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He's a Prince and I'm the Avatar's Sister

chapter 10

“Wakey wakey. Sui-Mei.” said Aang's voice softly. I woke up. Zuko was still was sleeping. “Morning big sister.” He said and smiled. I smiled back. “Morning.” Zuko had his arms around my waist and was holding onto me really tight. I slipped out of his grip and changed my robes. Me and Aang started walking around the temple. It was quiet and a few rays of light were lighting the rooms. “So..” said Aang breaking the silence. “You and Zuko.” I knew what he was getting at.

I smiled a small smile. “Yes. We are getting married.” “It seems so sudden.” he replied. I nodded my head. “Zuko and I love each other. It may seem like it's too sudden,but we both want this.” He lowered his head and sighed. “Alright. Whatever makes you happy. Just be careful. I don't want him hurting you. I can't trust him just yet.” I hugged him. “Thank you.” he hugged me back. “Hey after my fire bending lesson. We can go air gliding together.” “Sounds great.” I replied. We let got of each other and started to walk outside so we can start breakfast. “Morning you two.” said Sokka. Zuko was up and he was starting a fire.

He saw me and smiled. “Are you feeling better?” I nodded my head. “Good. Aang training starts after breakfast so be ready in 5 minutes.” “Okay.” Aang replied. Everything was set and everyone went to go eat. Afterward me and Katara were cleaning the dishes. We finished and went to watch Aang and Zuko train together. Zuko was really amazing and Aang was learning quick from him. They took a small break to go get something to drink. Zuko had a cup full of water that he splashed on himself to get rid of the heat.

He told me when he fire bends for too long he starts to heat up so he had to cool himself. “Alright Aang you seemed to grasp the basics really quickly. We're gonna step it up a notch.” he said. Aang just smiled. “Ready when you are.” To me Aang and Zuko were almost alike. As if they were brothers. Zuko taught him how to get fire come out of his mouth. Zuko couldn't show him because he would heat up again. He sat next to me the rest of the training. When Aang messed up Zuko would have to tell him what he didn't do.

“Zuko why can't you show me?” asked Aang. “Because Zuko unlike the rest of the fire benders don't have a certain mineral in their blood that gets them immune to the heat of the fire in their body.” said Iroh watching. “So he has to cool down after a while of fire bending. Last time he didn't he was close to death.” Aang gave Zuko the I'm-sorry-to-hear-that look. Aang started to practice some more and Iroh filled in for Zuko's place.

Zuko was just watching. He looked a little upset. “Zuko. Are you sad you can't train my brother for a long time?” I asked. He nodded. “If I have to keep this up I won't be able to teach him fire bending in time.” I kissed his forehead. “You'll make it hun. I promise.” I reassured him. He smiled. I dipped my fingers in my cup of water and he took his shirt off and I started water bending the cold water on my finger tips into his back to cool him down. It really helped him and he started to cool down in his body temperature. It always cooled him down faster.

After 5 minutes he was back to normal and he started to train Aang again Iroh sat down and asked how I was doing. He left and came back with a cup of cold tea. It was so the rest of my damaged body will heal itself. It was really nice of him to care. I was just watching Zuko and Aang making sure they both don't hurt themselves. They were able to complete their training and Aang was able to learn a little more advance moves. It was dinner time and Katara made some fish. After we ate we cleaned ourselves and went into our rooms to sleep. I went into Aang's room to kiss him goodnight and I went into my room. I saw Zuko sitting on the bed trying to rub his shoulders.

“Me heating up made my muscles tighten up.” he said. I just smiled. “Let me fix it.” I said. I went behind him and he took his shirt off. I started to rub his neck and back. He moaned in delight and it sounded cute. I was glad the door was closed and no one could hear us. “A little lower.” he sighed in huge relief. “I can tell this is making you feel better.” I replied. He nodded his head. I went lower and he moaned again. “You're so good at this.” he complimented. “Thanks.” I replied.

I pressed harder so I can get deeper into the muscle and he started to have fire come out of his mouth. They were low small flames and that meant he was happy. “Okay I'm feeling much better.” he said. I stopped and he turned to lay on his back. I laid next to him and he pulled me to him. “ I love you Sui-Mei.” he said. “I love you too.” I replied. “This is nice.” he said. “We get a room to ourselves. No one can walk in on us. Everyone's asleep you know.” I smiled. “Yeah I know they are.” I stared at the ceiling not paying attention to Zuko just for the tease. I heard him put his shirt back on.

