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He's a Prince and I'm the Avatar's Sister

chapter 7

I woke up early. I was starting to get anxiety since the solar eclipse was coming up. I am supposed to be with Aang when he fights the fire lord. I thought I wouldn't be able to handle this so soon. I didn't even train yet. I got out of bed and put on a robe. I thought a walk outside the palace would be calming for my mind. I wrote down a quick note for Zuko so he wouldn't worry about me and then I left. I had the guards open the gates for me and I started walking.

I thought seeing how the gang was doing would clear my mind. I made sure that there was no one around and I air bended to their hide out. I got there in a few minutes and I walked in. “Lee!” I yelled. A gust of wind hit my face and a few seconds later out came Aang in his school uniform. “Hey. Sui-Mei.” he said and gave me a hug. He led me deeper into the cave and met up with Toph, Katara, Sokka, Momo, and Appa. “Hey Sui-Mei.” said Sokka giving me a hug. “Why aren't you at the palace?” “Just wanted to see you guys. Besides I wrote Zuko a note so he knows where I am.” I said.

Zuko's POV

I woke up and Sui-Mei wasn't there. I saw a note on the nightstand and picked it up.

I went to go for a walk outside the palace. I'm going to see the gang. I'll be back soon and don't worry about me. I can take care of myself. Please burn this when you finish reading this. I don't want others to see it.

I love you,

After I read it I burned it so no one saw it. I guess she was worried that if anyone saw it they would end up killing Aang and everyone else. I got dressed and went to the dinning hall for breakfast. Some of the servants were in shock because they always see me with her. “Prince Zuko. Where is Lady Sui-Mei?” asked one of the servants. “Don't worry about her. She said she wanted to go for a walk outside the palace.” I said. “But without any guards to protect her. What if there are assassins after her?” she asked me. “You're over reacting. She'll be fine. She has taken care of herself before. Now can you please get me my breakfast?” I said. She walked into the kitchen and got me my breakfast. I was by myself eating in a big room. After my breakfast I was just laying under the tree the two of us would train under. I was feeding the turtle ducks and it reminded me of the good times I had with my mother.

I really missed her and I wanted her back here. I swear once I become fire lord and this stupid war is finally over I am going to find my mother. “ZuZu where is Sui-Mei?” asked Azula walking up to me. Mai and Ty Lee were with her. “She went out for a walk outside the palace. She told me where she was going. She'll be back soon.” I replied. “Why not hang out with us for now.” suggested Ty Lee. “until she gets back.” “It's okay Ty Lee.” I said. “I think I'll just go for a walk too.” I got up and walked past them. I got to the gate and had the guards open the gates for me. One of them asked if I wanted to be in one of those carrier things and I refused. There was a mob of girls outside the gate wanting to get my autograph and I had a hard time getting through them. Once I finally got rid of them I started heading in the direction for Aang's hide out.

It took me a while,but I managed to get to the place without having people following me all the way. I went inside and I walked maybe mile deep into the cave. It was dark so I made a flame for some light. I saw another glow really close and knew I just found them. “Sui-Mei. Are you there?” I said. “Zuko.” she replied.

Sui-Mei's POV

Zuko came over. What is he doing here? “What are you doing Zuko?” asked Toph. “I was close to being stuck with Ty Lee, Mai, and Azula.” he replied. “Well. Good choice.” said Sokka. He sat next to me. He saw that the fire was almost out. “Here. Let me help you.” he said and started the fire again. “Thanks.” said Aang. “It was getting a bit cold.” Aang was leaning his head on my shoulder. Zuko had his arms around my waist. “Zuko. I know you might feel like you are betraying your family,but do you mind if I can get some info-” Sokka was interrupted. “Say no more. I don't feel like I'm betraying them. I think they're betraying the nation. I'd be happy to help the Avatar with the invasion any way possible.” said Zuko. “ Thanks.” said Sokka. “Wait a minute. How do we know that you're not going to double cross us.” “Trust me Sokka.” I said. “He won't.”

