This Picturesque Life

'Cause She's Everything I Ask For

The sun shone down on Tempe, Arizona, with a soft wind to accompany it, lightly brushing through the town to keep everyone comfortable. Eric stopped in front of the black wooden door of his best friend’s house. He adjusted his grip on his smiling daughter, and bounced her up to sit on his hip. Beside him Olivia straightened the bag that hung off her shoulder. She rapped her knuckles against the wood a total of three times, before the door jumped open revealing a happy John O’Callaghan.

“Hey man, why are you doing the heavy lifting?” John teased his friend as he let them in.

Eric chuckled as he looked at the confused two year-old in his arms, “Are you kidding me? This is so much better than carrying the bag.”

Olivia nodded in agreement as she set the heavy bag down on the foyer floor. The three young adults walked through the empty house, and exited through the kitchen out to the backyard. Outside all of their friends cheered loudly, their words echoing the theme of ‘Happy Birthday’. Eric beamed in pure bliss at the sight before him.

Once he had fixed things with Olivia and explained to John; everything seemed to fall into place. No one held any resentment nor avoided Eric, and John started having his BBQ pool parties once more. No one dared bringing up their separation or anything that had happened during that time period. The Halvorsens were more than thrilled to have their son move back in with Olivia and Ashley. But none were as happy as the three of them. Ashley rarely went into the daycare anymore, as Eric wanted to spend as much time with her as possible, and while both he and Olivia were now constantly at rehearsal or band practice; they tried their best to make time for the other every day.

Eric turned to Ashley once the birthday greetings were done with, “Do you want to go with mommy or stay with me?” He asked softly.

“Dada,” She muttered, clinging onto him a little bit more.

He smiled and nodded turning to Olivia and pressing a kiss to her cheek “Have fun with the girls,” He whispered lovingly into her ear.

Grinning Olivia nodded before pressing a kiss to Ashley’s cheek, “Be a good girl for daddy,” She ordered lightly. With that she was off heading towards Tania, Allison, Nick’s girlfriend Bronwyn, Jess and the other girlfriends. Eric turned and walked with Ashley on his hip towards his best friends who were all standing or sitting around the BBQ.

“Hey birthday boy, you can have my chair,” Brinton grinned standing up and taking his beer with him.

“Thanks man,” Eric smiled setting Ashley down onto her feet. She started to whine and hid behind his legs, causing him to chuckle softly, “No Ashley, let daddy walk to the chair then you can sit in my lap,” He explained to the young child.

It took her a while as she mulled over the thought before she let go of his leg and gripped his hand instead. Smiling down proudly Eric led her to the chair his friend gave him. Once he was seated she curled up in his lap her head resting on his chest.

“Hey man do you want anything to drink?” Jared asked as he opened the cooler.

“Just a water please,” Eric smiled politely. Jared nodded and pulled a water bottle out and handed it to his friend. Eric opened the bottle and took a sip, “Ashley, do you want a sip?” He asked attentively.

“Yeah dada,” She nodded making a grabbing motion with her hands.

“What do we say when we want something?” Eric questioned the little girl.

“Please, dada sip?” She asked. With a smile upon his face he helped her steady the bottle as she took a sip. “Tank you,” She beamed as she whipped her mouth dry.

“You’re welcome,” he grinned.

“Man this is so weird seeing Halvo all Mr. Dad,” Stephen mumbled causing everyone else to chuckle.

“Just wait till it’s you,” Tim laughed as he pointed at the eldest Gomez brother.

“But let’s hope it’s you first… after all you’re the one getting married soon,” Josh stated.

Olivia smiled happily as she hugged her friends and waved at the girls she didn’t quite know. Allison stretched back into her lawn chair as Olivia removed her tank top and sat in the empty chair between Allison and Tania.

“So,” Allison smile, “Can I ask the question we’ve all been dying to ask?”

Olivia sighed but nodded her head, “Go for it.”

“How is your sex life?” Allison asked gleefully. Every girl waited on hushed sound for Olivia to answer.

“We’re fucking rabbits,” She breathed more than happy at the answer herself. “In the past 12 hours… I’d say three times,” She shrugged.

