This Picturesque Life

Reach Out Touch Someone

Eric stirred first in the morning light, a smile graced his lips from the moment his eyes fluttered open. He looked down at the sleeping girl who was using his bare chest as a pillow, and ran his fingers through her messy hair. He paused when he heard sounds coming from Ashley’s room and slowly got out of bed, not wanting to wake Olivia. He slipped on his boxers before leaving the room, walking to Ashley’s to see Kevin O’Callaghan dressing the little girl; he genuinely sneezed alerting the two of his presence.

“Oh, hey man, Olivia asked me to take the little one to daycare, and pick her up later on as well,” Kevin smiled at Eric.

“Oh, that’s fine, I just didn’t know so I was a tad worried,” Eric shrugged honestly. “But I’m glad because now I can make Liv breakfast,” He grinned.

Kevin laughed his sea green eyes sparkling with amusement “She’ll love that,”

“That’s what I’m counting on,” Eric nodded grinning broadly.

“Well the tyke’s ready to roll, so we’ll be out of your hair. Say bye, bye to daddy Ashley,” Kevin said as he hoisted the girl up onto his hip.

She looked up at Eric and smiled awkwardly “Bye,” Her head tilted back onto Kevin’s shoulder.

“Bye Ash, later man,” Eric nodded watching them walk by him. After the door closed he headed towards the kitchen to make breakfast for his sleeping girlfriend.

Olivia woke up to the aroma bacon sizzling and chocolate burning, she quickly got out of bed, slipping on a silk nightgown and satin house coat. Her bare feet padded softly on the carpeting and she giggled as she saw the kitchen. Eric stood over the counter making a mess as he poured chocolate sauce over pancakes, and strawberries; he was trying really hard not to get any of the chocolate on the bacon. He turned around once her soft giggle hit his ears and blushed slightly as he was a chocolate mess himself.

“I was going to bring this to you in bed,” He stated lightly.

“Good thing you didn’t, wouldn’t want a mess for a bed now would we?” She laughed walking towards him and wiping chocolate off his face with a finger before sucking on it lightly.

His eyes lit up with many emotions watching her suck on her finger slowly, he coughed shaking his head “So breakfast is ready,” He informed her.

“Yum,” She smiled walking over to the table, sitting herself down. He grinned and lifted the plates in his hands and walked slowly towards the table, setting her plate in front of her and his in his spot. She grinned up at him, before grabbing his face and pulling his lips toward her own “Thank you,” She whispered upon his lips. He smiled, happy with himself and sat down in his seat; his hand on top of hers while they ate in near silence.

“Okay, okay let’s start over again,” Eric gasped laughing. Olivia shook with laughter and had to sit down clutching her sides as she laughed at her boyfriend.

“Start over? That’s all we’ve been doing,” She exclaimed looking up at him.

“Well I’m sorry some of us aren’t the best actors out there,” He huffed playfully. She shook her head and turned her script back two pages, while he stayed on the same page reading it. “You know, I don’t think I like this play anymore,” He stated.

She looked up quickly her green eyes confused and worried “What?”

“You heard me,” He nodded to himself as he turned the pages.

“Are you saying you don’t want me doing it anymore?” She questioned slowly.

“Not in the least, no I think I will just have to play this Roger guy…” He stated frowning down at her.

“Awe is Eric jealous that I have to kiss someone else?” She cooed standing up and wrapping her arms around his bare shoulders. He pouted his lips and nodded, pushing her satin house coat open and sliding his hands onto her sides. “Don’t worry; it’s just a stage kiss. We haven’t even done that yet, directors waiting till just before opening night,” She reassured him.

“What is the difference between a stage kiss and a real kiss?” He questioned in a husky voice.

“Well firstly, there’s no passion to the kiss, and then the way you hold each other is convincing but it feels more like a hug from a best friend. There’s no close proximity,” She whispered moving closer to him.

“Oh really now?” Eric smirked.

“Mhm, and lastly, the eyes are blank instead of filled with lust and passion,” She breathed, her breath hitting Eric’s lips. He smiled before leaning down just that little bit and connecting their lips.

Eric ran his hands through her loose red hair as she opened her mouth granting him entrance. Her hands grabbed his waist and pulled him even closer to her, causing him to groan lightly. He moved his hands to her hips and hoisted her up, pushing her gently into the wall, she moaned airily as she wrapped her legs around his torso. He left trails of kisses up and down her throat, sucking softly on her soft skin. Her fingernails danced through his hair as sweet moans poured from her lips. He grinned up at her before taking her back to the bedroom.
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