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He's a Prince and I'm the Avatar's Sister

chapter 9

I woke up to Azula coming into my room and yelling. Zuko woke up. “Azula what do you want?”He asked annoyed. “We have to get going.” she said. “The eclipse is in 30 minutes.” Zuko shooed her out of the room. “We'll be out in a minute. We have to get our stuff together.” he said. He shut the door behind him. “I know this room inside and out. I can take you to the war balloon by the trap door in your closet.” He opened my closet and grabbed two of my robes. My regular robe and a fire nation robe. He then picked me up and took me into my closet.. He kicked the wall and it opened.

“Zuko you can put me down. I think I can walk now.” I said. So he put me down,but was really close to me in case I fall. We got to the room where they kept all the war balloons. He helped me into one of them. “Stay hidden in here.” he said. “I'll be back for you later.” Afterward he left me and I was all alone in the basket. I had to lay in it because I couldn't be seen and they were pretty small.

After a while I started to feel a little sick. Probably from my food from last night. Zuko came back to check up on me. He had a small little basket that had food. “I thought that you would be hungry.” he said and gave me the basket. I opened it and started to eat. He left after that. I had food in me and it made me feel a little better,but I still felt sick to my stomach.

“So you think you can get rid of me that easy?” said a voice. I didn't know where it was coming from so I pulled myself up and was looking around to see if anyone was in the room. No one in the room. The last place left head. “Dad.” I said. “What are you doing? That procedure done should have left you dormant for good.” “True. It should have considering that boy had done it perfectly without any flaw, but you see I've become stronger.” he said. “Now my destiny is sealed for good.” “If I can hold you back for all these years. I can hold you in longer father. Just like you I'm stronger.” I replied. “I'm not going to let you take over my body.”

He laughed. “Take over your body. I've come to realize that's impossible. So instead I'm just coming out. You've become a great vessel to carry my body for all these years.” Before I can say anything I started to feel a sharp pain from my stomach, a big irritating headache,and I started to yell. His spirit started to come out of my mouth and I can feel myself become weaker and weaker. I was in so much pain and it was unbearable. I didn't know how he was able to do this.

After 2 minutes of pain and yelling it stopped. I collapsed in the basket of the balloon. I lifted myself up and looked around the room. There in front of me was my father. “Finally. I'm free!” he exclaimed. The expression on his face was demented and twisted. He looked at me and fire started to come out of his hands. “I should thank you Sui-Mei. Without you I would be dead right now. Sadly I have no use for you anymore and you'll just get in my way. It's time to say our goodbyes.”

I was too weak to fight back. He threw a fire ball at me and I just ducked into the basket and the fire ball hit another balloon. He walked to me and saw me in the basket. “Why daughter you are the same 100 years ago. Cowardly, You never did face your battles head on. This is probably why you can't protect your own brother from his fate.” he grabbed my arm and pulled me up. I grunted from the pain. He put his hand over my throat and started choking me.

“It's almost sad to see that I have to kill my own blood,but it's the way it was meant to go.” he said with a smirk. “LEAVE THAT GIRL ALONE!” yelled a familiar voice. Next thing I knew my dad let go of me and I heard a big thud as if someone was thrown across the room. I kept myself up by holding onto the basket. I started to cough up blood. I looked up to see who save me from death. It was Iroh, with muscles. “Don't worry Sui-Mei. I'll keep him away from you.” he told me. He was standing in front of me. They were battling it out like crazy. There was a lot of fire and back talking.

“You old fool! She was supposed to die. It was foretold by the monks!” yelled my father. “Monks don't tell a person the kind of destiny they have. It's there choice on to take the destiny or not!” yelled Iroh. I guess after a few minutes my father got Iroh mad. “I've had enough of you. You are a disgrace for a fire nation solider!” He started to create lighting and zapped my father. He fell down to the ground. “D-d-did you kill your father?” I asked. He turned to me. “Sadly most of him is a spirit. He's only stunned for now. It can give you enough time for you and Zuko to escape.”

“Iroh come with us.” I said. “You can help us. We need it.” He looked at me. “I don't think so. I have my own journey to set up.” I gave him a pleading looking then I started to cough up more blood. “Please?” I said more begging. He sighed. “Alright. I'll go,but I'm doing this because you're worrying me. That father of yours did quite a number to you.” I smiled weakly.

