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He's a Prince and I'm the Avatar's Sister

chapter 3

The next day I woke up early in the morning. Pretty sure everyone was still asleep. I got into one of my robes and went to Zuko's room. His door was wide open and he was still sleeping. I decided to go inside and raid whatever I can before he wakes up. I went into his closet. There was a bunch of robes in it. Not interesting.”What are you doing?”said someone's voice. I turned and saw Zuko.

”Hey. I'm just looking through your closet.”I said.”I thought you were asleep.””I wake up early.”he said.”So you find anything interesting in my closet?””Nope. But I didn't find something I like in here.”I said.”Really what?”he asked.”You.”I said.”I'm sorry that sounded worse than Sokka's sarcasm.””I thought it was cute.”he said.”Besides right now. You're the only thing that like.””Why thank you.”I said. I kissed him on the lips. I quickly pulled away.”This doesn't seem right.”I said.”It does to me.”he said.”It just feels weird. You're my student and I'm your teacher.”I said.”I'm 100 years older than you.””But I like you.”he said.”I know. I like you too.”I said.”Don't worry Zuko. We can make this work some how.””We can't let the others know about this alright.”he said.”I know that.”I said.”But we're telling my friends when I see them again. You can trust them.”

”How do you know you'll see them again?””Gut feeling.”I said.”By the way. Training starts after breakfast.””Okay. Are you gonna tell me about that test you made me wait for yesterday?”he asked.”I'll tell you during training.”I said.”I'll get into my clothes and you can walk with me to the dinning room. Okay.”I said.”Okay.”he said. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him again.”Got to go.”I said.”Bye.”he said. I left his room and I went into mine. I closed the door. I smiled 'Man that boy can kiss.'I thought. I put on my training robes and went outside my room. Zuko was just leaving his.”You look nice.”I said.”Thanks.”he said.

I looked around. The halls were empty. I put my arms around him and kissed him on the lips. He put his hands on my waist.”You know keeping this a secret is kinda fun.”I said.”Plus it's easy for me.”I stared kissing him again. Then we stopped cause we heard footsteps. It was Azula.”Hey Azula.”I said.”Good morning Sui-Mei. Morning Zuzu.”she said. I laughed.”Zuzu?”I asked him.”It' s not funny. That's my nickname. My mother gave me that nickname.””Well. I think it's cute.”I said.”Sui-Mei.”said Azula.”I hope we didn't get off on the wrong foot. Please I wish for us to be friends.””Well. I was taught to forgive people.”I said.”I'll think it over.”She gave me a smile and walked away.

”I was taught how to forgive people.”I told Zuko.”I didn't say it actually work on me.”We both laughed.”Come on lets go get some food.”I said. He held my hand and we both walked to the dinning room. Once we both got to the door we let go of each other's hand. We both walked in. Ty Lee,Mai,and Azula were there.”Do Mai and Ty Lee live here?”I whispered to Zuko.”No they don't.”he said.”Sui-Mei. Why don't you sit next to me?”said Azula.”Sure.”I said.

I sat next to Azula and Zuko.”Zuko. Father is having a war meeting and he wants the both of us there. He said it'll be all day so you'll have to miss a day of training.”aid Azula.”I hope you don't mind Sui-Mei.””Not at all.”I said.”I have something against the people at Bah-Sing-say anyways.””Really what?”asked Ty Lee asked me.”They banished me cause I accidentally got half the place on fire. You drop a lantern in the pitch dark and you're a bad guy all of the sudden. I helped put it out.””Wow that's harsh.”said Mai.”I know. They should be happy no one was burned,but no they started freaking out cause a few roof tops were burned through.””How did you know that's what were talking about?”asked Azula.”Because I have lived in Bah-Sing-Say. Those people never back down that easy. It's kinda obvious considering you just took it over.”

I finished eating and waited outside in the garden. I started meditating under the shade of the big tree. After an hour of meditating I started walking to my room. Zuko was in his putting his clothes on. His door was open a little. I Opened it wider and knocked.”Can I come in?”I asked him.”Sure.”he said. I went in and closed the door behind me.”Here let me help you.”I said. He was putting on his military clothes. Then I tied his hair up. I put my arms around him and put my head on his shoulder.

