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He's a Prince and I'm the Avatar's Sister

chapter 6

It was a week before the solar eclipse and they were having meetings to figure out what they were going to do. Zuko was gone most of the day and I was by myself. Although Ty Lee and Mai were trying to hang out with me. They seemed lost without Azula. “Come on Sui-Mei why won't you hang out with us until the meeting is over?” asked Ty Lee. “I think I'm just going to be in my room the entire day.” I said. I started to walk to my room. One of Zuko's servants came up to me.

“Mistress.” she said. “I am here to escort you to the conference room.” “Okay.” I replied a little confused. She took me down the hall through the corridor and went to this big fancy door with designs of a phoenix. “Wait right here. Zuko will be out in a moment.” she said and left me.

The doors opened and Zuko came out. “Hey. So I see my servant was spying again.” he said. I giggled. “I thought you were going to be in there for most of the day.” I said. “Oh. They wanted me to stay in there for a few minutes. They wanted to talk about something private.” he said.

“What about your sister?” I asked. “She left before.” he replied, “Why don't we go somewhere else. I don't want to stick around here.” He put his arm around me. “ I know this place where you can see the entire village and palace. Plus you can see the sunset. It’s really beautiful.”

“Sounds good.” I said. “We can have a picnic.” We started walking to the kitchen together. Every so often Zuko would kiss my cheek making me giggle until I snorted. “What was that?” he asked me. “That was my snort. I remember the only one who could get me to snort was Aang.” I replied. “It's cute.” he said.

We continued walking since his palace was huge. We got to the kitchen in maybe 10 minutes. Took us five minutes to get what we ordered all ready. They even put it in a picnic basket with a blanket. “ I'll be right back Zuko. I need to get ready.” I told him and went to my room. I got dressed in one of my various outfits and put my robe over it. One of the servants came in my room and did my hair for me. I had Shaula’s bangs with Ty Lee's braid. I thanked her and she left. I put my sandals on and left my room. Zuko was sitting on the ground next to my door. “You look beautiful.” he told me. “Thank you.” I replied.

He had the basket already in his hand. With his other arm he had around me and started walking. He stopped a servant. “Tell my father that me and Sui-Mei will be spending the day at the hill.” he told her. She nodded like she was listening to him. “I'll tell him as soon as the meeting lets out.” she said and walked the path she was already going and we started walking again. “For all the servants you have a lot of them are girls.” I said. “What happened to Azula's needs?” I asked.

He looked at me. “I get jealous easily.” he said. “Besides. Azula is better with girl servants than with men.” “Well I get jealous to.” I said. “Shouldn't I get a male servant of my own?” “You have me.” he said. “You know I'll do whatever you want me too.”

“Thank you.” I said, “so are we almost there?” “Almost.” he replied. “I remember my mom bringing me there when I was sad. She said that this was were her and my dad met.” “How beautiful.” I said. “It was.” he said. We finally got to the spot no later than noon.

I laid the blanket out and he started to unpack our food. We were just hanging out and eating at the spot the entire day. At one point I went to the far edge of the hill to see that we were high up from the ground. To me it looked really high. Zuko came next to me and put his arm around me. “I just remembered how I would always jump off ledges and glide. It was amazing when the wind goes through your hair and you can be so high the birds are next to you. Down side was the bugs that sometimes would get in your mouth.”

“The air temple sounds like fun.” he said. “It truly was.” I said. We walked back to our spot before the sun began to set. The food was put away and we were on the blanket with our backs against a boulder. Zuko had his arm around my waist and my head was on his shoulder. The sun started to set and he was right about it. The sunset was really beautiful. “Its really beautiful. Orange is one of my favorite colors.” I told him. “I like it too.” he said. I lifted my head up. “Are you just saying that because I like it?” “My sister and her friends said to agree with the girl so she thinks you have things in common.” he said. “Do me a favor and don't take your sister and her friends advice on dating. I think it is annoying when a guys says that. It makes me think that they can't be themselves around me.” I told him.