He had to believe me. Zuko started talking. “All I know right now is that we won't be in the palace day of the eclipse. They said we were going somewhere else the entire time. I don't know where though,but it's going to be close to the palace. Father doesn't like traveling far from the palace.” “Thanks Zuko. This will help us out a lot.” said Aang. “Don't mention it.” he said. “Really. You can only mention this the day of the eclipse when your army is here. My father fears of spies right now so he has ordered that all birds flying over the fire nation to be killed immediately.” “Thanks for the heads up.” said Toph. “No problem.” he said.

He turned to me. “My father doesn't know that I am here.” he said. “I don't want him sending my sister and her friends to find me. It's best if I leave right now.” He got up. “I'll go with you. It's time I get going as well.” I said. I got up and everyone gave me a hug. I kissed Aang on the cheek and I left with Zuko. We got outside the cave and it looked like it was noon by then. We decided to skip the palace and just explore the market.

I was looking at a jewelry booth. They had this really beautiful golden bracelet with a carved and painted picture of two dragons together. Zuko saw me staring at it. “I would like to buy this.” he said the clerk and handed him some money. The clerk gave it to Zuko and he put it on for me. “Do you like it?” he asked. “I love it Zuko.” I replied. “Thank you.” I kissed him on the cheek. We were passing buy the poorer district of the village as a shortcut to the palace.

“How sad.” I said. The place had so many people who were on the ground just sitting there practically waiting to die. There was this one kid who was begging for food or money. People where just passing him and not even caring about it. I felt bad for him and gave him three gold coins. “Thank you Lady Sui-Mei.” he said and walked back into his shack. “That was really nice of you.” Zuko told me. “Thanks.” I said. We got to the palace before people started worrying about us and sent out people to find us. “There you are.” said Mai. “We were looking everywhere for you. Ozi was about to sent Azula and us to find you.”

“Thanks.” I said. “We're just going to be in my room the rest of the day.” She walked away and me and Zuko got to my window. It was far up and I was too lazy to earth bend. “Okay Zuko first earth bending lesson. Get us to my window .” He gave me this look as if I was insane. “I can't earth bend.” he said. “Yet.” I said. I got him to go into a stance and I was behind him guiding him how to move his hands. He got the basic move down and I let him do it himself. We got half way there since it was his first try. We were free falling for a second and a half but I got the both of us and bended the rest of the way there. “See it wasn't that bad. You are a fast learner.” I told him.

“I have an amazing teacher.” he said and picked me up bridal style. “Let's go.” he said and started running out of my room and down the hall. “Zuko where are you taking me?” I asked. I was also laughing and holding tight to him because he was going really fast. “You'll see.” he said. He was laughing too. The look on everyone's faces was the best. They didn't know what just happened and all they remembered were our laughs. He started to slow down and soon stopped. “We're here.” he said. He put me down and we were right in front of a wooden door. It had a carving of cherry blossom trees and it looked nice. “Close your eyes.” he said.

I closed them and he led me into the room. I felt his hands go over my eyes and he wouldn't get them off. “What is it Zuko?” I asked really anxious. He removed his hands and he told me to open them. “This is me and my mother's garden.” he said. It was beautiful. There was a beautiful koi pond,field full of grass, a huge cherry blossom tree in the center of the garden on a hill,on the sides were rows of red pansies,tiger lilies,snapdragons, and cosmos.

“This place is so beautiful.” I said. “Look at the walls.” he said. They had paintings of dragons and phoenixes dancing together. “This place is really wonderful.” I said. “ My mother and me spent hours here just laying under the tree or we would be taking care of the plants here. She said that when I find the right person for me that I should take her here.” he said. I looked at him and hugged him. “I love this, all of it.” I said. “I'm glad that you do.” he said. He grabbed my hands and gave me something. It was a necklace with a red ribbon and a golden lotus. “This is my mother's betrothal necklace when my father propose. It's the key to opening this door. Nothing else can open it.” he said. “She gave it to me when I was little. She told me to give it to the girl I would end up loving. Sui-mei I'm giving you this necklace and this garden as a way to show you that I love you.”

