You're Feeling Numb, from All That Has Become, It Leaves Your Gums, Slips Down Your Tongue and Travels Fast Down Towards Your Lungs

Elli Mae Reed is a seventeen year old girl. Her life was going a little rough until she meets Max Green ,could he help her through her hard times as one by one her family deteriates, can she hold up, how long can she stay strong? Can her amazing voice be just what Escape the Fate is looking for? Will things ever get better and could she really be in love, or is it just a desperate act of longing for love?

I do NOT own Max Green(though I wish I did ;) ) or Escape the Fate(or any of the lyrics I use in the story like the title)

Also keep in mind that this is a Fan-FICTION oh and to make it easier I am changing their ages, so sue me =P

Main Characters :

~Elli Mae Reed (17)
~Max Green (19)
~Craig Mabbit (19)
~Bryan 'Monte' Money (20)
~Robert Ortiz (21)