After he started to kiss my cheek and the side of the neck. He knew I wouldn't turn to face him so he got on me and leaned in. I turned my head just in time for him to kiss my cheek. He whispered in my ear, “you know you're not going to last.” I turned and faced him. “That's what you think.” I whispered back, then quickly turned my face for him to kiss my cheek again. He started to kiss my neck again and it was ticklish. I giggled a little bit. He knew I wasn't going to turn so he took his hands and gently started to move my face. I was happy so I started to smile. “I love you.” I said. “I love you too.” he replied.

Then he leaned in and kissed me. “I told you. You weren't going to last.” He said. “Oh be quiet and just kiss me.” I said and pulled him back. We started making out after 5 kisses and it was just nice. No one was gonna walk in on us. The window let the sounds of the outside come in. It was just simply perfect for me. Then something horrible went wrong. “Zuko stop stop stop.” I said. He got off of me and looked worried. “What's wrong?” he asked. I clenched my stomach and rolled onto the floor. “Zuko wake up Katara and your uncle.” I said. I was in deep pain again. He ran out of the room and I was by myself. Aang was already up, I guess he sensed that something was wrong. “Sui-Mei. What happened?” he asked me. I was just on the floor holding my stomach and unable to talk. Zuko came in with Katara and Iroh. Everyone else was woken up by the noise. Katara was trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

“There is nothing wrong with inside her body.” said Katara, “I don't know what to do.” “It appears that Sui-Mei has a bond on her. Some sort of ritual was put on her.” He looked at Zuko. “Zuko. Do you know if she was encountered with some kind of medicine man or something?” “Yes. At the palace an air nomad was doing some ritual when her father was trying to take control of her body.” Zuko replied.

“Zuko. He must have put a special boding on her while he was doing the ritual. He's basically combining her chi and his chi together.” said Iroh. He turned to Aang. “You can stop this. Use you're spiritual energy to break the bond. Just grab her hand and take her to the spirit world with you.” I moaned in more pain and felt as if I was being stabbed by 100 knives. “Get him out of me!” I yelled.

I felt Aang hold my hand and the next thing I knew I was unconscious.

Aang's P.O.V.

I grabbed Sui-Mei's hand and started concentrating. I slipped into the spirit world and there I saw a dark spirit and a white spirit. The dark spirit is the man who put the bond on Sui-Mei and the white spirit is Sui-Mei. She was getting smaller and smaller while the man was getting bigger and bigger. “We will be together.” he said.

“It was destined. You don't belong with that fire bender. You need to be with your own kind. Forever and ever.”I took my energy and put it all in my right hand. “Hey you.” I said getting his attention. “Get away from my sister.” I charged at him and hit him hard with my energy. Sui-Mei started to get bigger. She was getting her energy back. I started air bending at him and attacking him. She started to get stronger and stronger and he was getting weaker and weaker.

Eventually Sui-Mei fought with me to get rid of him. “Get away from me and Zuko.” she said.

Sui-Mei's P.O.V.

I punched the guy in the face again. “If I ever get the feeling that your presence is here. I will destroy you. Just because my brother is a pacifist doesn't mean I am.” With that I started to feel a lot better because he finally vanished. Suddenly my eyes opened and I was back in the room where everyone else was.

Zuko helped me up and put his arm around my back to support me. “What happened to me?” I asked everyone. I saw Aang laying on the floor with his eyes still closed. “Why is Aang laying on the floor?” I asked. “Relax Sui-Mei.” said Zuko. “He and you entered the spirit world to heal you. I guess he's still in there.”

“Oh okay.” I said being a little light headed. Aang came back to us and got up. “Sui-Mei did it work? Is he gone now?” he asked me. “Yeah. Hopefully he's gone for good.” I said and smiled a weak smile. “You should get some rest. That must have took a really big toll on your body.” Katara said. “In fact we should all be getting back into bed. It's late.

Everyone agreed and left my room. Zuko picked me up and put me on our bed. He got in and put his arm over my stomach. “I love you Sui-Mei.” he whispered to me before he went to sleep. I was too tired to replied,but he knew I felt the same way towards him. The next morning Zuko was helping me out the entire day. He carried me out of the bed, helped me get dressed, and helped me eat. It wasn't necessary for him to do all that.

Azula's POV

“What do you mean that it didn't work?!” I yelled. “I'm sorry. I tried taking over her body,but her will power became stronger. She is definitely with the Avatar.” he replied. I smashed a small vase in my fury, “Be lucky that I need your help or else you would be dead by now. This is not the kind of news I would like to hear this early in the morning.” The father came in, “Princess. It's an honor to be serving you.” he said as he bowed. “I haven't properly introduced myself. I'm Ling-Mei.” I smiled. “It's a pleasure to be working with you. Considering your history with the fire nations generals. You can be very useful to me.”

He stood straight up and looked at me. He had smirk on his face. “Where do I begin my princess?”
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