“Okay.” he said. I put my head back on his shoulder. “ I think orange is an okay color. I don't like it as much.” he said. “Thank you.” I said. “You know Sui-Mei. You are different from other girls. You are the only one I liked who actually fought me, you care for people, people love you, and you really know how to stand out in a crowd.” he said.

“Well. Why be the same as everyone when you can stand out from them? That's what I kept telling Aang when he first found out he was Avatar.” I said to him. I snuggled closer to Zuko. “I wish we can stay here for the rest of the day.” “I think we can.” he said. He arms were around me and I had my head on his chest. We were close together and I wished we would stay like that forever. It was dark and the only think that was giving us light were the candles that Zuko brought with him. I pretty cold since it was night so I had Zuko really close to me. “Stupid robes. They are so thin.” I told him. “That's because everyone is usually in by now. So they figured not to make it so thick.” he said. “Don't worry I'll make you as warm as I can.” It made me smile and I kissed him. He extended his jacket and put it over my shoulders. “Thanks.” I said. I cuddled closer to him. “This is nice.” I said. I closed my eyes for a minute and yawned. “Tired.” he said. I slowly nodded my head.

I felt vibrations coming from the ground. I lifted my head from his chest. “Who's there?” I asked/demanded. It was Azula. “there you two are. Father was getting worried since you didn't get back from your little date. He sent me looking for you.” she said. “Let's hurry back to the palace. I'm not really fond of this cold.” So the two of us got us and started walking back to the palace with Azula in front of us. Zuko had his arm around me and tried keeping me awake. “I don't want you passing out onto the dirt.” he told me. He'd keep me warm by having his jacket extended over my shoulders.

I air bended to the window of my room and did the same to Zuko. I didn't bother changing to a night gown because I was really tired. The blankets were really warm and it put me to sleep quickly.

Zuko's POV

I was in my bed just laying there. I couldn't sleep at all. I walked out of my room and went to Sui-Mei's bedroom door. I saw that it was opened and peeked inside. I saw that she was sleeping and she looked amazing. I opened the door a bit more and walked inside. I guess I woke her up from the door's creek because she started moving. She got up and looked at me. She put her hands over her eyes so they wouldn't get bugged from the outside light. “Zuko what's wrong?” she asked me tiredly. “I couldn't sleep.” I said. She got out of bed and saw that she didn't change her clothes. She came up to me and gave me a hug and kiss. “You can sleep with me tonight.” she said.

“Thanks.” I said and kissed her back. “I'll wait outside for you to get into your night gown. Those robes get uncomfortable when you sleep in them.” “I'm too lazy to get changed.” she replied, “unless you want to help me get into my night gown.” I had to think for a moment. This is the first time I would see Sui-Mei in her underwear. She gave me a smile. “Come on.” she said. “It's not that bad to help me get dressed.” “Yeah.” I said. “but I’ll see you in your underwear. I think it will be too weird.” She smiled. “I've seen you plenty of times without your shirt. Zuko we have past weird already.” she said. She had a point so I said I would help her get dressed. I closed the door so nobody saw her. She just stood there as I undid her robe.

She smiled the entire time I was undressing her. She has three layers of clothes. Third layer was her robe, second layer was a dress, and first layer was a shirt and a pair of pants. She had curves that I rarely see because the close she wore always hid them. I had my hands running up her arms to her hands as I was taking off her shirt and she giggled. “What's so funny?” I asked. “You have very soft hands.”she replied.

I walked to her closet to get her night gown. She took it from my hands and put it on. Then she started walking to her side of the bed and I went to mine. We both got inside the sheets and she was extremely close to me that I can feel her breathing down my chest. I put my arms around her and kissed the top of her head. She whispered something to me and I asked her to repeat it since I couldn't hear her.

Sui-Mei's POV

“I said I love you Zuko.” I replied. I had my head down and on his chest, my eyes were closed and I was really comfortable. “I love you too.” he replied. “Now go to sleep.” “Yes......sir.” I said tiredly. I fell asleep after that.
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