in the bar played loudly accompanied by the loud static from the old speakers. The place was old and looked every minute but as the three young men walked in they didn’t care. Why would they, it was one place no one would recognize them and their old fake ID’s could still work; though the younger two made a pack that they weren’t going to let the other get completely wasted. They made their way to a table in the back corner, they slide into the booth with ease and looked around at all the people who seemed to be having a grand old time; quiet literally as the average age looked to be late 30’s early 40’s.

The waitress walked over and handed them all menus not even asking to see their ID as they ordered their drinks. She walked away, flipping her long blonde hair back and adding an extra swing to her hips. The boys all shared quick glances at each other wondering which she was flirting for; or maybe it was just she rarely got cliental close to her age.

They ate their spicy wings and chips while the younger two tried to make conversation that wouldn’t end up returning to the topic of Olivia. Nick wiped his fingers clean on his napkin and cleared his throat, “Hey, Justin called me this morning; when are we having band practice? Warped Tour is coming up pretty fast,” He questioned his bassist, hoping that focusing on the band could save him from total depression.

“Uh, how soon can we rent a space? I just can’t do it tomorrow,” He coughed as he scratched the back of his neck.

Nick went to question what he was doing tomorrow when John shot him a look and he closed his mouth. He nodded instead and thought back to what the manager of the practice space he looked into said, “Um, the cheap room is empty from Friday to Monday,”

John shook his head, “Isn’t the cheap room the one that can barely even hold a drum set?”

“Uh, probably,” Nick mumbled, slightly ashamed.

“Use my basement; same days no cost. What could be better?” John grinned.

“What about Kevin?” Eric muttered darkly, causing his friends to snap their heads in his direction.

“He’s staying with our parents for a little while,” John shrugged. “Probably didn’t want anyone else coming over and giving him a black eye for what he’d done,” He mused.

“Not like you’d let them,” Eric scoffed.

“He doesn’t know that, I was the first one to give him a black eye; so he’s not taking his chances. Coward,” John muttered.

Eric nodded solemnly as he straightened his back to look around for the waitress, his glass was empty and he needed another drink. Instead of the blonde haired woman he was looking for he spotted a familiar head of black hair. He tilted his head to the side as he observed her sitting alone at a table, nursing a glass of amber liquid; was she waiting for someone? He tuned out his friends as they called his name and asked him what he was staring at; instead he stood and made his way to the young woman.

He sat across from her smiling slightly, “Waiting for somebody?” He questioned his voice light with a happiness that hadn’t been there in a while.

Amy smiled brightly at him, “No it’s just me relaxing from a long day at work,” She shrugged.

“Then may I join you?” He asked.

She laughed and nodded, “You may, but aren’t you a bit young to be here anyways?” Her left eyebrow rose in questioning but her eyes showed that she didn’t really care.

“Only by a few days, but shh,” He laughed holding his index finger to his lips.

She nodded laughing as the blonde walked over and handed her a dish of food, not forgetting to send Eric a confused look. She glanced at the friends he came with who were also watching him with confused looks. “Can I have another rum and Coke please?” He asked not paying attention to her puzzlement.

“Of course,” She nodded quickly and walked away.

“So how many is a few days exactly?” Amy questioned as she started dousing her fries in vinegar.

He paused as he did the math quickly in his head, “Nine,” He beamed proudly.

“Well that’s not too bad then,” She smiled, popping a fry into her mouth, “Do you want some?” She questioned motioning to her plate politely.

“No thank you, I already ate,” He declined.

“Then why would you leave your friends to come join me, if you’re just going to watch me eat?” She asked motioning with her head towards the table where Nick and John still sat.

“And leave you to be hit on by the 40 something year olds?” He scoffed.

“Go, I could tell you needed a guy’s night out,” She protested.

“Not really, I spend too much time with them actually,” He sighed a trace of his laughter falling away as he reflected on the months he’d been gone; the time frame where Kevin weaseled his way into his family. He shook his head lightly and smiled at her again, “I’d rather spend my time to get to know someone new,” She shrugged.

“Well I’m honoured then,” She smiled as the waitress set his drink down in front of him. They made small talk for a while as he sipped on his drink and she ate her fries, before John and Nick made their way to the table; pulling up spare chairs and giving their friend confused looks.

“Eric, want to introduce us to your friend?” John asked glaring slightly as he took in Amy’s features.

“Guys this is Amy, she works at the daycare Ashley goes to. Amy these are my friends John and Nick,” He introduced the three his eyes now focused on the table.

“You’re Kevin’s brother aren’t you?” Amy questioned John.

“Yeah,” He nodded quickly, casting a quick glance to his friend but was shocked to see Eric wasn’t brooding over the mention of Kevin for once.

“You two look alike,” She smiled softly.

“Well we were just coming to see if Eric was ready to go, he’s got work to do in the morning and it’s getting late,” Nick smiled politely at her, ignoring the glare Eric shot him.

“Well of course, you can have your friend back,” She nodded.

“I’ll meet you guys outside,” Eric said picking up his still full glass.

The boys sighed and nodded standing and leaving not wanting to cause a scene and risk being found out. Amy giggled as the door closed behind them, “I think you hurt their feelings by ditching them for me,”

He sighed and took a small sip, “They can deal. They’re just being pricks,”

“That’s not nice, I’m sure they just didn’t want you talking to strangers,” She scolded lightly.

He nodded, “Hey, what time do you get off on Thursday?” He asked after throwing the rest of his drink down his throat.

“At six, why?” She raised her eyebrow once more.

“Can I take you out?”

“Don’t you think it’s too soon?” She questioned slowly.

“No, you make me feel happier than I’ve been since I got home,” He shook his head, telling himself she wasn’t just a rebound.

“Alright then, pick me up from work?” She smiled.

“See you then,” He nodded standing up and threw down a 20 dollar bill on the table for his drinks and food.

“Bye,” She called after him as he left.

He stepped out into the night air and was surrounded immediately, “Please tell me you didn’t just ask that girl out,” John begged.

Eric shot him a look, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means please we don’t think you should be dating so soon,” Nick stated lightly, though his expression was anything but.

“Or at all, you and Olivia just have to talk things out. She’s not dating Kevin no matter what you think, and there was never a Kevin and her; he lied,” John informed his friend.

“Look guys, everything just seemed to click with Amy; so back off. I can date whom I want,” Eric growled lightly.

“Did you not just hear the man? Eric, Olivia didn’t cheat, there’s nothing standing in the way between you and her getting back together,” Nick shouted, desperate to keep his friend from making more choices that would just hurt him even more.

“Just shut up Nick, she hasn’t come to me to talk to me. And I’m not going to believe Kevin’s word, he would lie to save his own ass and you all know it.”

His friends groaned in frustration as he stalked towards the car they came in, Nick sighed and looked at John, “He’s your best friend you talk to him,”

John rolled his eyes as he looked at the figure who was now hunched over the car, “There’s nothing I can say, he’ll just have to learn the hard way,” With that the two solemnly made their way to the car, preparing for the tense and silent car ride back to the Halvorsen’s house.
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