Green Day's Grammy Adventure

Boil Me Up

Bilie's POV

»I'm not afraid to walk this world alone…” I heard Ray hum. I still hadn’t completely got back to my senses after that panic attack I had, but I was feeling okay.

“So… where exactly are we going?” asked Mikey.

“Uhm… I think nobody knows,” I figured. “We’ll just go around the ship…”

“And see her most mysterious placessss,” Ray cut me.

I lauged and Mikey looked weirdly at him. “Ray, what the hell? Did you take drugs or something?”

“Nooo,” he answered, “I just remember what’s written in the ship brochure. “See and discover her most mysterious places an corridors, built in 20th century style. Enjoy your time in first class dining room – now the Grammy hall – or take a walk down the ship to her enormous, 40 tons heavy boilers in the boiler rooms.”

“Band geek!” screamed Mikey. Ray just glared at him, but then suggested: “You know, we could take a look the boiler rooms; I guess the folks who wrote the brochure weren’t too self-sufficient.”

“Well yeah, we could…”

“Let’s go!” I quickly decided and followed the sign “Boiler rooms”.

Mike’s POV

This is GREAT! The idiots left the ladder inside and if luck is on my side, I’ll be out of here in no time! I happily thought as I began climbing p with the battery between my teeth.
I opened the flap/door easily, and light shone upon me. I began smiling. I got out! Now I need to find someone I know… or at least get to the boat deck.

I found a ladder leading to the floor – I was on top of uhm, something big and dark-colored… like a boiler or something. Later on, in the next room, I found stairs leading to C deck. I smiled even more and thought happy thoughts. Now I just needed to make sure I won’t meet someone from the bad guys on my way.
♠ ♠ ♠
I know band geek means something else, but it was funny to me. ^^