All the girls burst out into shrill giggles, Allison and a few others kicking their feet as they did so. “Are you being safe though or are you hoping for another adorable mouth to feed?” Jess asked raising her sunglasses up to narrow her eyes at the red head.

“No, I love Ashley and I want more children, but not any time soon, and not until there’s a ring on my finger,” Olivia giggled lightly causing the other girls to smirk knowingly.

“Oh really and when are you expecting Eric to propose?” Bronwyn inquired.

“Oh I’m not expecting him to, nor am I planning on dropping hints about it. He’s way too busy with the band at the moment. I’m just happy to be with him. But my mother would absolutely die if I had another child out of wedlock,” Olivia sighed as she explained herself.

“Don’t worry, if anyone’s going to be the next one to tie the knot it’s going to be you guys,” Tania comforted her friend.

“Yeah, just look at how he keeps stealing glances at you, it’s so high school I’m going to die from the cuteness of it all,” Andrea, John Gomez’s girlfriend gushed.

The other girls giggled in agreement, causing Olivia to glace over and see Eric looking over at her. She felt herself smiling, to which he quickly returned with a goofy grin of his own; before turning to Kennedy.

“Man I wish John was cute like that,” Tania sighed longingly as she glanced at her boyfriend who was laughing at something Justin said. All the other girls murmured similar things.

“Not me,” Allison stated defiantly, “I’d rather Garrett being sexy and romantic any day… they both end with much more sweat than if he were to be cute,” She giggled as she licked her lips; loud giggling quickly followed her statement.

John smiled at Eric as he sat beside his friend, and his now fidgeting two year. “Hey little lady, what’s the matter?” He questioned as she started whining.

“Hot,” She pouted looking up at Eric with her sad puppy dog eyes.

“Do you want to go in and watch Dora?” Eric asked, fighting to keep his voice soft as opposed to alarmed.

“No Dora,” She huffed, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

John chuckled slightly at her expression and how much she looked like her father, “Then what do you want to do?” Eric questioned lightly.

“Pool,” She chirped her face brightening at the thought.

“Alright, do you want to go swimming with mommy or me?” He asked as he helped her get off his lap.

“Mommy,” Ashley shrugged as he took a hold of her hand. Nodding Eric let the toddler lead him to the pool side. “Mommy,” She cheered, running to Olivia.

“Hey baby,” Olivia beamed scooping Ashley up into her arms, “What are you up to?” She asked, though she stared into Eric’s hazel eyes as she asked. He grinned and placed his hands into his short pockets.

“I wanna twim mommy,” Ashley announced happily.

“You want to swim?” Olivia repeated.

“Yeah,” Ashley nodded as she clapped her hands.

“Alright let’s go get you changed then,” Olivia smiled waiting as Ashley scrambled off the chair before she got up herself. With one hand clasped firmly to Ashley’s tiny little hand Olivia wrapped her other hand around Eric’s neck as she gave him a slow and passionate kiss; which inspired cat calls from everyone.

Eric sat back down in his chair with a beer in his hands. “That better not be your only drink tonight,” Stephen playfully threatened.

“Oh it is, unless I have another with dinner,” Eric shrugged as he opened the frozen can.

“Dude, why are you being so square?” Brian asked scrunching up his face in confusion.

“It’s your 21st birthday, you’re allowed to drink now,” Garrett stated.

“But if I want to be able to have steamy sex it’s better if I’m relatively sober,” Eric informed them, pointing at them with the hand that held the can.

“The man makes a good point,” Tim mumbled glancing at the beer in his hand then at his fiancé.

Pat snickered at his brother, “Loser.”

“Dude, she’s not going to say no to you on your birthday,” Trey laughed.

“But if I want to go all night…” Eric mused, a playful smirk adorning his lips. All the guys froze, some coughing at Eric’s bluntness; while others chanted ‘o’ in full understanding.

The screen door slid open and Eric turned to watch as Olivia clad in only a bikini led Ashley in a one piece and floaties towards the pool. There they were joined by Tania, Allison and Jess.

