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Be Sure to Wear a Disguise

023 : Wolf

Caan is sitting on the cot with me curled in his lap when the Fae walks back into the room. I blush a little, not sure why. She looks at us and doesn't react, like she's expecting it when she let Caan in, or maybe she's just seen everything.

I look up at her. I've reached the end of my patience. I'm sick of hiding, running, being afraid. I look over at the door as Lyris walks in. Something's going to happen.

"We're going to disguise you now," Lyris says.

I nod and ask, "As what?"

"A bunny?" The Fae says this is a crisp voice, like that of a child. I look at her and wonder if that would be any good.

"A wolf," Caan counters. He's determined, and when I twist to look at him, I can tell he's serious.

"You want her to turn into the something that's chasing after her? Are you crazy? Let's just walk out of Keep too. Offer her up, put up signs, make sure they get at her! I did not come all this way protecting her to give her over to some dumb lack of planning!"

"Lyris, he has a point," I say softly at the end of his rant, then add, "They won't look for me then, right? Or at least... They'll think I'm on their side, so to speak. They wouldn't know I'm human, they wouldn't want to kill me."

He looks at me then; like he's dying inside a little. He knows I'm right and doesn't want to go along with it, cause maybe... Maybe he's losing me. Again.

"Alright," He says. With that he walks out of the room.
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