While On The Way

Excuse the Perverts

"Bacon and waffles."

"Egg salad sandwich on rye."

"Cheeseburger with surprise me."

"Fish and chips."

"These pretzels are making me thirsty," and after a swift whop to the head, "Ow!..BLT and potato chips."

Samantha, Casey, Max, Zach, and James ordered to the teenage waitress quickly and in order. The confused girl scribbling furiously and nodding as one ran off their order after the other. As they have had to do so many times before. "And, uh, what do you guys want to drink?"

"Coffee," they all told her making her jump a little in surprised and mild fear at the foreigners with quick tongues. Quickly back away from the table and scrawled down four coffees. Leaving the four brothers and one random girl to talk amongst themselves.

"Pretzels?" Max asked James baffled, as usual with his raven haired, brown eyed brother.

"Seinfeld reference," James and Samantha both said in unison. The nineties hit show being one of the few things the two had in common.

"...When was the last time you saw that show?" Zach asked looking at his brother and then at the girl whose eyes were made of honey.

"Last episode I watched before we left did you know that? So I suppose three months ago," James said moving his head looking for the waitress that just left.

"Oh it's only been that long?" Casey chortled, "Feeling like years."

"That's only because you guys are brothers and have lived with each other for years. Just subtracting a house and adding a broken down 59' Volkswagen doesn't change too much," Samantha said fiddling with sugar packets that were left on the table. "Although you guys are barely born apart. Shouldn't you guys...Be less annoyed with each other than most? You guys are worse than my sister and I."

"No. If not we should be more so. We spend more time with each other than most," Max said yawning a little. Still tired from waking up just hours ago.

"Ahh Marie. Sam? She's going to be there when we visit right? She's not gonna be in Sweden or Russia or where ever she was?" James said fluttering his eyes.

"Canada dumb ass," Samantha dead panned, "If you hit on her again, she'll mace you. I'm serious. The only reason she hasn't yet is because I told her that you're deathly allergic." Specifically speaking heavily at "deathly" because she had to fabricate many stories of his parents grinding fresh pepper at one moment and James started wheezing. Eventually needing to be taken to the hospital. How many baby sitters had to be fired for bringing "Dr. Pepper" in the house. But thankfully they were both young and dumb at that point so Marie believed it. "And she's getting to the point where it really doesn't matter to her if your dead or not," She spoke taking her elastic band from her wrist and tied it around her shoulder length auburn locks.

"Ah just playing hard to get," James shrugged and everyone else seemed to roll their eyes at the same time. James always such the flirt but never any good at it. Probably explained why he stopped pursuing Sam when she punched him in the gut during gym class.

The waitress came back with the happiest sight the group has seen in the past twenty four hours besides their pay for their last gig, coffee. Everyone seemed to perk up a little bit like dogs hearing the food bag rustle as soon as the scent seemed to get stronger and stronger. The girl quickly pouring their cups, the boys more interested in her deep cleavage than the smoldering beans that they've been downing since they started this trip. Samantha looking over at the drooling men and rolling her eyes. Already looking for a salt shaker she could pass to whoever asked for sugar.

"You must excuse the perverts please. They aren't around many women that won't kick their ass automatically if they catch them ogling like this," she sighed as he took the creamer and counted to three before tilting it back up.

Everyone else but the girl blocking it obviously though as James cleared his throat. "Hey baby cakes, name's Jimmy," He spoke holding his cup out for the last to be filled. All the brothers rolling their eyes slightly but not enough to stop staring, with subtly or not.

"Eh it's alright. It's how I get the good tips. Besides your friend is cute," the girl spoke nervously at the both of them. "Jimmy" perked up in the surprised succession of his romantic pursuits actually succeeding. Samantha groaning as she lost all respect for the girl who could like anyone that greeted her with "baby cakes." The girl writing down her phone number with her pen on James napkin before she smiled smally and went to another table.

After she finally moved away Samantha twitched as the men started to slowly snap out of their apparent waitress fantasies. Max slowly moving his hand over to the napkin, clutching it quickly. James immediately holding a death grip at his brother's hand and leered with evil intentions behind his brown eyes. "She gave this number to me and my debonair charms. Not you or your attempts to not be awkward," James spoke through grit teeth tugging on the hand which just tugged back.

"So? You hit on everything that stands on two feet. Besides we couldn't speak because you were too busy being 'Jimmy,'" Max spoke through his clenched pearly whites that the girls would swoon over. Trying to grab the piece of paper with them but the tug of war being too much for it.

Casey twitched having to listen to the idiots as he took a big gulp of his coffee. Sighing as he looked at his brother not in the brawl who was just watching thoughtfully. Rooting for Max because truthfully James did hit on everyone which didn't leave a lot for someone who was semi-timid like him. Casey then looked over to Samantha who was just shaking her head and looking for the food. He growled as one of them poked an eye making the other yelp and grabbed the paper from their hands. Ripping it up. Making everyone gasp, followed by a familiar, female laugh.

"What in the hell?!" the two brothers spoke trying to grab the ripped up bits from the man's hands. Just making it that much more unable to read. Both of them trying to put it back together and Casey just shook his head.

"Many reasons. One; she's probably almost a decade younger than any of us. Two; even if she was our age, she'd be out of either of your guys' league. And three; dear god watching you two fight over women gets more frustrating with each attempt," Casey spoke getting louder and louder with each reason.

The other two immediately started to argue how their attempts were not pathetic and Casey spoke back. Samantha snickering a little bit as she already finished her coffee. Waving at the waitress they were arguing over to bring some more of the life-giving liquid. Zach starting to get a head ache from all the fighting. Eventually slamming his fists onto the table with a loud, almost cracking sound rang through the restaurant. Making almost the whole place fall silent and watch as the man pushed up his glasses. "Shut up. All of you. Or I will film you all while you are singing in the shower. Immediately put it up on YouTube and label the tags as "Paris Hilton Rhianna Lindsey Lohan threesome!" Okay?!" Zach almost shouted as that little vein in his head started to bulge.

Samantha, like the rest of the table. Just sat staring at the guy for a moment before smiling a little bit at the thought. Unsure if she really wanted them to stop now. "He'll do it too. You know he has no shame in invading privacy," she spoke. Trying to keep from laughing at the thought of them singing to whatever got into their head that day posted all over the web.

A throat was cleared and it wasn't any of them. So they looked next to them to see the waitress that they were just fighting over holding their plates. Having heard all of Zach's shouting and throughly unnerved. Quickly serving and everyone digging into their meal like they haven't eaten in days. "I think I'm going to need that number back.." she spoke timidly.

All of them looking down to the remains of paper and swallowing whatever they had in their mouths to speak to the young jail bait, "We ripped it..."
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