“Hey,” John whispered as he lent in close to his friend. Eric turned and raised his brow at his friend out of curiosity. “Are you ever going to tell her about Amy?” John asked.

“No way, there’s nothing to tell her, Amy and I did nothing, if I mention it then she’ll it much worse than it ever was,” Eric sighed as he gave a small shrug.

John looked uneasy, “Do you think that’s wise?”

“Yeah man, I mean it’s not like she’ll find out, Amy doesn’t work there anymore and I don’t think she’d say anything now would you, or Nick right?” Eric asked narrowing his eyes at his best friend.

“No of course not,” John was quick to prove his loyalty, when his phone rang. “One second,” He muttered as he picked up the plastic device. “Hello? Oh hi, yeah he’s here,” John’s voice lost its happiness. “I’m not sure if that’s a good idea,” He stated as he shot a quick look at Eric. “No, do you know what a hell it’s been because of you? They just made things right.”

Eric reached over and touched his shoulder, “Don’t hate your brother for my benefit, I’ll talk to him,” Eric sighed.

“Are you sure?” John asked hesitantly.

“Yeah man,” Eric nodded.

Cautiously John handed over the phone and Eric stood up as he pressed it to his ear, “Alright Kevin, what do you want?” He questioned as he entered the house.

I can’t believe you’re talking to me,” Kevin gasped surprised.

“Yeah, same could be said about you,” Eric mumbled as he picked at the fake fruit that lay on John’s kitchen table.

Well I, I just wanted to apologize for all the shit I caused. I hurt the three of you with my selfishness, and I should have just been straight up with you,” Kevin stated quickly.

“Yeah, you should have, then maybe your brother wouldn’t have gave you a black eye,” Eric muttered, he didn’t like the idea of coming between siblings.

You heard about that did you?” Kevin asked softly.

“Yeah and I’m sorry that John chose to do that, I kind of wish it had been me or someone else instead,” He stated bitterly.

It was silent for a moment on the line before Kevin cleared his throat, “But I wouldn’t have realized how much of a douche I was being if anyone else had hit me. John doing that was really an eye opened, and I really am sorry,” Kevin mumbled.

Eric nodded, not caring that he couldn’t be seen, “I know,” He whispered as he stared out the screen door out to the pool and at Olivia playing with Ashley. “Just do me the favour of staying away from Olivia and Ashley unless Olivia contacts you,” Eric ordered his voice forbearing and gruff.

Alright, you have my word, oh and Happy Birthday,” Kevin quickly added the last part.

“Yeah,” Eric nodded before pulling the phone away and hanging up on the younger man.

Exiting the house Eric handed it to his friend before kicking off his shoes and pulling his shirt over his head. He jumped into the pool and swam towards Olivia, happily wrapping his arms around her waist as he delicately placed a kiss on her shoulder.

“Who was that?” She questioned as she helped Ashley do a twirl.

“Kevin, he wanted to apologize,” Eric murmured against her soft skin.

“Did you?” She asked turning her head slightly to see his face.

“In fewer words he shrugged, standing up straight. She smiled and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek. With a grin Eric pulled Ashley up to his chest and started kissing her face; which caused her to squeal in laughter as she tried to wiggle free.

Eric smiled lovingly at Olivia once she ‘rescued’ Ashley from him, and pulled them both close to him; as he thought about the black velvet box he had tucked away in his sock drawer.

‘Olivia I don’t get why you’re keeping this baby, what about our plans to go to Brown in September?’ The brunette scoffed as she stared at her friend in disbelief.

‘Why are you throwing your life away for Eric? He’s not even that hot,’ The blonde added.

Because I love him that’s why, and if you guys can’t accept that then you’re not real friends,’ Olivia stated defiantly as she stood up and stormed out. Knowing that she didn’t need friends like those that they were wrong and having this baby wasn’t destroying her life at all. It was just going to bring them to the next level.
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I'm kind of really sad to see it end, but on a good note it only took me under a year to write =) I think that may be a record... idk lol

alright as promised the contest starts now, first one in gets a one shot of whomever they wish.
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