Trembling With the Strings

Our Summer Home Is Made Of Aces

Almost. I almost had it. The center was a little off on the bottom, but I was determined. There was only one card left for my house, and I knew I could do it.


“No!” I shrieked, fumbling to hold up the structure that shattered in my hands. Kai closed his mouth, looking absolutely guilty.

“I’m sorry,” he murmured quietly, closing the shop door quietly behind him. “Dad’s coming, too, with your other kids. I ran ahead. I’m sorry.”

I shook my head, stepping out from behind my shop counter. I picked him up and settled him on my hip, tapping his nose. “I’d much rather spend time with you, darling.” I put him down, and he immediately ran over to a piano and started playing brilliantly.

“What happened here?” Darius asked, staring at the mess of cards scattered all over the floor.

“That would be my house.”

“Don’t be an architect, sweetie,” he told me teasingly, pulling me into a gentle embrace. The three other boys in my life scattered throughout Jameson Melodies.

“I have all I need right here, thanks to you,” I mumbled, kissing him quickly. “And two baby girls on the way.”

Darius grinned, holding me tighter. “My pregnant wife should not be here so much, but I suppose it makes you happy. Marcy is going to request a visit, as you know, and Drakken will surely want to see his granddaughters. Dante and Cameron, naturally, love babies. I know we’ve got four months, but do you have any idea as to what you want to name them?”

I smiled and nodded. “A little birdie told me.”

“He didn’t!” he gasped, glancing over to Mozart II. “Care to tell me?”

I thought for a moment. “I suppose…” He pouted childishly, and I pulled myself out of his arms. “You, sir, are ridiculous!”

“You can’t ignore your wimpy husband forever!” he threatened, sitting in the middle of the floor. “I’m irresistible.”

“I love how modest you are,” I muttered, checking the cash register for the night. “So you know that boy I’m giving piano lessons to, Eric?”

“The one with the glandular problem?”

“No, that’s Mariah. Eric’s the one that you call Rudolph for some outlandish reason,” I called, putting away some files.

“Oh, good old Red. What about him?”

“Well, you didn’t hear this from me, but he said that he saw the prettiest lady today. He said she was holding hands with his brother’s friend, Robbie. Isn’t that too cute? I think it’s adorable!”

“How is it adorable?” Darius asked, glaring. “That bastard is obviously cheating on my sister!”

“What?” I shrieked, gaping.

“Obviously, I mean what else could it be? Eric said he saw a pretty lady, and Marcy is not pretty.”

“Don’t do that!” I muttered, locking up the cabinet. “Are you ready to go home, you jerk?”

He glanced to Kai, who had just finished his second composition. “I think so. Eleanor is probably going crazy being at home alone.”

“Alright. I just have to lock up. You know what I’ve realized?”

“What’s that?” Dray asked, ushering the kids out the door.

I walked up to him and caught his hand, smiling gently. “I’ve decided I really like routine.”

“What are you talking about?”

“Life used to be so crazy, but now it’s finally making some sense. I don’t know, it’s nice.”

Darius made a weird face. “Sure, sweetie.” He held the door open for me, but I pushed him out of the way and locked it.

“Oh, forget it!” I grumbled, glaring at him. “Last time I share my thoughts with you!”

“That’s a lie if I’ve ever heard one! Every day it’s ‘Oh, I have to share my feelings!’ Love, a man just can’t care!”

“Well you could at least pretend to listen! All you do is start yawning and then snoring. It’s not funny!”

“You love me!”

“I do.”

“So you never told me what their names are, Gracie,” Darius mumbled quietly as we walked hand in hand. The kids ran ahead, playing tag as we walked home. “Well?”

I smiled, leaning against him as he ranted on and on.

“Gracie, what are we going to call them?”
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I have good news and bad news. Would you like good or bad first?
The votes are in! So here's the good news: it has nothing to do with any of you! :D Haha, so Gideon is almost officially my baby boy. I submitted the paper work a few nights ago, and the shelter told met that they'll send him home with me once I give them a ring. My little man! Oh, I'm floating! And driving classes, which I had been attending, are now over. I'm on top of the world! I'm going to spoil that chinchilla :)

Now for the bad news....
The next chapter I will submit is the last chapter of this story. I simply believe I have placed everything I wished in this story. My entire being was typed up and presented to you all, and thankfully I was not rejected :) I have grown so much while writing this story...and I have you all to thank for it! I love you, I truly do, in a non-creepy old man stalker way. If I had never gotten the notion to write this...I don't want to think about it! I don't know all of you who are reading this right now, but I must say I wish I did, because then I would be surrounded by the best friends in the entire world. You stood by me through the thick and thin, and I cannot thank you enough. I did not force you to read this, and yet you stuck it through to the end.

I will submit the final chapter hopefully in one to two weeks. Forgive me for self-promotion, but I will also tell you of my new story, which I am currently working on. It still has the vampire aspect, but it mainly focuses on a shape shifter and ex-slave, but I'll get into that later. I've taken what I've learned from this and applied it, and I will continue to apply it to all of my future works. If I ever publish a book, you will all know that my acknowledging section and thanks will go to the audience of my mibba writers and subscribers, who helped form the writer I am today.

Today was a more inspirational rather than crazy note, but I promise I won't cry! It is not time for goodbye just yet, so until next time, chapter, I submit you!