My Amnesia Romance

Chapter One

Slayth's POV

"Ow, my head hurts. Feels like I got mauled by a baseball bat..." I whined into the silence. I slightly opened my eyes, only to be blinded by a flourescent light. I hissed in pain as a migraine started to develop. I let my burning eys get ajusted to the light, and took in my surroundings. This didn't look familiar. I was laying on a red sofa in a hideously brown painted room. Another sofa was across from me, and an overstuffed armchair beside that. In a far corner sat a lonely mini fridge. That was about it.

The door opened to reveal a guy with shaggy blond hair on the other side.

"Hey, guys! She's awake!" he yelled.

I covered my ears, his voice causing my head to throb in pain. He bounded into the room smiling, while I was anything but. Four more guys poked their heads in, and sat on the ugly furniture. The two tallest sat on the opposite sofa, one with a fro. The Short One bounced over to me and hugged me. The Blond One grabbed a blue ice-pack from the mini fridge and tossed it to the Short One.

"This will make your head feel better." he stated, placing the insanely cold thing on my forehead, probably making it worse. The fifth one was harder to describe. He wasn't tall or short, nor did he have a distinguishing hair color. He leaned against the door frame, his eyes somewhat glued to the short one. I decided to call him the "Weird One", only because I had a feeling he wouldn't want to be called the "Emo One".

"So, you're a fan, eh?" said the Tall One. I was confused, had a migraine, and was in a room with five guys I didn't know. I didn't need to be asked questions right now. I needed to be asking the questions

"What? A fan of what? I have no clue what you're talking about! I don't even know who you all are!" I probably said that too loud, as my head is hurting worse.

The Short One sat on the floor next to me, and tilted his head in confusion. "What are you talking about?" GAH!! This is really pissing me off!

"Answer my questions first! I'm the one in the awkward position! I'm a girl in a room with five strange guys, I need to know what's going on!" I said harshly.

"Well," the Mysterious One started, "Frank here," he pointed to the Short One, "found you laying on the asphalt unconscious and bloody. We all thought it was best to keep you here until you woke up in case the person who beat you up decided to come back." I found this comical. I wasn't beat up. I just had a migraine because I didn't have my coffee yet. Being a caffeine addict does that to you.

"I'm not beat up. What gave you that idea?" I laughed. The guys looked at each other.

"Considering you have a knot the size of Rhode Island on your forehead, and cuts all over, we kinda guessed you were beat up." The Blond One said. I felt my forehead and sure enough, there was a huge lump there, and a square patch of gauze next to it.

"Yeah, nasty gash you got there, too." The Fro-ed One said.

Why didn't I remember this?

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