”Look at you.”I said.”Dressed as people I despise beside you and your uncle.”I kissed his cheek. he said,”You know I never liked my hair like this.””Why?”I asked.”I can see my scar better. I hate this scar. It just reminds me about my past. It's like I'm cursed to relive it when I have to look at myself.””You know.”I said.”Without that scar on that face. I would have never met you.”I said.”You stood out with that scar. In a good way.””Thanks.”he said.”Besides. I think that this scar on you face proves that you have courage to me. Not all kids refuse to fight their own father. They end up dead most the time.”I said.”Iroh told me how you got it.”He smiled.”Thanks Sui-Mei.”he said. He sighed.”Well I better head to the war room.”he said.”Okay.”I said. I kissed his cheek.”Good luck.”I said.”I'll visit you at your room after everyone goes to sleep.”He left and I went to the garden.

I made myself a wall tall as my waist. I started kicking it until it broke in half. I made another one as tall and my shoulder. I started punching it until that broke. I did this 6 more times 3 times I kicked it and the other 3 times I was punching it. After I broke all of them I went in the pond. I started making a ball of water and started moving it and changing it's shape.

I stopped doing that after I started getting bored and moved on to my air bending. I was laying down with my back against the tree. I was tossing an air ball up and catching it. I was doing this until Ty Lee and Mai came.”Can we sit here?”Ty Lee asked.”Sure.”I said. They both sat down.”So Sui-Mei.”Ty Lee asked.”Are you flexible?””Yeah. Why?”I told her.”Just wondering.”she said.”Hey. I remember you.”I said.”You used to be in the traveling circus that I saw. What happened?”

”I quit and joined Azula's team.”she said.”I loved your act. It was the best part I saw during the whole performance.”I said.”Thanks.”She said.”You know. You look much better without the tacky costume though.”I said.”I know. My boss was the one who picked out the clothes. He has really bad taste.”she said.”This is boring.”said Mai.”Well. I finished my workout by now I'd be flying Appa,Aang would be with me,Toph and Katara would have there little fight and Sokka would be watching doing nothing.”I said.”Man I miss my friends.””Well. You might see them in prison when they get thrown in there.”said Mai.

Aang's POV

We just landed on this island and we designed ourself as fire nation. I was still upset my sister was gone. I can't believe she was gone just so easily. I felt Katara's hand on my shoulder.”Aang. It's okay. She said she'll see you again soon.”she said.”I know.”I said. I sighed and we all went back in a cave we were hiding in. We found some clothes to wear so we can blend in with the others. Unfortunately I was wearing school clothes and two men grabbed and put me in a school. I had to have a fake name so I chose Lee. I lied and said I lived in the fire nation colonies. So we started the lesson for the day. It was very informal. After the day I went to the cave. Sokka and Katara were worried about me. Sokka was making this big fit about me going to the school. I won at the end and I was able to go back there tomorrow.”I heard that I'm gonna have a substitute teacher tomorrow.”I said.”her name is Mei-Sui.”

Zuko's POV

So I was in the war room. They were planning on how to completely take down the people in Bah-Sing-Say.”Zuko. You've lived there for a while. Tell me what do you think will take down the people there?”asked my father.”Well. Those people never give up hope. It's like if you invade there city they never back down cause they have strong hope they will take it back.”I said.”I think we should burn down their precious hope along with everything else.”said Azula.”Good idea Azula. Well done.”said Father. I thought it was horrible. I wanted to speak up,but I wouldn't want to end up having another scar on my face or be shunned by my own father again. I felt horrible. After the meeting was done I went to my room. I inched my hair and took off this ridiculous uniform. Sui-Mei came in.”Zuko are you alright?”she asked me.”Yeah.”I said. She closed the door.”Zuko tell me what's wrong.”she said. She sat me down on my bed.”Tell me.”she said.

I sighed.”At the war room. They wanted to take down the people in Bah-Sing-Say. He asked me how to take them down. I told him that the only thing they have is hope. Azula said that they should burn everything including there hope. I wanted to speak up,but I knew I'd just end up with another scar or just get shunned by my own father again.”he said.”I felt so horrible and I felt nothing like myself.”I felt her hug me.”It's okay Zuko. It wasn't your fault.”she said.”Azula was the one who came up with the idea. You just told them how it's hard it's for them to give up. I think you're just scared. Your father banished you and then you just came back. You're just scared he might banish you again if you speak your mind.””I think you're right.”he said.”I'm 116 years old.”I said.”I'm usually right.”she giggled. I laughed.”I like your giggle.”I said.”You like practically everything about me.”she said.”Yeah.” I replied.

