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He's a Prince and I'm the Avatar's Sister

chapter 4

I woke up the next day and saw that Zuko was standing at the foot of my bed.”Morning.”I said.”Morning.”he said.”Pack your stuff.””Why. Am I going back to the prison?”I asked.”No. We're going to Ember Island. My father wants me,you,Azula,Ty Lee,and Mai away from the palace for a few days.”he said.”He's doing one of his war meetings again.””Okay.”I said. I got out of bed and I went to the closet. I grabbed about 6 outfits.”Okay I'm ready.”I said.”Zuko close the door please. I'm closing the curtains.”He closed the door and I closed the curtains.

I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. Then a head on my shoulder. I looked and saw Zuko. I kissed him.”Let go please.”I said. He let go of me.”Zuko. I need to visit Aang and tell him where I'm going. I'm gonna be right back,but you have to cover for me.””Or I can come with you.”he said.”No. I don't want you to.”I said.”To late. I'm coming.”he said.”No you're not.”I said.”Yes I am.”he said.”No. You're not. They will get suspicious.”I said.”I know how to sneak around. I'm the person who dresses up as the blue spirit.”he said.”Still. I don't want you to come with me.”I said.”Blue spirit or not. You're not coming.””Yes I am.”he said. He held both my hands and pulled me into a kiss.”Okay you can come.”I said.”Thank you.”he said. He kissed me again.”Let's go.”I said.”We're going through the window.”

I held out my hand and he took it. We both jumped out the window and we both landed on the ground. I used air so we landed on our feet.”Come on.”I said. I started running still holding Zuko's hand. We were out of the palace and on our way to the cave.”l hope they don't mind if I brought you here.”I said.”Well. I'm already here.”he said. We reached the cave. I was near the cave's mouth.”Aang?'I yelled inside.”It's me.”We both walked inside the cave.”SUI-MEI!!!!”yelled a kids voice.

It was non other than Aang. He tackled me to the ground with a hug.”Nice to see you too.”I said. Katara,Sokka,and Toph came out from deep in the cave.”Hi Sui-Mei nice to see you again.”said Katara.”And you brought Zuko along.”she sounded more timid.”Yeah. He wanted to come.”I said. Aang got off of me. Zuko helped me up.”So where's Momo and Appa?”I asked.”Over here.”said Aang. He took mine and Zuko's hand and started running. He took us deep in the cave. There was Appa eating some food and Momo eating left over berries.”Appa!”I said. I ran and gave him a hug. He licked my face.”I missed you boy.”I said. Momo landed on my shoulder. I scratched him between his ears.”I missed you too Momo.”

Zuko's POV

I saw Sui-Mei run to Appa. It made me smile.”Zuko we need to talk. About my sister.”said Aang. I felt something grab my arm it was Toph. Katara and Sokka were with her.”Listen. If I hear that you made my big sister upset or mad in any way. You're not just going to get in trouble with me,but with Katara,Toph,and Sokka as well. If I ever see my sister crying cause something you did we all will make sure your future ends. Permanently.”he said.”You understand. If I even hear her say you did something she didn't like at all. You're done. We'll make sure of it.””I understand. I'd deserve anything you throw at me if I made a girl like Sui-Mei unhappy.”I said.”Making her upset would be last thing I want to do.”Sui-Mei walked to us.”Did you just threaten my boyfriend?”she asked.”Just a little.”said Aang.”Okay.”she said,She held my hand.

”Listen Aang. Me,Zuko,Ty Lee,Mai,and Azula have to go somewhere for a few days.”She said.”His father is having a war meeting at the palace and he wants us to go to this place.””Ember Island.”I said.”My family used to go there every summer.””I wanted you guys to know so that way you know where to find me.”she said.”We have to leave right now.”She gave her friends a hug.”Remember Ember Island.”she said.”Okay.”said Toph.

Me and Sui-Mei walked out the cave and headed straight for the palace. We were half way there when we heard something.”Who's there?”I asked/yelled.”Probably just an animal.”Sui-Mei said.”Come on lets go.”We heard noises again this time it was growling. I had fire in my hands and Sui-Mei took out some water. Out came a mother saber toothed moose lion.”Zuko. Look behind you.”she said. I looked behind me and there was it's cub.”Move to the side. Maybe it won't hurt us.”I said.