I was speechless at the moment and looked up at him. He was smiling and looked really sure of himself that he did love me. I knew right there that I did feel the same way he did. I smiled back at him. “Put this on for me?” I asked him. I gave him the necklace,turned around,and lifted up my hair. He put it on for me and I let go of my hair. I turned back around and hugged him again. “I love you.” I told him. He hugged back and he told me the same thing, “I love you too.” he replied and kissed the top of my head. We both knew what this meant now..we were going to get married. We just stayed like that for a short time,but it felt like an eternity. I like it. We had to leave because we started to get hungry so we walked together hand in hand to the dining hall. There was a few maids and servants who stopped and stared at us. I guess they were shocked from the necklace,but we didn't care because we were just happy.

We got to the dining hall and there was Fire lord Ozi,Azula,Ty Lee,Mai,and a few generals from the army at the table. The only one I knew was Zhao. “Sui-Mei and Zuko. We were waiting for you two.” said Ozi. “Sorry to keep you all waiting.” I apologized, no matter how much I really didn't want to. I swear the only reason I had to be nice and restrain myself was because Zuko. If he wasn't the one I was in love with I would be taking them down one by one. We took our seats right across of Mai and Azula. The food started coming in and everyone started to eat. Ozi was just talking to the generals about plans for the solar eclipse. Everyone else was talking to each other while I was being quiet. “ I think that the talk about the eclipse is done. We have everything planned out and ready. We should talk about something else for a change.” said Ozi. He looked at me and Zuko. “Zuko. You didn't tell us that you were going to propose.” he said. “We wanted it to be a surprise. The wedding is going to be far from now.” said Zuko. “Yeah. I don't really want to have a wedding during a war.” I said. “I see.” Ozi replied.

I really didn't want to talk to them and Zuko knew that so he was talking for the both of us. All the stuff about the invasion,Aang,the fire lord, and this wedding was giving me a headache. I excused myself from the table and went to my room. I changed into my sleeping robes(she wears robes...a lot of robes) and asked a maid for a glass of water. I was laying in bed and she came back into my room with the water. “Prince Zuko is at the door. Do you want me to let him in?” she asked. “That would be nice. Thanks.” I said. She let him and left the room. “are you feeling okay. You seemed pretty sick when we went to dinner.” he replied. “I'm fine. I just have a little headache.”I said. He sat down next to me and put his arms around me. “I'll keep you company.” he said. “Thank you.” I said and kissed him on the cheek. I put my head on his chest and my headache was starting to get less annoying.

I put my arms around him and hugged him. “Zuko can you do me a favor?” I asked him. “Anything.” he told me. “Promise me that you won't break my heart.” I said. “I'll do the same for you.” “I can keep that promise.” he told me. I lifted up my head from his chest and looked at him. We both leaned in for a kiss,but our noses hit each other. We laughed it off and tried again. This time we managed to not hurt ourselves and kissed each other. I had my hands on his chest and his hands were around my waist. He pulled away,but I pulled him back. “I can see you want more.” he said. We started kissing again and I ended up putting my hands around my neck. He started to enjoy it because he pulled me closer to him. We ended up making out for awhile and Zuko made my headache go away.

We went back to the positions we were in before and it was really nice. It was the first time in my life I actually was not pretending to be calm. H really made me safe and I was happy. “Do you think you can sleep with me again?” I asked him. “I think I would need a reason too.” he said. “Give me a second to think of one.” I replied. “I have monsters in my closet and I need a strong man to protect me from them.” He smiled and kissed my forehead. “Sure. I'll protect you.” So we both went to sleep together. I had my head on his chest and his rested on top of mine. Our arms were the best part. He had his around me as if he was ready to get out of bed while carrying me and mine were around his neck in case he ends up carrying me out of the blue. He was holding me tight like he never wanted to let go and it felt good. It made me feel warm inside and I like it.
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