Baby, I Think I Love You

You've voted, and it's been decided: Jade isn't out of the woods just yet!

Over the six years that had passed since the final breakup, Jade had stopped hating Edwin. She is happily married to her high school sweetheart and just focusing on raising her children right.

Only it's not so easy.

Monique despises Edwin for what he did to Jade, but Avery worships the ground he walks on. Edwin comes to Jade with some troubling news: Avery is less than fond of Jasper. He confides that their son thinks Jasper could very well be the Devil! Jade doesn't know if this is some ploy to get the two back together or if Avery is really that upset.

Avery's seventh birthday is coming up, so Edwin and Jade decide to throw him a nice party with all of his friends. Jasper tells her that he won't be able to make it since he, as always, has a court case.

Will Jade find herself being pushed back into Edwin's arms, or will she stick by Jasper's side until the end despite everything being said about her high school love?

Lady Luck just might give Edwin and Jade another shot at love.
  1. She Who Drives On The Sidewalk
    Hey, at least I didn't run over anyone!
  2. Thank You For Being So Rad
    Honey, you weren't replaced: she's just better than you!
  3. Where Art Thou, Romeo?
    It was a tragic accident that paralyzed me, and it involved a cow named Quinn.
  4. Back, You Heathen! Back!
    I swear that he is not the far as we know.
  5. Baby, You Got The Keys
    People probably booed him off the stage!
  6. I Can Resist All But Temptation
    Boy, isn't that the truth?
  7. Honey, You're Just A Little Stupid
    If assumptions make you an ass, then heehaw!
  8. I Wish I Could Hate You
    But for some reason, I just can't!
  9. It's Heart-Shattering, Really
    Why did I even ask?
  10. Those Little Ankle-Biters!
    Life isn't a game of "What If?" It's a game of "Holy shit! Did I really do that?"
  11. Whatever Happened To Sportsmanship?
    Sportsmanship? They buried it on July 13, 1954 in New York City. Yeah, it had heart failure.
  12. A Plague A Both Your Houses!
    Oh, so I could go buy one of those French maid outfits--and ha! I'm already French, too!
  13. The Silence Is Suffocating
    I'm just a terrific liar, so it seems.
  14. We Were Given Brains For A Reason, Doll
    Who would've thought that running could be so disastrous? That poor kid...
  15. That's What Happens When You Get A Job
    Wait, what just happened?
  16. Everything Starts With "E", So Does Edwin!
    Someone must have shoved a raging cat up his ass, I mean really. Calm down!
  17. Blue Forty-Two, set... Hike!
    Some people should really learn to set their priorities straight.
  18. Beer Pong Champion, Fools!
    Eh, who needs college anyway?
  19. Chewing On Broken Glass
    You just have to keep hammering that nail deeper into my heart, don't you?
  20. Give Credit Where It's Due, Mother
    I swear that boy was reading at a fifth grade level when he was in the womb!
  21. Hit The Clubs, But Not Literally
    A girl is entitled to a night out every once in a while, isn't she?
  22. I Smell Man-***!
    Some kids are just plain out ridiculous!
  23. Sweetie, I Just Can't Stand You
    As far as fights go...
  24. Sleep Tight
    Sweet dreams were never so sour!
  25. Each Word Is Like A Dagger
    Really, are you trying to kill me?
  26. Curse Your Blessing!
    I was used to Edwin prying into my mind, but he had never pried into my dreams and thrown what he'd found in my face.
  27. Go Cry In Your Corner
    Honestly, you should learn to think before you say whatever you want. You know, just a tip.
  28. Bitch, Please
    Sometimes I close my eyes and think, "Wow, I married that?"
  29. Such A Daddy's Boy
    Oh, come on. I'm the one who gave birth to you! Doesn't that count for something?
  30. Serafina
    Sure, you look nice and all, but I thought we were looking for my husband!
  31. Wavering Willpower
    I guess that's why they say, "All good things come to an end".
  32. Your Favorite Picture Torn In Two
    Too bad memories last forever.
  33. These Lips Need Medication
    The days seem to drip poison, but surely that can't stop a vampire's heart, can it?
  34. Sometimes We Just Forget
    Your memories will always haunt me like a ghost.
  35. The Man!
    Who knew establishment could change someone so much?
  36. Pity Me, Hate Me, Love Me: I Don't Care
    I feel like a runaway bride!
  37. Just Stay Frozen In Time
    When I was younger, I made a list of the things I'd miss when I got older. Sometimes you wish you could just stop time.
  38. Messed Up Family Relations
    My uncle is not a woman, kind sir!
  39. High School Jackasses
    The big day... How did I know I'd screw up?
  40. Epilogue
    A few years for a lifetime seems like a fair trade, right?