She did what I said. The mother walked to the cub and looked back at us. She snarled and walked away.”That was close.”she said.”We almost died.””Well at least I'd die with you.”I said.”Aww. Thats so sweet.”she said. She kissed me on the cheek.”Hang on.”she said. She grabbed my hand and she started running. She was as fast a bolt of lightning. We got to the palace in only 2 minutes. She dropped me off in my room and she went back to hers.

Sui-Mei's POV

I just dropped off Zuko at his room and I Earth bend into mine. I got inside and there was Mai sitting on my bed.”I know you like him.”she said.”Who?”I asked her.”Zuko. I've seen the way you look at him.”she said.”He likes you too. I also noticed the way he look at you.””Okay so he likes me back.”I said.”Not really a big deal to me.””I also know you two are dating. So does Azula and Ty Lee. Zuko makes it obvious.””Well he was never good at hiding things.”I said.”Listen. You can't tell anyone. I don't want people to find out.””To late Azula told her father.”she said.”Well. I know I'm never gonna be her friend.”I said.”But why are you telling me this?””Because if you hurt Zuko. I'm going to kill you.”she said not even facing me.”Hurting him would be the last thing I'd do.”I said.”I love him.”She got off my bed and walked to me.

She put one hand on my shoulder.”I want you to treat Zuko. Make sure he has love from you. Treat him how I never did. I may not love him,but he's the closes thing I have to a friend.”she said.”I will.”I said. She gave me a hug and I hugged back.”I'm going to see Zuko. I'm pretty sure his father is with him.”I said,”My gut usually is never wrong.””Okay.”she said. I left my room and went to Zuko's. Lucky enough his father was there along with Ty Lee and Azula.”Am I interrupting something?”I asked.”Sui-Mei.”said Zuko. He walked to me and his arms wrapped around my waist.

”My father approves of you.”he said.”That's great.”I said.”Nice to know you are dating my son.”said his father.”Well. I love your son.”I said. He laughed.”Azula come. You still need to pack.””Yes. Father.”she said. They left us alone.”Well now that they know I guess it's okay to do this.”Zuko said. He kissed me.”Don't you need to finish packing?”I asked him.”I can finish later.”He kissed me again.”Finish packing and we'll have more time for kissing.”I said.”I'll even help you pack.””Fine.”he said.

So I helped him pack for Ember Island. We finished and Zuko put his arms around me again. I put my arms around his neck and we kissed. We heard someone coughing. We stopped kissing. It was Lo and Li.”Okay you lovebirds you need to get on the boat to Ember Island.”they both said. Zuko put his arm around my waist and we walked to the boat. Are bags were already there same with Azula,Ty Lee,and Mai.”Finally. We can leave now.”said Mai. We got on the boat and it started moving. Only a few minutes passed and I was bored out of my mind. So I started bending water. I made an orb of water with a air ball inside it.”Wow. Sui-Mei. That looks really amazing.”said Ty Lee.”I know. I just something else.”I said.”I know.”said Azula.”Lightning.””Yeah Azula. Stick your fingers into the water orb. It'll capture the lightning.”I said. So she did. Lightning flowed out of her fingers and into the water orb.

The lightning was dancing around in the water.”Zuko. See if you can bend fire into the air ball.”I said.”Won't I get shocked.”he said"No. I can move around the lightning.”I said.”Okay.”he said. He slowly put his fingers into the orb and I pushed the lightning away from his fingers. He reached the air ball and made a small flame. Then he took his fingers out. It looked so amazing.”Okay I'm going to throw it into the air and it's gonna burst. It'll looks so amazing.”I said.

Everyone looked at the sky and I threw it into the air. I threw an icicle at it and it burst. The flame hit the lightning which created colorful sparks and the water droplets made the sparks looked brighter. The air ball made the sparks move around. The sparks were red,orange,blue,and the water made some violet and yellow. Everyone thought it was so beautiful even Lo and Li thought is was magnificent.”I called it dragon breath.”I said.”When the dragons were around my father told me a story about when he met them. He said that they blew fire that circled him,the flames were these colors.”I said.”They look so calming.”said Zuko.”Yeah.”I said.”We're here.”said Lo and Li.

The boat stopped at this wonderful beach.”This place looks nice.”I said.”This is where you'll be staying.”said Li. She showed us to this little house. It looked old,but it was still nice. We all went inside and everything was beachish.”It's like there was a storm and everything landed in here. I wouldn't be surprise if I see fish swimming in the tub.”I said.”I know. It's like the beach got sick and threw up in here.”said Mai.”I like it.”said Ty Lee. She laid herself on the bed.”There's a shock. That girl makes everything seem happy.”I whispered to Zuko.”Lo,Li. Who are those two beautiful girls in the picture?”she asked.

