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He's a Prince and I'm the Avatar's Sister

Chapter 11

Zuko and Aang were training together and Aang was starting to get the hang of fire bending. I was really impressed. I let my eyes wander again and I saw that Zuko left his twin dao swords near the wall. I figured he must be going hunting soon with Sokka. It was a little dirty so I went to go clean it. I started wiping the swords with a wet cloth, making them nice and shiny. By the time I was done Aang and Zuko already finished their lesson.

Aang went to go train with Toph and Katara and I was with Zuko. “Thanks for cleaning my swords. You didn't have to.” “I know,but I wanted to.” I replied. I gave him a peck on the cheek. “So I take it you are gonna go hunting with Sokka.” He shook his head no, which confused me. “I brought them out to teach you how to use them.” He said. “Don't worry I have another set. We can train together.”

I smiled, “I'd like that.” He told me to stay and he would go get his other set of twin swords. When he got back he started showing me how to hold them properly. Then he moved on to basic maneuvers. They seemed pretty easy. He said I was a natural at wielding swords. I got tired after a few hours of practice because after I got the basics down we started doing all these tricks. We were flipping our swords while jumping on pillars, he showed me how to combine the swords with fire, and we also did a little battle with each other with long sticks Iroh gave us. We tied.

At the end of the training we were both panting and sweating. “Hey guys lunch is ready.” said Katara. We were having soup with mint,some berries,and lettuce. “This is good Katara.” I replied. “I'll go find food this time. I do believe it is my turn.” I said. “I'll go with you.” Aang and Zuko both said. Aang shot him an icy cold stare. “I'll take the both of you. I was thinking that since the soil here is very fertile there should be abandoned garden somewhere.” I said.

“Good idea Sui-Mei.” Aang said. “We can leave after lunch.”said Zuko. I think there was something up with Aang. He's usually not this territorial with me. I don't think Zuko did anything wrong with him. After Lunch Katara took care of the dishes and me,Zuko,and Aang went hunting. We reached the middle of the forest. “Zuko you keep going forward. Me and Aang will scope out here. If you get lost yell. We'll find you.” I said. He nodded.

He moved on and it was just me and Aang. We headed left and that's when we started talking. “So tell me. Why are you mad at Zuko? Did he say or do something to make you upset?” I asked Aang. He was silent for a moment, “ I don't know what you are talking about.” I gave him a look, “I am your big sister. I'm not stupid. Now tell me. What got you mad at him?” I asked more sternly.

He stopped walking and pointed at me. “That, that thing around your neck. That's what getting me mad.” he said. He had no tone in his voice. It was like all the emotion inside him was drained out. “He's gonna take you away from me. I just know it.” he said. “I don't want you to be taken away again. I don't want to loose you. I need my sister.” I kinda thought it was cute and sweet. “Aang. Relax. I'm gonna be with you for a long time. Just because we are getting married doesn't mean that we are gonna kick you and everyone else out of our lives. You really have nothing to worry about. I mean you are gonna live with me and Zuko at the palace. Same with the rest of our friends.” I went and gave him a hug. “Okay.” he replied. After that little episode we continued our little food hunting trip. I was right about the abandoned garden. There was one and it was full of carrots,cabbages,leeks,blueberries,strawberries,grapes,potatoes,and tomatoes. Aang used the folds of his clothes as a sack. I used air bending to make a small twister and use it to carry the food.

I didn't know how well Zuko was doing until I saw him running towards us. “We should go. I'm not very good at this.” he said. We heard a roar coming from the direction he came from. We started running fast,but carefully so that the food wouldn't drop it. We made it to the temple without having to see the monster. We were sweating and out of breath.

“What happened?” Katara asked me. “Ask....Zuko.” I said. Haru looked at him. “Saber tooth moose lion.” he said. “A big one.” “At least you brought us some food for the night.” said Katara who was putting the food into a basket. “Good job guys.”

I went to my room and grabbed my robes. Zuko was just coming in. “Where are you going?” he asked me. “To the temple bath. Every air temple has one.” I replied. “Care to join me?” My face was serious and he gave me a look. “Are you joking?” he asked. “Yes Zuko that was a joke.” I replied. “Do you know how awkward that's gonna be?” He gave me a relieved looked. “Yeah. That would be awkward. I'd rather wait until we're both ready if you don't mind.” “Not at all Zuko.” I replied and kissed his cheek.

The bath looked as if it was just cleaned. The towels were still neatly folded and placed into a pile. The soaps still wrapped in there labels. I picked a lavender scented soap because it is Zuko's favorite. I also mixed with a little vanilla so I still had my sent. I undressed and stepped into the bath. The water was cold at first,but got warmer the further I went in. The sun illuminated the water and made it sparkle. I grabbed the bottle and washed my hair. It felt good to get cleaned after a while. I finished quickly so I could help out with any cleaning. I just finished getting dressed when I heard something.

“My,my aren't you glowing?” said someone. I turned around. No one was there. It must be the heat in the room that was making me hear things. “I'm right here Sui-Mei. In the water.” said the voice again. I looked at the pool of water. There was Hido's face. I looked right next to me and there was no one next to me. I think I started to go insane. “I was awoken. Being the Avatar's sister you are able to see the spirits of the dead of thousands of years. They appear in many forms. I was awoken when your father came out of your body. You see, I have a bond with your father that comes from you. I too soon will come back to this planet.” he said. “We will finally be together, nothing can destroy our love. We were meant for each other. I'll forgive you for what you did. After all we love each other.”