”Oh Zuko I need to tell you that tomorrow's training starts in the afternoon. I'm substituting for a teacher.””Okay. As long as I still get to see you.”he said.”Of course you will.”I said. I looked out the window. It was already dark outside. Wow that war meeting did take all day. We both laid on my bed. My arm was around her and her head was on my chest.”So are you going to tell me what that test was?”I asked.”Oh. Sure.”she said.”Well Aang wanted to learn fire bending. So he met this person named Jiong Jiong. He had to teach Aang to be patient to help him control fire better. I think he was teaching him restraining fire. Not a lot of fire benders do that. So I thought I test you to see if you had patient. That way it'll be easier for you to learn advance fire bending.”she said.”That sounds smart.”I said.”But I don't know if that really works.”

”Have you seen Zhoa fire bend before?”she asked him.”Yeah. It's really sloppy.”I said.”Well. He was one of Jiong Jiong's students. He never was patient and never learned restraining.”she said.”Wow.”I said.”So then have I passed?””Yeah.”I said.”I was going to teach you some moves,but you have to wait until tomorrow.”she said. She got off my bed.”I better get to my room.”she said.”But you just got here.”I said.”I know,but I can't risk anyone seeing me here.”she said. I got off my bed and stopped her from the door.”Zuko. I need to go back to my room.”she said.”Just one kiss and I'll let you go.”I said.”Okay,but then I go to my room.”she said.”I need to get up early.”She kissed me and I felt her put her arms around my neck. I put my arms on her waist. She pulled away and her hand slid to my chest.”One more wouldn't hurt.”she said. She kissed me again. Then she pulled away slowly.”Goodnight my prince.”she said.”Goodnight my love.”I said. She smiled at me before she left my room. She closed the door and I smiled. 'I love it when she does that now.'I thought. I went to my bed and laid down. I just waited until I started getting tired.

Sui-Mei's POV

I woke up early the next day and put on some clothes. Azula offered to drop me off to the school I'd go to on her giant lizard.”Here we are Sui-Mei.”said Azula.”Actually here. I'm Mei-Sui.”I said.”Thank you for dropping me off here. I'll just walk back.””If you insist.”she said. She had her lizard take her back to the palace. I just smiled and waved. After I went to the school. The headmaster came and took me to the class I was going to teach.”Class this is your teacher Mei-Sui.”said the headmaster.”Treat her with respect.”The headmaster left with those words and I was left with the class.”So where did your teacher leave off?”I asked. One kids arm was up.”Yes.”I said.”She left off with us learning about the fire nation conquering the air nomads.”he said. That's when I realized who he was. It was Aang.”Thank you.”I said. So I started talking about the air nomads and the fire nation. The class was over. The kids were leaving the class since it was the end of the day.”Excuse me.”I said. I grabbed Aang's arm.”I need to speak with your parents. Please may I come to your house?””Okay.”he said.”You seem familiar.”

”I get that a lot.”I said. He took me to this cave.”Mom. Dad.”he yelled.”My teacher wants to speak with you.””Coming dear.”yelled Katara. I couldn't believe my eyes it was Katara and Sokka in disguise.”So is this the teacher?”asked Sokka.”Yeah.”Aang said.”Young boy what have you done?”Sokka yelled.”He did nothing wrong.”I said.”Aang would never do something wrong.””How'd you know my real name Mei-Sui.”Aang asked shocked.”Mei-Sui?”said Toph.”Hey Twinkle Toes. What's Mei-Sui backwards?””Sui-Mei. Why?”asked Aang.”Wait a minute. Sui-Mei.””Hey brother hows it going?Love they hair by the way.”I said. I gave him a hug.”SUI-MEI!!!”Sokka and Katara yelled.

They both hugged me. Then Toph came to join the hug.”Hey.”I said.”Nice to know you missed me.”They let go of me.”Sui-Mei I thought you'd be in prison.”said Katara. They let me go. “I live in the royal palace now.”I said.”No way.”said Toph.”Way. Turns out Zuko has a crush on me and convinced his father to let me stay with him.””I said.”Looks like you were right. There was good In that boy.”said Aang.”If it wasn't for Zuko. I wouldn't know you were still alive.”I said.”I was close to killing myself.””Wow. Zuko saved you from that.”said Katara.”Yeah.”I said.”Turns out he's unhappy that he took over Bah-Sing-Say. All he wanted was for his dad to accept him.”