She pointed to the picture of two girls in yellow swim wear rubbing there butts together.”Can't you tell?”said Lo.”That's us.”said Li. They copied the picture. Me and Zuko almost threw up.”Ember island isn't just a vacation spot. It is a place where you'll learn about each other and even yourself. Like a rock the water helps it finds it's true self. A soft,smooth stone.”said Lo.”Once you find your true self you too will feel smooth and soft like this stone.”said Li. I was getting into what they were saying until they ripped off there clothes and revealed their pink swimsuits.”Now lets hit the beach.”they both said. Me and Zuko covered each others eyes or we were forced to gouge our eyes out of our sockets. Once they were outside everyone changed into their beach clothes.(Your's was like Ty Lee's outfit only red and frills at the bottom of the skirt.)

Once Ty Lee was out there she was over crowded with boys. Azula was with her. Mai was in her spot with an umbrella. And me and Zuko were at our spot with our umbrella.”Here it's for you.”said Zuko. He gave me a shell.”Thanks Zuko.”I said. I put it up to my ear. I could hear the ocean.”Zuko come listen to this.”I said. I put this up to his ear.”I can hear the ocean.”he said.”I'm not really into shells,but my mom would always bring these to me when she left on trips. She said since I couldn't go to the beach she thought she'd bring the beach to me.”I kissed him on the cheek.”I love it.”

”I'm glad you do.”he said. An hour passed and it started to get hot. Zuko left to go get me ice cream. I saw Ty Lee had some guys fanning her,Azula was watching people play this game with a ball,Mai was reading something. I was waiting for Zuko and two guys came up to me. “Well hello there.”said one of them. “I'm Ching.”he said. “That's my friend Lee.”He pointed to the other guy. “Mind if we sit with you?”Ching asked. “We don't find a girl pretty as yourself often around here.” “Back off. I have a boyfriend.”I said not even looking at them. “Yeah we saw him. Not that strong looking if you ask me.”said Lee. “Look who's talking.”I said. “Now be a couple of good guys and go bother my friend over there I'm sure a couple of guys like you would fit into her fan club.” “Now. Who said we were nice guys?”asked Lee.

I saw Zuko coming back with two ice cream cones. “What are you doing to my girlfriend?”he asked annoyed. I walked to Zuko. He gave me my cone. “Are these two idiots bothering you?”he asked me. “Yeah. They won't leave.”I said. “I can't believe a beautiful thing like you is dating a loser like him.”said Ching. “Hey. He is not a loser.”I said.”Oh yeah. Then how'd he get that scar. I bet he lost a fight to someone whimper to him.”Zuko was about to tackle the both of them,but I stopped him.

”They are not worth it.”I said to him. “Yeah so tough. You have to have your girlfriend step in.”said Lee. Zuko walked to them. “I'd be waisting my energy fighting two worthless,pathetic,losers,like yourselves.”he said. “Lee. Let's go he's not worth our time.”said Ching. They both walked away and we got back to our spot. “That was good Zuko.”I said. “And you know. Angry you is so attractive.” “Really.”he said. “Yeah.”I said. I kissed him on the lips.

Then I started eating my ice cream. Zuko put his arm around me.”Mai,Ty Lee,Zuko,and Sui-Mei. We're playing that game.”said Azula. “Okay.”I said. “Sounds fun.”So I got up. Zuko took off his long vest/coat thing revealing his abs which I never see much. I saw some girls drooling over him. I glared at them and they stopped. Zuko held my hand and the both of us started walking. “Zuko. You should be careful.”I said. “You're making me more attracted to you.” “It's a risk I'm willing to take.”he said. We got to the court and Azula huddled everyone together.

“I've noticed the girl in green is weak on her left. Keep hitting the ball to her left and we'll win this game.”said Azula. “Nice eye Azula.”I said. “Thanks Sui-Mei.”she said. We broke up and got into our positions. The girl served the ball and it went to Mai. She hit it hard to the girls left. Our point. She served again to Zuko he got it no problem and kicked it to the girls left. Our point again. The girl served it again this time to Ty Lee. She jumped on the net and hit it to the girls left. Our point only this time we have a few boys cheering for Ty Lee. She served it to me.

