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He's a Prince and I'm the Avatar's Sister

Chapter 12

The desert seemed never ending. “We're almost out of water,” said Katara. “Give the rest to Appa,” I replied. “When he's tired and thirsty we'll have to walk the rest of the way.” No one complained since it was a good idea. I grabbed the water bag and slowly made my way to Appa's face. He opened his mouth a little. “Here you go boy, you deserve it.” I told him while dumping what was left of the water into his mouth. Zuko helped me get back into Appa's saddle.

Things were really quiet until Sokka yelled out, “I SEE THE FOREST! ” we all looked out of the saddled and we saw a black blob of some sort in the distance. “Sokka that could be anything.” said Katara. “Whatever you guys are looking at I bet it might have some food or water.” replied Toph, “Maybe even.......shaaaddddeeee.”there was a relieved toned Toph's voice when she spoke. “Aang why don't you fly down and check it out?” I asked him.

“I wanna know what it is first so, Sui-Mei take Appa.” he said, “For all we know it could be something from the fire nation.” He grabbed his staff and made the wings pop out. I grabbed the rope that was attached to Appa. Before Aang took off I said, “if it is the fire nation, be careful.” He just smiled at me. Before I knew it he was already gone.

I made Appa land so he can save some energy. “Sui-Mei I'm starving is there anything to eat?” asked Toph. I looked through my bag. The only food we have are a couple of berries and some leftovers from yesterday. I gave her a few berries to eat. “Anyone else hungry?” I asked. Sokka, Katara, Iroh, and Zuko raised their hands, while Appa groaned. “Alright, Help yourselves, but save some for Aang so he gets something too.” I told them. I started giving them a handful of food, “That's all you get for now. The rest is for Aang. What ever is left you guys can have.” I said. “What about you Sui-Mei?” asked Zuko. “I'm not hungry.” I replied.

Aang came back from his little trip. “It's a forest. I see no fire nation over there.” he told everyone happily. Appa went full speed ahead after he heard of the news and we got to the tip of the forest in no time. We started to set up camp as fast as possible so we could get some sleep and food.

After we set up camp Sokka and Zuko went to find some fire wood,Katara went to find some drinking water, and Aang,Toph, and I started to get the rest of our stuff unpacked. Katara returned with water and Toph helped her clean it so it wouldn't make us sick. Sokka and Zuko returned with a lot of fire wood for the pit and was able to capture some fish. As Zuko placed the firewood he instructed Aang to make the fire. They had a little argument for a little bit, which ended in both of them making the fire.

I grabbed what was left over and started to heat it up along with the fish. “So Iroh, how long do you think it will take Azula to find us again?” I asked him. “I don't know. She is very unpredictable. She could already be behind us as we speak.” “Well then I think it is best one of us stay up to make sure that doesn't happen.” I replied, “I'll stay up because all of you need your sleep. Especially you Aang.” “Zuko or Iroh needs to be up with me in case we need to fight. Since you two know her best it would only seem to be the smart thing to do.” “Zuko must do it.” said Iroh, “I'm not as nimble as I use to be, so if I were to fight Azula she would have more of an advantage.” “Alright it is settled then.” said Sokka. “Let's finish eating and get some sleep. If they happen to be close by, Sui-Mei and Zuko wake us up not so loudly. They might find us easier if we make to much noise.” We both nodded our heads in agreement. After everyone went to sleep me and Zuko cleaned up, and tossed the left overs into the bushes because they started to smell bad. We went for a walk once everything was cleaned.

We walked not to far from the camp so we could remember where to head back. As I looked up I saw millions of stars. “This seems like a good place to sit and patrol.” said Zuko. He found a log for the both of us to sit on he also found some twigs and little fire wood to get a small fire going to keep up warm. I sat down and my eyes followed him as he sat next to me. It was quiet between us and it was nice. He put his arm around me and pulled me close to him. He gave me a kiss on the cheek. “You know, this is pretty romantic. We’re cuddling under the moonlight alone.” he told me. I looked up at him. He looked down at me. We stared at each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity. I felt his breath getting closer and we kissed. We kissed a couple more times after that and then stopped to enjoy the rest of the night cuddling.

