This Picturesque Life

She Had the Most Amazing...

They were frolicking around the pool in her parents’ backyard; they were 16. Her red hair hung up in a loose bun, Eric remembers how breathtaking she was in her lime green bikini. She was running off the porch into the grass, avoiding his reaching hands; both had smiles on their faces as they ran. Finally he caught her and lifted her up, he started walking to the pool side and she started protesting. He just chuckled and dropped her into the pool; he didn’t feel her grasp on his wrist till she pulled him down into the water with her. Both fell into the water with a huge splash, when they came up and had caught their breath they playfully glared at each other. He pushed her hair from her green eyes as the words jerk flew out of those pink lips; he chuckled and shrugged before a pull over came them.

They’d been lifelong friends, and it was common for them to hang out a lot throughout the years; sure now they had their own friends but they made sure that at least one day of the week they’d do something. It was during a movie night he invited her to with his friends that this pull formed, his friend John was chatting to her more than he, and jealousy rose in his stomach. Then they were sitting and whispering during the movie about John, and when she said she wasn’t interested in him that way the conversation paused as the pull began forming; trying to get his lips on hers. But he fought it then, telling himself it was just because of the crowd that he didn’t.

There was no crowd now and he felt his body giving in to the pull, his left hand cupped her face softly, his right hand held onto her waist gently. He was surprised when she responded and stepped closer to him her left hand resting on his shoulder.

She had felt the pull at the movie night, but she’d felt it before as well. She and her friends had a sleepover one day, and though she told them she didn’t like him during their game of truth or dare; she realised that she really did. The thought scared her; she didn’t want to have anything more with him if it wasn’t going to work out.

However he was moving forward for this moment and she let the pull take over her as well. If he really liked her she wasn’t going to ruin it by pulling away and pretending like she hadn’t felt it. His breath hit her lips, both were incredibly nervous thousands of worries running through their heads; before he made one final move, and their lips pushed together.

He rolled over in bed groaning he placed his wrist on top of his eyes; shielding his eyes from the sunlight that shone through the window. He glanced at the alarm clock on the bedside table and read 4:00pm. He sighed and rolled out of bed – literally – falling onto his knees his top half still resting on the bed. He shook his head and fumbled to get up, he felt hung over but knew it was just lack of sleep. He made his way to the shower turning it on and making it just right before stripping down and climbing in.

He smiled to himself upon recalling his dream, the day he first kissed Olivia Christine Beaumont he remembered how weak it made him feel, like he was going to fall. It was the euphoria of finally kissing those pink lips he had dreamed about for so long, he’s been addicted to those lips ever since.
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a little flash back to show you how in love Eric is with her...
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