I did what Zuko did and scored a point. I didn't even know how to play this game. Finally she served to Azula. She hit the ball so hard that it caught on fire or she used her fire bending. I couldn't tell. The court had little flames on the net. Azula rubbed it in their faces that we won the game. We were going to leave until two boys stopped us. They were Chang, he was Ching's older brother. And the same Lee that was with Ching. They wanted to invite Me,Mai,and Ty Lee to a party at there house.

“What about us?”asked Azula. “What about you two?”said Lee. “I'm sorry,but they can't come we're not going.”I said. “She's right.”said Ty Lee. “Okay they can come.”said Chang. Lee walked up to me and put his fingers on my chin.”See you later beautiful.”he said. I glared at him. “Back off or I will kill you.”I said smiling and saying it in a happy tone. “I like a girl like that.”he said. “Scary. It's something that attracts me.”

“Lee. Stop hitting on her. She's taken already.”said Chang. He grabbed his arm.”Excuse my friend. He's an idiot.” “Yeah and so is your little brother.”I said. “Yeah. I know.”he said. “Well see you at the party hopefully.” “We'll see.”I said. They walked away. “That guy just touched my chin. I think I'm gonna be sick.”I said. I started twitching. “So nasty.” Ty Lee started laughing. We all headed back to the house. Zuko was walking next to me. “What was that?”he asked.”What?”I asked him.

“We'll see.”he said.”It sounded like you were flirting with him.” “Zuko I was being nice.”I said.”There is no need for you to be jealous.” “I'm not jealous.”he said. “Don't worry Zuko. I'm never going to cheat on you.”I said. I kissed him on the cheek.”You don't need to worry about anything.” He smiled at me and put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to me.

“You still want to go to that party?”I asked him. “Only if you're coming.”he replied. “Okay then.”I said. We got to the house where Lo and Li made dinner for everyone. Lo and Li sat across from each other, Ly Tee sat next to Azula,I sat across from them and between Zuko and Mai. We were talking about the party most the time. Then Lo and Li started talking about the beach again and did this handshake. After dinner everyone changed into something to wear for the party. Zuko was wearing a vest and you could still see his abs. (you wore the same thing as Katara when she dressed as fire nation.) “You look nice.”said Zuko. “Thanks so do you.”I said.

Azula,Ty Lee,and Mai were all ready and we left to the party. We got to the house and Chang opened the door. “Great you guys made it.”he said. He welcomed us in. Once Ty Lee was in sight she was swarmed with guys. Azula was hanging out with Mai. Me and Zuko were sitting on the couch and he probably didn't like the party at all.”I'm sorry I brought you here.”I told him. “It's okay.”he said. “You wanna leave?”I asked him. “I'm gonna go get some food.”I said. “Okay.”he said. I got up ad went to the food table. I looked around and saw Ty Lee talking with Azula. Most likely giving her boy advice. Then Azula walked to Chang and started flirting with him. Mai was talking with Zuko.

I started getting food when Lee came up to me again. “I knew you just couldn't stay away from me.”he said.”Go away.”I said. “Hey Lee.”said a guy. It was Ching. “I see she came.”he said. So Ching and Lee were now on both my sides. They kept flirting with me. I was just silent. I was going back to Zuko when Someone grabbed my arm. It was Ching. “What makes you think I'd let you go back to that loser of yours.” He had a tight grip on me. “I'll give you 10 seconds to let go of me before I hurt you.”I said.

Zuko walked to us. “Let go of my girlfriend.”he said. “You have 6 seconds left.”I said. By this time people crowed around us thinking something bad was going to happen. “Ching let go of her.”said Chang. “3 seconds left.” I said. “Don't say I didn't warn you.”said Zuko. He backed up cause he knew what was going to happen. “2..1..0” I said. I grabbed Ching's arm and flipped him to the ground so hard it made a hole. “Told you.”I said. I walked past everyone and headed for the door until I felt something coming at me. It was a fire ball. I turned around and used water bending to get rid of it. “Don't even thing about.” I said. “You're a water bender.”said Ching in shock.

“No hun I traveled with the Avatar. You pick up a few things with him. Like blood bending for instance.”I said. I demonstrated blood bending on him and took control of his arms. I made him punch himself. I stopped bending and started for the door again. “Unless you want to die. I suggest you leave me alone when I want to be alone.”I said. I slammed the door next to me. I started walking alone by myself. I looked at the water. I saw my father's reflection. “Congratulation Sui-Mei. You're a monster like your own father.”it said.

