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He's a Prince and I'm the Avatar's Sister

chapter 1

It was me,Katara,and Aang versus Zuko,Azula,and the entire Dai lei.To think that I like Zuko when he was chasing us.Along with Aang I was able to master Earth,and Water bending.I had nothing better to do."Sui-Mei!(pronounced sue me)"yelled Katara."I can use some help.""Got it."I said.I made a rock wall and made it fall on some guys from the dai lei.Of course they broke it,but Katara used water bending to ice them to the wall.I was too busy helping Katara now that I didn't see that Aang was going into the Avatar state until I heard him yell.I looked and Azula shot him from behind with lighting.Katara caught him as he fell.I ran to him."Aang!"I said worried."Please don't be dead.I can't lose you."I looked at Katara."You take him.Bring him to the others and keep him safe.Do what you can to bring him to life.I'll stay here.""Sui-Mei.Aang finally has appa.And I don't think he would want you gone.You're his only relative alive."she said."I'll be fine."I said.

I kissed Aang's forehead."I'll meet you again little brother.Now Katara go."She nodded and left with Aang's body.I felt tears coming out of my ears."You'll pay for this."I said.I started doing water bending and there were huge waves forming.It whipped out the dai lei or at least the ones who came here to fight.It was a long fight with Azula and Zuko versus me.Sadly I surrender because I couldn't beat the both of them together.They took me as a prisoner and put me in a metal container with his uncle.I was crying the whole time."It's okay."said his uncle."i heard prison isn't all bad."I kept crying."He patted my back."Azula shot my brother.For all I know he's dead."I cried out.

"I feel your pain.I lost my son in this war."I gave him a hug.Then we started talking and he made me feel happy.I never knew my enemy's uncle can be my friend.Suddenly we stopped moving."I'm guessing we're here."he said."Probably right Iroh."I said.The door opened from the thing and saw a guard.He grabbed my arm and started pushing me to my cell.Luckily I was sharing with Iroh cause the jail was crowded.I went into the corner of the cell where there it was all dark and put my knees up against my chest.I was silent the whole time.At dinner time I didn't eat my food.I gave it to Iroh instead."You'll need your health.I'm just gonna die here."I said."Now.There is no need to do that."he said.He pushed the tray to me."Eat."he said.I took the tray.I just ate the rice and drank my tea and threw the rest away.

The night made the cell dark,gloomy,and cold.I just shivered in my little corner.I couldn't sleep at all.My head kept replaying the scene where Azula shot Aang.For now all I know he's dead.I don't think Katara could heal that unless she had something that could heal him.That would be a miracle.

Zuko's POV

I can't believe I'm back at the palace.As a hero,but why do I feel like I'm nothing like a hero.Maybe it's because Azula had the girl I liked in the prison to rott with my uncle and I didn't do anything to stop her.I had to get her out of there,but I hardly believe she'd be happy to see me.My father wanted to see me,I thought I'd see if I can get him to release her.I already thought of a way to convince him.I was taken to the room he was in and entered.There he was.My own father.The same one who banished me and left me this scar on my face.We started talking.He was proud that I was back as a hero.I help take over Bah-sing-sa,I put the avatar's friend and my uncle in prison,and I killed the Avatar.That's when it came to me.Why would my own sister tell my dad that I killed the Avatar.I thought I'd ask him the question."Father.I know this sounds stupid,but I would like the Avatar's friend out of prison and move here."I said."I know it sounds wrong,but she knows earth,water,and air bending.She could train me those elements and I can end the rest of the Avatar's friend.I know that they will get more people from every nation to attack us.""Zuko."he said."You want me to release her from her cell so she can train you.""Yes father."I said."Very well then,but I will have guards watching her so she doesn't step out of line."he said."Thank you father."I bowed.


I woke up the next morning.A guard came in."You there."he pointed to me."You are going to the royal palace."He opened my cell and put shackles on my wrists.He walked me to a cart that took me to the royal palace.There was Fire lord,Azula,Ty Lee,Mai,two old ladies,and Zuko.Plus a lot of guards."What do you want?"I asked."I was close to dieing in my cell happily.""Sorry to ruin your plans."said Azula."What was your name again?""Bite me."I said.That made her mad.She was close to attacking me when Mai stopped her."Azula she's trying to make you kill her."she said."I see you're the only one with a working brain."I said."My name is Sui-Mei.""Well Sui-Mei.We have a little deal for you."said Zuko."I'd rather die."I said."That can be arranged."said Azula."Just listen."said the fire lord."We want you to train Zuko with the other elements.In return you can live here.""I'd rather rot in jail."I said.The guard took me back to the cart.I knew Azula was gonna strike me with lightning.Just at the right time I turned and used water bending to capture it and returned it back.It hit a step below them."Don't even think about."I said.The guard grabbed my arm and pushed me back in the cart and took me to my cell."They want me to teach Zuko Earth,water,and air bending."I said to Iroh."In exchange I get to live in the palace."I went back to my corner.I ate my food and went to sleep.Or until there was Zuko in a cloak back at the prison.
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