I Promised Never To Love You Again

Alex Copeland was left heart broken Sophomore year when her ever so popular football quarterback boyfriend Nick Jonas dumped her in a harsh way, and then took a flight out of state. Years later she is fed up with the fast moving city of Orlando and has decided to attend a boarding school across the country in San Francisco. Other then a large dorm, and an annoying upbeat roomate, a surprise reunion she would have never expected awaits.
  1. Flashback
    I was going to be a senior tomorrow, this had happened toward the ending of my sophomore year. I imagined everything as if I were reliving that moment all over again.
  2. The Departure and Arrival
    The guy Autumn was making out with stood to his feet turning around. My heart stopped and my breath hitched in my throat. I felt Abby stiffen beside me.
  3. Could Things Get Any Worse?
    “So what did you think of Nick, he’s a sweet heart isn’t he, and boy is he hot!” Autumn squealed collapsing on the couch. Abby stiffened and glared at me.
  4. Meeting The Guys
    I laughed eating a few fries and blushing a light pink, what was so bad about crushing on a new guy? I did move on about Nick.
  5. What A Day
    I walked over to the door twisting the knob opening it to come face to face with Autumn. My mouth fell open and I didn’t let a single yell escape my lips.
  6. What's It Going To Be?
    “Hey Alex” This is your new life Alex Copeland, better start adapting.