It smiled. “I'm nothing like you. I'm not a monster.”I said. “Now get out of my head.” my voice started to sound really angry. “I can see the anger in you Sui-Mei.” he said. “Soon enough you'll be like me and end your brother's life. Like I did with your mother. You'll end up hurting and dangering the ones you love and you know it. When the comet comes you're going to help the fire lord as the monks foretold. That was the only reason why you were born. It is your destiny.” “That is not my destiny. I can change it. I'm nothing like you and I'm never going to be like you.” I said yelling at him. “I may be dead,but my soul is in your body. I can control you.

When ever you have this urge to use your bending on hurting people that's me controlling your body.” he said. “I'm in control of you and I'm in control of your destiny.” “NO! YOU'RE NOT IN CONTROL OF MY DESTINY! I NEVER WILL END UP LIKE YOU! GET OUT OF MY HEAD!” I yelled and splashed at the water. His reflection was gone and I saw myself. I started breathing heavily. My reflection of me was crying, my hair was messed up. I got to my knees and buried my face in my hands and started crying more. “This is not true.” I kept repeating to myself. “I'm in control of my own destiny.” “Sui-Mei is everything alright?” asked someone's voice. I turned my head and it was Zuko.

He had a worried look on his face. He sat next to me and he saw that I was crying. “I saw my father's reflection.”I said. “He talked to me about my destiny again.” I already told Zuko about my destiny when we started dating. “I started yelling at him. Telling him I can control my destiny.”I said to Zuko. I was still crying. “He said I was going to hurt the people I love.” Zuko put his arms around me and I started crying on his shirt.

“You know that will never happen. You're in control of your destiny. Like my uncle says.” he said. “Hey were are the girls?”I asked. “They went back to the house.”he said. “Let's head back to then.”I said. I wiped the remaining tears off my face. Zuko put a strand of hair back. “I couldn't see you're face.” he said. “Aw. Zuko you know the right things to say to me.”I said. “I spent a lot of time with my mom.” he said. “Well I think that's sweet.”I said. “You know what. The girls can find us on there own.” He smiled at me. I got closer to him. He kissed me on the lips and he wrapped his arms around me and I put my arms around his neck. Zuko fell down and I landed on top of him.

We stopped kissing and laughed at each other. Then I started kissing him again. “I love you my prince.” I said. “I love you too hun.” said Zuko. “There you two are.”said Azula's voice. She was by herself. “The girls are worried and we need to be getting back to the palace. Father wants to talk to us about something important.”she said. We both got up and we started walking back to the house. Me and Zuko held hands until we got to the house. We got to our rooms and started packing our stuff. I was putting my clothes in my bag when Zuko came in. “do you need help?” he asked. “sure.” I said. He helped me pack since he was done packing his stuff. We finished packing he walked behind me and he put his arms around my waist and started kissing my neck. “Zuko stop it.”I said giggling. “That tickles.” “I'd need a better reason.” he said. “The girls will see.” I said. “I don't care.” he said.

I kept giggling. “Zuko stop.” I said. “No.” he said. “I wonder if I can sleep here.” “No way Zuko.”I said. “In your dreams.” “Trust me. I'm always dreaming about it.” he said. He continued kissing my neck. I started giggling again. “You're gonna make my neck wet.”I said. “I'll go to the other side.” he said. “Why don't you stop it since it tickles me.”I said. “I don't know. Maybe a kiss will make up my mind.” he said. I kissed him and he smiled. “Now will you go?”I said. “I need to clean my neck. It's wet because of you now.” He took of his shirt. “Here you can wipe it off with this then.” he said. He gave me his shirt. I wiped my neck with it and gave it back to him.

He was about to put his shirt back on when I stopped him. “Hold on.”I said. I walked up to his and kissed him. “I told you that this makes me more attracted to you.”I said. “I should have my shirt off more often.” he said. We both laughed at each other and he went back to his room. It was late outside so I went to bed since I was tired. I looked and saw that Zuko's shirt was still on the ground.

I picked it up and went to Zuko's room. I opened the door. He was laying on his bed. “Can I help you?”he asked. “Yes you can.”I said. I showed him his shirt in my hand. “You left this in my room.” I threw it at him. It landed on his chest. “Goodnight.” I said. “Goodnight.”he said. I smiled at him and closed the door I went back to my room and realized how tired I was. I fell onto my bed and was instantly put to sleep.
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