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Amelia Flyzik had issues.

Boy was that the understatement of the year…..

When Amelia Flyzik shows up outside of All Time Low’s tour bus, Matt is more than confused.

Feeling completely helpless, Matt has no idea what to think of Amelia’s behavior or her arrival in the first place.

But could one boy and a series of events change all that?
John O’ Callaghan has never met anyone like Amelia Flyzik.

She is quiet and apprehensive yet loud and reckless in her own way.

Amelia Flyzik has known guys like John O’ Callaghan.

The boys with the hair.

The boys in the band.

The boys that don’t care until they care too much.

But when John wants nothing more than to befriend the shy and frightened girl that her brother can only describe as ‘walking disaster’ what happens when said girl wants nothing to do with him?

And when push comes to shove will Amelia face every fear she’s ever had?
Will she reveal the past that has made her a ‘walking disaster’ or will she run away and leave all those that love her behind, again?