Pretty Bird

"Tell me, pretty bird," His smile was sickening, as if at any minute he would snap, and bring me to my end. "Is there a mirror in heaven?"

I just continued to stare, fear overcoming my ability to speak, or think.

"Is there a window on earth?" He looked me over, his eyes scanning up and down, before another laugh escaped his lips. "Pretty bird, why are you so still?"

I somehow managed to take a step back, my heel taking the majority of my weight. My head was screaming, demanding I turn around and run as fast as I could, back in my car, back to Oliver, away from here. My body was frozen, though, the delay between my head and my muscles painstakingly slow and dysfunctional.

"Don't talk about shit you know nothing about, Sparrow." He whispered, his taunting smile disappearing, the glare returning. "You can't judge me, and God can't either. And you can't see me, because you're blind. It's a bad man's world, Christian. And I fit in perfectly."


Ft. Oli Sykes.

Sequel to People Got A Lotta Nerve.

I own plotline, original characters.

title credit; A song by Jenny Lewis.