”Wow.”Sokka said.”She's not lying.”said Toph.”So it's true.”said Aang.”He also told me that during the eclipse he's gonna try and free his uncle from the prison.”I said.”Still not lying.”said Toph.”Oh yeah. We're dating.”I said. That seemed to shock them.”She's defiantly not lying.”said Toph.”You too are dating each other?!”said Sokka freaking out.”Yeah.”I said.”He's really nice. And he makes me feel happy.”I said.”Well. As long as he can make you feel happy I'm okay with him.”said Aang.”Thanks Aang.”I gave him a hug.”I missed you so much.””Me too.”he said.”Listen I have to go.”I said.”I need to return or Zuko going to start worrying about me.”

”Okay well bye.”said Katara.”Bye.”I said. I left and started heading back to the palace. I reached to the school and Zuko was waiting for me at the steps.”Zuko what are you doing here?”I asked.”Waiting here for you.”he said.”I wanted to make sure you don't get hurt on the way back.””Or you just wanted some alone time with me.”I said.”I don't know maybe.”he said.”Well then shall we go?”I asked.”Certainly.”he said. He put his arm around my waist and we started walking.”So Zuko.”I said.”I think Mai likes you.””She does. I used to like her,but I found out she doesn't like me the way you do.”he said.”I like you now. Mai is just a friend now.””Thanks.”I said.

I kissed his cheek.”And I don't like you. I love you””I love you too.”he said. He stopped walking and he kissed me on the lips. He pulled away this time.”I don't think I'm giving you up anytime soon.”I said.”Same with me.”he said. We continued walking and we reached the palace. After we got inside we went ti the garden to start training. I started helping him on his stance.

I'd end up putting my hands on his hips and move him so he'd have a good stance. I started to think he started doing that on purpose. He finally perfected his fire bending moves.”I'd say if you were Aang's teacher he can kick fire lord butt.”I said.”Speaking of Aang I met him today.””Really?”he said.”Yeah. He was disguised as a student in the class I had to teach. Katara,Sokka,and Toph were in a cave hiding. They had fire nation clothing. They were happy to see me again.”I said.”Did you tell them about us?”he asked.”Yeah. I did. I told them I was living here and you were good now.””Did they believe you?”he asked.”Yeah. Toph can tell when people are lying or not.”I said. We finished training and me and Zuko were hanging out in my room this time. I told him that Aang was happy that he made me happy so he liked him.”So basically everyone is happy with me dating you.”I said.”Well that's good for me.”he said.

It started to get dark.”Maybe you should go. Everyone is asleep. You can sneak back to your room.”I said.”Everyone is asleep. I can stay for a few minutes.”he said.”Besides we just talked the whole time.””You were hoping I would kiss you huh?”I said.”No.”he said.”Maybe just lay on your bed and listen to the noises outside.””That sounds nice.”I said. So I let him lay down on my bed with me. I had a window open. I put my head on his chest and he had his arm around me. With his other hand his finger were interlocking with mine. We heard the breeze go through the tree branches,the little turtle ducks,it was so peaceful.

I felt Zuko's lips kiss my head.”It sounds wonderful.”he said.”I remember I used to do this with my mom. She'd come in my room. Before she kissed me goodnight she'd open a window and lay down next to me. We both heard the noises from outside and it'll put me to sleep. She'd kiss my cheek and whisper goodnight to me and told me she loved me. Then she close the window and leave to her room.””That sounds so sweet.”I said.”You had a really great mother.””I know. I miss her. She left when I was little. I don't know where she went,but I know she still is alive.”he said.”Don't worry Zuko. I bet you can find her someday.”I said.”That's what I wish. When I become fire lord. I'm ending this war once and for all.”he said.

I kissed his cheek.”You'll make a great fire lord.”I said.”And you'll be a great fire lord girlfriend. Who knows if things work you may be queen.” “Yeah. If I can get over the fact it's still feels weird.”I said.”But for now. I'm kinda okay with doing this.”I said. I kissed him on the lips. He pulled away slowly.”Usually I'd do that.”I said. “That was very soft.”he said. “Thanks. You're not bad yourself.”I said. “I better get going. I'm getting tired.”he said. He kissed me again. “Goodnight my love.”he said. “Goodnight my prince.”I said. I changed after he left and I went to bed.
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