Zuko came in through the trap door and looked at my father who was motionless on the ground. “I stunned him. Quickly now before he gets up.” said Iroh. Zuko ran to the balloon and jumped in. Iroh came in afterward. “I'll explain later what happened when everyone gets together.” said Iroh. I rested on Iroh and Zuko started up the balloon.

When I woke up we were in the air. “What happened?” I asked. Zuko turned to me. “We caught up with your brother and the other kids. They couldn't take down my father. They had all the adults captured and they have all the kids with them.”Iroh took control of the balloon and Zuko went to my side. “Are you feeling any better? Uncle told everyone what happened to you.” I nodded my head. “I'm fine. Just a little hungry.” He grabbed the basket and gave me a bread roll. “Here.” I took it and started eating it.

Zuko was letting me rest my head on his chest while I ate. Aang came into the basket. “I see you're up.” he said. “Yeah.” I replied. I finished my bread roll and tried to get up. I grabbed the basket and lifted myself. Zuko got up and made sure I wouldn't fall. I gave a hug to Aang. “I missed you Sui-Mei.” he said. “I missed you too Aang. Don't worry about the Fire lord or dad. We can get the two of them next time.” I said. “Hey Sui-Mei. I see you are alright!” yelled Sokka. “Yeah. I'm fine.” I said. I waved at everyone,though it hurt to much. Aang went back to Appa so he wouldn't stray off.

Zuko helped me to get back on the floor. He had his arms around me. “Aang said we should be reaching the temple soon.” he said. I was still tired and hungry and so I ate another bread roll and went to sleep on Zuko. It felt relaxing to be with all my friends and family. While I was sleeping I can feel the breeze starting to decrease meaning we were here. I woke up and I didn't feel as tired. I could here the guys figuring out how to get me out of the basket. So Zuko was the one who lifted me up and he gave me to Haru, who put me on Appa's tail so I was laying on something soft.

Katara was sitting next to me checking to see if I was okay. “It seems that when her father came out he disrupted the blood flow and as a result made you cough up blood. You also tore some of your muscles badly,but I think I can fix some of it.” Iroh gave me a cup of tea to drink. “Drink this. It will get you to stop coughing up blood.” While I was drinking Katara was starting to heal my muscles. It felt weird at first but I got used to it. After 20 minutes she stopped. “There. I made it so it can repair itself. You should not feel sore in a day or so.”

I smiled. “Thanks guys.” They left and I got up and started to walk around. “Aang I can't believe we're back here.” He turned around and looked at me. “I see you're fine.” He smiled,ran,and hugged me. “Be careful I'm still pretty weak there.” I said. “Sorry.” he said. “It's okay.” I replied. I hugged him back and smiled. “We should check to see if our carving is still there.”

He smiled. “Yes we should.” He looked at everyone else. “We'll be right back.” and we started running to another room in the temple. We found the meditating room and started to look at the pillars. “I think it's this one.” I said. I went to this one pillar. It was covered in ivory leaves and weeds. It was also the only one that was. We blew away the leaves and started to look around the pillar. “We put it up here.” he said. We ran up the pillar and found our carvings. Aang put a carving of an arrowhead with his initials and mine was an air bison with my initials. “Wow. It lasted 100 years.” I said. “I know.” he replied just as amazed. I looked out the window and saw that the sun was going down. “I got to go get dinner started.” I said. I left the room with Aang who was as just as hungry.

We got back to the group who apparently already had a fire started,fresh water,and everything unpacked. “Zuko and Sokka went to go get dinner.” said Haru. “Iroh went to find some edible leaves for Aang.” I didn't have to do anything. “We found a room for you and Zuko.”said Teo. “I think you will like it.” said The Duke. “Thanks.” I replied. The two took me to my room while Aang went to go check on everyone else. My room was right across from Aang and right next to Katara. I opened the door and there were my robes,books,and staff. It was nice to have my staff back I really missed it. I had 2 books on my bed. It was my diary and my drawing book. The last one was my air bender scroll.

I saw that Aang still hung onto my robes. One was for training and regular stuff. The other was my mothers wedding dress. I kept it all this time with me in case of a second marriage.(say what now..seriously say “What” now). Now I guess I'm lucky I have it. I went outside my room and the guys were just coming back from their little trip for food. Zuko and Sokka caught some fishes and Iroh had some leaves and berries. “Great job men.” I said. “This plus the leftovers from the basket will make a good dinner for everyone.”

