Stories Of Duck, Duck Goose

Ducks and Geese

There he was; Ryan Ross shaking his long feathers with such a grace that made every lady duck shiver. He was absolutely beautiful, and he knew it too. I waddled up to him, stumbling over my own two bright orange duck feet. I shake my perfectly white feathers just before I go to say hello.

"Hell-" just as I was about to add the final vowel to that simple five letter word, Ryan turns around.

Ryan's dark beak collides with my bright orange beak, reminding passer-bys of Halloween.

"Jimmy! Put that gun down!" an overly concerned mother yells at her young child.

"But momma! I'm not going to shoot anything with the gosh darned gun! I just want to know how it feels to be like papa!" Jimmy screeches.

The mother knelt on her knees, in order to stare into Jimmy's eyes, "as long as you promise not to shoot anything, like your papa does, you can hold the gun."

Jimmy cracks a large grin that reveals that his two front teeth are missing, "got it momma!"

Jimmy ran down the sidewalk, all the way to the pond. He wanted to show off the gun he got to hold to his friends so that for once, they would feel envy, instead of him feeling envy. Jimmy suddenly stops, looks behind him, looks left and then right. He realizes that his mother's no where near him. Suddenly, he gets an idea...
I see two birds- a goose and a duck, I can feel the gun just begging to be shot. I shoot aimlessly, hoping to shoot those god damned birds!

"Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang!" The sounds of a gun shooting echoes through the entire city.

That's when I see it; the two birds were shot. The red blood making it look as though a wine had been spilled on a bride's dress on the duck's feathers.
"Mellisa!"Ryan yells at me, as I'm shot.

Little did he realize, he'd been shot as well. I flop over, my little eyes closing for the very last time, only to see Ryan flopping over as well, right on top of me.

And just like that, two birds that had so easily fallen in love, died together.
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