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Sweet Dreams

Nikki Carter AKA Nikki Riddle has always had one enemy, one rival. That was Harry Potter. He was the sole focus of her father. If he was gone, her father would finally pay attention to her...right? Unbeknownst to her, the same boy she vowed to hate made his own vow: to steal her heart. What will happen if he succeeds? What if he did and her father found out? With her mind running wild, her dreams are her worst enemy…

Running around Hogwarts with Umbridge ruling the school doesn’t sit well with the school’s best prankster duo: Nikki and TJ. When Fred and George try to start something between them, they get more than they bargained for with rivalries both on and off the Quidditch Pitch.

(The side-story/prequel to this story is located here. But know that it does not include the characters in here, as it follows Nikki's parents and their...'interesting' relationship with one another.)