“Nice to see you're doing well again Sui-Mei.” said Sokka. “Thanks.” I replied and hugged him. “Why don't you put the fish and the fire so it can cook. Sokka and Iroh left and me and Zuko were by ourselves. “So you're okay now?” he asked a little concerned. “Yeah. I'm fine. Katara healed my muscles and Iroh gave me some tea to stop blood coming out of my mouth.” I said. “Okay.” he replied. “I'm sorry I didn't come and protect you.” “It's okay Zuko I’m fine and everything is okay.” I said. I kissed him and made him feel better.

I put my arms around him and hugged him. He put his arms around me and pulled me closer. Then I pushed him away. “Go clean yourself. You smell like fish.” I said. He pouted. “I thought you would like my fishy smell.” “If you're not going to clean yourself at least give me your shirt so I can wash it.” So he took off his shirt and gave it to me. “Here you go.” he said and hugged me. “Get a room you two!” yelled Toph from across. We both laughed and he went to go help with the food. I went to the laundry room in the temple to go wash his shirt.

It was close to the room and it was basically just a room with a big pond. It had a cabinet that was filled with scented soaps so it will smell nice. I chose the lavender soap because it's Zuko's favorite and I started to wash his shirt. After 10 minutes the fish smell was gone and I air bended it dry.

I left the room and went to the group. It was dark already and everyone was around the fire. “We were waiting for you.” said Sokka. “Now we can finally eat.” I sat down between Sokka and Zuko and they all started to eat. “Hey. What's that's smell?” asked Sokka. “Smells like lavender.” I remembered the shirt. I took it out and gave it to Zuko. “Thanks.” he said and put it back on. “I was starting to get cold.” He kissed my cheek. “Aw how cute.” said Katara. “Why lavender?” asked Sokka. “Isn't it a girl scent?” “Zuko likes lavender.” I replied. “His mom used to wear it all the time.”

“You know I never do hear about a queen.” said Aang. “Only a fire lord.” “That's because my mother was banished from the fire nation by my father. I haven't seen her in a long time.” said Zuko. “That's terrible.” said Katara. “Yeah,but that's how my family works. At least my father and sister anyways.” Zuko said. He seemed a little sad. “I know why doesn't Sui-Mei tell us a story. For old times sake.” said Sokka. “Okay. What story do you want to hear?” I asked. “I wanna hear the story behind that wedding dress.” said The Duke. “Why do you have it anyway?”

I smiled. “Believe it or not I was engaged before I ran away with Aang. His name was Hido and he may have been one of the best air benders in our tribe. He was also a big jerk,stupid,and a sexist. I hated him so much.” I said. “Then why did you choose to marry him?” asked Iroh. “You didn't love the man.” “I didn't choose to marry him. My parents did an arranged marriage. It was my parents idea because I refused to be married myself. So it was a forced marriage.” I replied. “In public he was so sweet to me,but behind doors he was a jerk. He would always call me names, sometimes he would hit me. It was the night before my wedding Aang and me ran away right after my father decided to put his spirit in my body. It's a little sad to know the monks were wrong about my father. They said he would take control over my body,but instead he ended up coming out.”

“Don't feel sad about it.” said Iroh. “This just proves that you are in control of your destiny and no one else can tell you otherwise. Sure your father is back and he's going to reek havoc around the world with you the fire lord by him, but you two can stop them.” “Thanks.” I replied. “I think.” Everyone just laughed. “Well I guess story time is over. We should all be getting to bed.” said Aang. We all agreed and started to clean up. After the fire was put out everyone went into their rooms. I was really happy to share a room with Zuko,but I am not sure if they approve of me being engaged to him. He was laying in the bed on his back with his hands under his head.

I got in with him “Tomorrow you are going to train my brother in fire bending.” I said. “Okay.” he replied. He turned to face me and wrapped his arms around me. “You think your brother will be okay with us being engaged?” he asked I smiled. “My brother always wanted me to be happy. That's all he cares his pets and friends. When I was engaged to Hido my brother knew I was miserable. So that's why he wanted me to go with him. So the two of us can be happy together as brother and sister.” I said and kissed him. “Now go to sleep because you have a big day tomorrow.”
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