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He's a Prince and I'm the Avatar's Sister

Chapter 13

Azula's POV
We stopped by at a village, it was fire nation territory and boy were they glad to see me. As we landed many of the villagers started to crowd over me. Ling-Mei was right next to me warding off the fan boys that were about to pummel me. At the end of the crowd there was a girl dripping wet. She turned her head to the crowd and she looked at me. Something about her face was a memory to me that was faded. She started running towards me pushing through the people. She was one step from touching me, when Ling-Mei stepped in front of me and grabbed her by the throat. “How dare you get near the princess. For that death will be your payment.” he gritted between his teeth.

“Ling! That is quite enough. Let her go.” I demanded him. He let go of her throat and she fell to the ground. Gasping for air she managed to say, “It's nice to see you again princess Azula. It's been a long time since you banished me.” she said. “I banish tons of people from the fire kingdom. Refresh my memory for me why don't you?” I replied. “ I'm Kin Ying. I dated your brother when we were little. Your mother banished me and my family because my father was stealing from the treasury.” He got up from the ground. Now the face seemed more memorable. I grew with rage. “ I should kill you for your treachery against the royal family.” “I have something of interest that you might want to know. If you kill me you might not find your brother in time. I assume that you are looking for him.” she was grinning. I looked at Ling. “Get rid of the crowd. I need to talk to her in private.”

He nodded his head and Ling ordered everyone to leave before he starts to burn everything to the ground. Everyone ran away in fear. “Now speak.” I ordered Kin. “ I saw your brother with some girl a few minutes ago. They would not have traveled far yet.” she told me. “That means that the Avatar is with him.” she hugged me. “Bring Zuko back to me please? He needs to know that the real love of his life is waiting in the village.” I was disgusted. I pushed her off of me, my clothes now damp from her hug. “How dare you touch me! You insignificant little traitor! The likes of you shall never be with the royal family ever again! You will stay here for the rest of your life. If you ever come near the palace. I will show no hesitation to burn you alive!” I signaled for Ling and he fire thrusted to her burning her face. Before I got on the balloon I spit on her, “Thanks for the info Kin. You were of great help.” We rode off.

Sui-Mei's POV

We were in the air for a long time. The night air felt really relaxing and the stars were beautiful. Aang looked really tired. “ Aang, let me ride Appa. You need some sleep.” “I'm fine Sui-Mei.” he replied. I could tell he was dozing off. “No you are not. Let me take over for tonight. I'm not asking anymore.” I said. I walked out of Zuko's arms and walked to Aang who gave me the harness. I sat down and started to steer Appa while Aang just fell asleep. Zuko was up. He couldn't sleep without me or else he starts to worry. He walks up to me and he sees Aang on the floor of the saddle and he picked him up.

He carries Aang to the end of the saddle with Katara and Sokka and lays him down. Then he walked back to me. He laid back on the saddle and fell asleep with his back to me. The way his head was pushed against my back kept me from falling backwards when I started to fall asleep. Everything was quiet and the only thing you could hear was the wind.....the wind.....oh no.

I woke everyone up. “Sui-Mei what's the matter?” asked Sokka. “Guys do you hear that?” there was a small whistling sound. “It's the wind.” said Toph. “Guys doesn't it strike it odd that we haven't had wind all day.” I said. “Listen closely.” The whistling sound became a little louder. “It's a war balloon. Azula is catching up to us.” said Zuko. “I can hear the engine.” “Appa. Yipp Yipp.” I said as I whipped the harness to make him move faster. He started going faster and faster. “Sui-Mei where are we going?” asked Aang. “Some place I used to go with Mimi, not even dad knows where this place is.”

We started to go closer and closer to the ground. “Sui-Mei we are going to crash.” said Sokka. “No we are not.” I told him. We came faster and faster to the ground. Right before we got to the ground I earth bended and revealed a tunnel. We landed on a soft bed of dirt. I closed the tunnel and the murmur of the war balloon soon faded and I ordered everyone to be silent. Appa was freaking out because of the dark. Aang had to silence him my stroking his fur and getting him to fall asleep. We head a thud, the balloon just landed. We heard footsteps and muffled voices. After a minute or so we heard the engine of the balloon rev up and they were gone. Everyone started to relax. I fired bended and exposed torches that were fastened to the wall. “What is this place?” asked Aang. “Welcome to the underground. I used to train here when you were little.” I said. We walked down the tunnel. Appa woke up as we started moving and was freaking out a little. I found this flower on the wall growing. I pulled it out and fed it to Appa. “It will help you relax. We are almost out of the cave sweetie.” I told him. Zuko was holding a ball of fire to light up torches as we were walking further and further into the tunnel. “So what exactly the underground?” asked Sokka. “The underground is simply the underground. It's a series of tunnels that stretch through out the entire world. It's a place where air, water, earth, and fire benders can live together and practice together. I used to run the air bending ring,but with the recent war, most of us were spread out to the other rings.” I said. “Whoa so are you saying that there are air benders here.” said Sokka. “ Yes. I was one of the few who helped save air nomads from the fire nation.” I replied. “If my memory serves right, we should be in one of the underground villages in a bit. “I have heard legends from the order of the lotus that a place like this existed, but no one was ever able to find it.” said Iroh. “We specialize on being not found.” I replied. We saw a dim lighting getting bigger. “We are here.” I said.
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Preview for chapter 14:

I ran towards the light and everyone followed. They were amazed. We were in a market place, under a lake. Air bending monks were selling clothes and playing with little baby bison. Fire benders were making food in little shops. Earth benders were selling jewelry and water benders were dancing in the market square for a festival. A little kid saw us and smiled. “IT'S THE AVATAR!” he yelled.