“I don't love you. I never had. You tried to rape me. What I did was no accident. Now leave me a lone.”I said. He was silent and smiling. “I said leave me alone!” I yelled. I threw a bottle at his refection and screamed. I guess Zuko heard me because he came rushing in. “Sui-Mei. Are you okay?” he asked rushing to my side. “I just saw Hido. He said he's coming back. Just like my father. He's going to take me away from you.” I said. “No he's not going to keep us apart. I'll make sure of it.”

“Zuko can I tell you something. I never told anyone before, not even Aang.” I said to him. “Sure, what is it?” he asked. “It's about Hido. 2 nights before our wedding, he tried to rape me. He said that we loved each other and this was a way to show it.” I said. I could tell that he was starting to get a little mad. “What happened next?” he asked. “When he tried to get me out of my clothes I burnt him so bad his skin started to crack and peel, he ran away to a medicine man and his skin was healed.”

“Good for you.” he said to me. “He deserved it. No one should ever do that to a person. Especially someone who is fragile and delicate as you.” That moment was romantic and cheesy at the same time I think my brain went into overload. I started getting a headache from it or it could be the fact that I was smelling a fuse of vanilla and lavender. I realized that I knocked over the vanilla and lavender soap bottles in my little episode. Zuko took my hand and slowly walked me to our room, where he laid me onto the bed.

“Feel better Sui-Mei. I love you.” he told me before leaving. After I just closed my eyes. I wasn't napping just had my eyes closed. I can hear everyone outside having fun and everything just seemed relaxing. Until I felt a little dirt fall on my face. Something was off considering this place was well structured. Zuko came in my room. “You felt that too? Someone is coming and they brought company.” I told him. “We need to go. Now. Everyone is packing and getting everything set.” he said. I got off the bed and stumbled still feeling a little light headed. I grabbed my bag and put all my things in it. I then put it over my shoulder and Zuko helped me get to the others. They were all ready and we flew on Appa.

“Katara and Aang. We need to make a cloud or something. So the enemy doesn't see us.” I instructed. We agreed with my plan and so we started water and air bending. We made it so we could see who the enemy was, but they weren't able to see us. No surprise that is was Azula that was after us. “Alright guys we can loose the cloud. We're okay now.” I said. The cloud started to slowly fade away and underneath us appeared a lush green forest that stretched out to the horizon. Then it slowly decreased into a desert. The heat was unbearable for me so I collapsed to the floor. “Sui-Mei? Are you okay?” Zuko asked worried. “Don't worry. I'm just sensitive to this heat right now. I just need to cool down.” I replied. “It happens all the time.” Katara stepped in. “Let me handle this Zuko. We know what to do.” She started water bending and made me a water suit to cool me down.

It started to work. “Zuko just make sure that the sun doesn't warm it.” she instructed him. “Keep her fanned to cool her down.” He did as he was told and eventually I was back to my regular body heat. “You're really delicate aren't you?” Zuko asked. “Yeah, I was born with a lot of problems,but I'm able to manage.” I replied. The water suit went back to Katara's water bag after I purified it. We finally landed in a cove and used it to hide out in. Azula was far behind us now and we can finally relax again. “Well who’s hungry?” I said. Everyone looked at me strangely.

“We just got attacked and all you can think about it food?” said Sokka. “Yeah. So does anyone want anything? She’s far from us. I think it’s best to travel at night when it’s the coolest. Then in the morning we sleep.” I said. “I highly doubt they would travel at night. Knowing Azula she’ll think the heat will be slowing us down.”

“Let’s not forget sister. Dad is with her. She has an advantage over us. He knows how we think, this is going to be hard.” Said Aang. “We need a new plan. One that father won’t think of.” “He’s right you know.” Said Katara. “We need a new plan on escaping.” “We’re working with a psychotic teenage girl and an evil fire general that escaped from Sui-Mei’s body.” Said Sokka. “It would be a miracle to come up with something that would work.”

“Well. I am quite the miracle worker.” I said. “If Azula really is messed up in the head. Why don’t we play with her head for a bit? The heat tends to make people go crazy. Don’t you agree?” Everyone started catching on. “We can use water and the sun’s light to make reflections of ourselves. Use it to make Azula think it’s us. We keep doing this until she loses her head. Dad gets mad, they go back to get out of the heat. You know dad Aang. He loses his temper too quickly. Since she’s royalty he can’t hit her. They will either have to go back or they will have to move forward with her constant talking about the hallucinations she’s having.” I said.

“That’s brilliant. That could totally work.” Said Sokka. “We just wait out for them to get here and start our plan.” “Or we go back and do it there.” I said, “We can make some water vapor to make us less noticeable.” “That could work.” said Toph. So then we started heading back towards Azula's crew. We soon spotted her war balloon and we started my plan.

Azula's POV

We reached the desert and I was starting to get impatient. “Where are they?!” I yelled at Ling. “For goodness sakes they're your children.” “Relax my princess. They always turn up.” he replied. I started to look around and there they were. “Up there! Shoot them down, now.” I ordered. I had my men shoot a fire ball at them and they vanished. “ Where did they go.”i said angered. “Princess Azula it was just a mirage.” said Ling. “The heat is getting to you.” “Shut up! I know what I saw.” I snapped. “Look there they are again. Shoot them down and do it right this time.” I ordered. They shot at them again and they disappeared. “You idiots are useless!” I yelled at everyone. “Princess it's a mirage you need to get out---” “Shut up! I know what I saw! You all think I'm crazy.” I yelled. I started seeing them again. “If you're not going to do your job right then I'll do it.” I said. I started to shoot them down and they kept disappearing. I kept shooting and shooting until I finally fell down and collapsed.

Sui-Mei's POV

We started to see Azula's war balloon move back to the forest . “She's gone.” said Aang. We all smiled. “Nice job everyone.” said Iroh. “Now let's get through this desert before the heats starts getting to all of us.” “Agreed.” replied everyone.
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