Stories Of Duck, Duck Goose

Fish and Bear= Firs

I knew our love was forbidden, I mean it was only common sense that a bear could end a fishes life in thirty seconds. But did we care? No, we didn't. For all I cared, we could have babies, and we would end up having the most adorable firs in the world.
I couldn't say I could complain about our complicated relationship, infarct I couldn't think of a single thing to complain about. We saw each other every day, I would swim up to Betty, seeing her ready to attack at any given moment just increased the sexiness that I saw in her.

I swam up to my lover, I figured I'd try something new with her, "Hey Betty."

"Oh Filbert! I missed you!" Betty said to me, and grabs me in a powerful embrace.

I can feel her furry breasts squish against my entire body, "Betty, you know what I bought the other day?"

"I haven't a clue what you bought the other day. Just tell me?"

"Well, I got male fish enhancements. Real handy. Want me to prove it to you?"

"Oh Filbert, I thought you'd never ask."

And so, nine months later here Betty was giving birth to three firs. But, as I stopped to look at them, I'm shocked. These firs looked nothing like me. One was coloured purple, the second blue, and the third green. Not one of them was coloured yellow, like myself. And they had wings, now that was rather odd.

"Betty, have you been cheating on me?" I question, hoping that the answer will be no.

"Why yes, Filbert I have. Now fuck off, so I can go kill these children I produced with a bird."
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Awehh. :( Ended on a sad note.
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