Zuko’s POV

It was almost midnight when Sui-Mei asked if we could start walking back. I said “Sure, anything you want.” “Anything?”she asked. “Yes, anything,” I told her. She smiled and asked, “Can I have one more kiss?” I replied, “Anything for you.” I leaned into to kiss her and we kissed for what seemed forever. I put out the fire and carried Sui-Mei back to the camp. When we got back we woke everyone up and loaded Appa up to leave because we saw smoke in the horizon. Once we were all set, Sui-Mei and I cuddled in the back of Appa’s saddle while everyone else was watching the trail of smoke behind us. Sui-Mei started to fall asleep in my arms and I started to fall asleep a little bit afterward. It wasn’t the most comfortable position we have been in but yet not the worst.

Sui-Mei's POV

Zuka and I we’re awaken by a loud “Thud!!” we asked what happened. Aang told us that Appa is getting too tired to fly. “Before we went down, I spotted a little village. Not to far from here. We can walk over to it tomorrow, but for the night we should sleep here.” said Katara, “the trail of smoke died down a few minutes ago, we are not sure what it was.” Everyone got into their sleeping bags and fell asleep in Appa's saddle. Zuko and I did the same thing after a small goodnight kiss.

I woke up to the feeling of the sun’s brightness on my face. I woke up Zuko and we said good morning to each other. We decide to wake everyone else up so we can get a move on. Everyone got up and rolled up their sleeping bags and put them on Appa. We had to leave Appa and Momo because we did not want a lot of attention when we got there. We knew the village was full of firebenders. Iroh said he wanted to stay behind to make sure that they behave and don't make a scene. As we started to walk to the village, we found a little post with signs on it. We quickly realized that we were about to go into a fire nation village. We saw just above that there were a couple of laundry lines with fire nation clothes. The owner seemed to be sleeping. We each picked out an outfit we liked. Katara got a silk dress, Sokka got a regular fire nation shirt and shorts, Toph got a robe outfit even though she had to take off the bottoms of the shoes so she can see, Zuko didn’t need to get any since he has fire nation clothes, Aang got a suit looking outfit, and I got a fire nation dress. We all got changed behind a boulder one at a time. We we’re all impressed with ourselves. We started to head towards the village. It was somewhat secluded in a forest. You would only spot some of the village if you were looking for it. I guess that’s how Katara saw it. As we entered the village we found a market and went in. We don’t have much money on us so we just got the necessary items, mainly food like fruit, vegetables, and some meat. We weren't on a diet, it’s just this is all we can afford with the money we have. As I am looking around, I see Zuko talking to some girl. I walk up to him and hold his hand. The girl looks shocked and surprised and almost threatened that I walked up to him and held his hand. I just stood there smiling turning my head back and forth listening and watching the conversation. They were talking about how they've been, what they've been up too and a little about the war. After a while of them two talking, Katara yelled over to us that it’s time for us to go. Zuko said goodbye to the mysterious girl. Zuko held out his hand for her to shake, instead of her shaking it, she hugged him. Zuko was a little taken back, but then he started to hug back and let go of my hand. We started to leave the market. We walked around the village some more. Me and Zuko were quiet most of the time. I finally broke the ice and ask “Who was that girl you were talking to and hugged?” He said that he would tell me in private tonight. I replied “Okay.” He gave me a kiss on the cheek. After everyone was done shopping we started to walk back to where Appa and Momo were. On the way we decided that Katara would cook, Zuko and I would find fire wood, Toph would make the fire pit and some shelter because the sky became a little gray.

