I Will Follow You Into the Dark

Chapter Seven

Sometimes when he’s alone in the dark, Jack wonders if this is really all there is to death. Is death really just quiet loneliness? Is Jack being sent somewhere else? Somewhere just for a freak or a monster like himself is supposed to go? Sometimes he hopes that’s true. He’d never wish this haunting darkness onto any of his loved ones. Jack supposes that if this is really it -no blinding light, no pearly gates, just darkness- that he’d follow Ianto Jones into the dark.

He feels around, still hoping for that hint of a spark that Ianto might be near him but there’s nothing. He’s given up searching out his young lover. He can’t be here, he’s too pure. Now, Jack is just waiting.

It feels like an eternity in the darkness to come back but in reality it’s been nearly an hour. He assumes that it might be due to his hopping through space and time just before he died.

Jack notices the darkness getting lighter. The feeling of a warm, scratchy blanket. He hears some music playing in the distance. He gasps awake, clutching the blanket tightly, noticing he’s in a cell.

“You’re awake.”

He glances over and smiles weakly at Agent Johnson perched on a chair by the door, holding a cup of tea.

“Did you miss me?”

“Not in the least,” she answers in her always level tone. “I’ve done what you’ve asked. Cooper is well adjusted, no longer on the threat list. The Davies family have received payment and subject 24E is in cryo. No sign of life.”

Jack nods and sits up, digging in his coat just to assure himself the three vials are still there.

“And Alice! How is she?”

“Left for America. South Dakota. She works in child welfare.”

Jack nods again, sitting up from the cot. At least his daughter can try and salvage the pieces of her life she has left. He won’t contact her again, knowing that would just make things even worse between them.

“I could get you some food or at least clean clothes.”

“No, I need to see him. I’ve got it.”

She nods, not really expecting anything else from the Captain as she rises from her chair and leads Jack down and out of the cells. She nods to a few fellow agents they pass.

Cryo is located on the third floor of the building. Top level security access with two armed guards at all times. Jack figures it’s the least they could do for him after he saved them. No, after he fixed the mess he helped start in ‘65. Now, it’s time for him to complete that fix.

Johnson slides her badge under a scanner for the doors to open. Jack wraps his coat around himself tightly as they enter the freezing room. He follows Johnson to a capsule labeled “24E” and watches her enter a code on the keypad.

“I hope you’re right,” she mutters as the capsule opens and the fog dissipates enough to reveal the very blue, very brilliant face of Ianto Jones.

Jack comes closer as Johnson leaves to give them privacy. He touches the younger man’s cheek softly, almost expecting it to still feel warm. He leans in and kisses chilled lips softly.

“I told you I’d be back.”

He opens the vial into Ianto’s mouth and watches his skin glow for a moment.

“Please. Please, come back to me.”

Icy blue eyes finally open and Jack knows he’s not in the dark anymore.
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And there we have it. The end to this very bumpy, very dramatic road. Let's hope I did the show justice. Now if only RTD could read this. x.x
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