Zuko’s POV
“Alright, I think we have enough wood love,” I told Su-Mei. She said “Okay. So who was that girl you hugged back at the market?” “My ex-girlfriend,” I replied. “Oh, okay. What happened between you two?” “We we’re dating for about a year and she said she wanted to get married. I said no and she lost it. She started yelling at me. She even tried to threaten me to marry her. I couldn’t marry her. We we’re young,” I explained to Su-Mei. She replied,”Wow.” “Yeah, it was surprising to see her there,” I told her. “So you don’t have any more feelings for her, right?” She asked. I replied, “No, after all she did try to threaten me.” “Good,” she said. We got back to the little camp site and setup the firewood and set some aside for spare. I lit the fire using fire bending. After I did, Katara started to cook the chicken, fish and make some tea for Iroh. We saw that Iroh and Sokka staring at a map and deciding where we should go next. Toph was practicing with Aang. Su-Mei and I just sat and watched Aang and Toph. Aang asked Su-Mei to join them, but she turned them down because she said she wanted to relax a little. I put my arm around her, pulled her closed, and we cuddled around the fire watching Katara cook. Katara said that the food was done and gave everyone a small plate of fish, chicken, and a cup of tea.

We all ate and said thanks to Katara. The food was good. I asked Iroh and Sokka what the plan is for leaving here. They said that we’re going to stay here for another two days and then fly to another little town. After that we all finished eating and stacked our plates for them to be washed tomorrow morning. We all went to our earth tents that Toph made. There were only 5 so Su-Mei and I shared one. We cuddled and fell asleep.

Su-Mei’s POV
We woke up to the smell of soup. We made ourselves decent and went out. We greeted everybody with a good morning. Katara said she went to the market already and got some food. She told Zuko that some girl name Kin was looking for him. He seemed shocked about it. He said that he and I will go down to the market later and see what’s going on. I looked at him surprised and he looked at me, smiled and winked. I smiled back. After we ate our soup I got dressed in my regular outfit; shoes, and a dress. I combed my hair as neat as I could. Zuko asked if I’m ready to go to the market and I told I am and we started to walk.

Once we got about half way he stepped in front of me and said “No matter what she does, or says, I will always love you.” I smiled and said “I love you too,” and gave him a peck on the lips. We walked to the market and looked in the store first. We didn’t see her so we started asking anyone if they saw her as Zuko described her. We weren’t having much luck. We started to give up, until one of the last people we asked said that they saw her walking towards the river. We started to head that way. We found her sitting on a rock by the river. Zuko said hi first. I hid behind Zuko so she couldn't see me. She said hi back and hugged him. I was close to getting hit by her long skinny arms. Zuko seemed surprised by her hug. He hugged back slightly. After she stopped hugging him, I grabbed his hand and got away from behind him. She instantly lost her smile and replaced it with a look of disgust, “What is she doing here Zuko?” she said.

“Well Kin, this is my girlfriend, Su-Mei and we love each other. We promised each that nothing and NO ONE will break us.” She shot me a hatred look and said okay. Zuko asked why she was looking for him. She said that she wanted to talk about getting back together but that it’s not possible because of me. I looked at her and said “Yep, he’s mine for forever and I'm not a person who's big on sharing.” I shot her a teasing smile. Her hatred in me overwhelmed her and she attacked me, Zuko tried to stop her, but she just pushed him aside. She pinned him to a tree with a sharp twig so he wouldn't get hurt.

Before she could do anything to dangerous and stupid to either of us I used the water to create an ice barrier around her so she couldn’t move. I walked over to Zuko and got him unpinned from the tree. We walked to in front of her. I told her, “Look Kin, Zuko’s mine and there’s nothing you can do about it. So get over yourself and leave us alone,” and shot her an icy look. She looked down and said fine. I let her go by turning the ice into water. She tried to kiss Zuko but he managed to pull her off of him in time. I tried to attack her but Zuko said that she’s not worth it. I stopped and we kissed right in front of her. We started to walk back to the camp site. We got halfway and Zuko apologized for her actions. I said it was okay and that I’ve been through worse and kissed him on the cheek. We got back to the camp site. Katara asked how it went. I said, “Could have been better, but alright.” Sokka then said “Change of plans we’re leaving tonight.” We all said okay and packed everything up except dinner. We had leftovers from last night. We ate fast so we could get a move on. We finished eating and packed everything up. We all got on Appa and started flying to the next town.
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He carries Aang to the end of the saddle with Katara and Sokka and lays him down. Then he walked back to me. He laid back on the saddle and fell asleep with his back to me. The way his head was pushed against my back kept me from falling backwards when I started to fall asleep. Everything was quiet and the only thing you could hear was the wind.....the wind.....oh no.