Trembling With the Strings

Happy Endings!

“Darius,” I panted, reaching out with shaky arms. “They’re my babies, too!”

He grinned, turning to me with two pink bundles. A tiny hand reached out and grabbed her father’s finger. Darius grinned from ear to ear, carefully slipping his finger out of her strong grasp and placing one girl in my arms.

I looked down at the round, innocent face. She held her father’s striking eyes, as did her sister. Darius slid into the hospital bed beside me, refusing to release his other daughter. I kissed my crying baby’s forehead, running a delicate hand over her fragile head.

“Hi, Alana,” I murmured quietly, tapping her small, perfect nose. She cried continuously without an end in sight, and I frowned. “I didn’t realize it’s that annoying.”

“She’s a baby,” Dray reminded me teasingly. “They cry. Here, trade me.”

I made a face, gathering Keiki in my arms. She stayed perfectly silent, staring up at me though wide, bewildered eyes. I grinned. “Thank God, I know she’s mine!”

“I’m going to get the boys and Marcy, alright?” he murmured, placing the wailing Alana in my arms and kissing my forehead quickly before hurrying out of the room.

For the first time since Kai was born, I actually felt completely sure of myself. My son had shaken up my confident quite a bit, but just the look at my sweet, pudgy little girls made me forget the uncertainty of the past months, and I was able to smile freely. It was nice, and I knew that I was truly happy; it had taken time and strength, but I was happy.

Kai pushed open the door eagerly, dashing to my bedside and peering up at his new sisters. He glanced up to me questioningly, his small hands grasping the bar on the edge of the bed. Everyone slowly poured into the room, Marcy pushing her way past my immediate family as well as Drakken, Dante, and Cameron. A squeal of delight escaped her lips, and she scooped Kai into her arms as she stared at me.

“Oh, aren’t they so precious?” she asked Kai, hugging him with a deadly grip. He nodded, putting up with his bizarre aunt. “Darius, I was going to scream at you for repeatedly impregnating your wife, but just look at them!”

“Thanks,” he muttered teasingly, helping Kai out of Marcy’s arms. “I think we’re done having children, aren’t we?”

I smiled. He had to ask me, like I owned him. I merely nodded, feeling so peaceful surrounded by my family.

Drakken watched from a polite distance with Dante, but Marcy and Cameron were gushing over the new additions. Marcus, Jonathan and Demetrius grinned, sitting on the edge of the bed. Darius took my babies out of my arms and held them warmly.

“Guess who’s not getting boyfriends until I’m dead?” he cooed, an absurd look on his face. “You are, yes you are!”

I rolled my eyes, laughing, and turned to Marcy. “Where’s Robbie?”

“Oh, he’s around here somewhere, I’m sure. He wouldn’t miss this for the world,” she assured me, catching my hand and patting it childishly.

“I’m here! I wouldn’t miss this for the world!” Robbie exclaimed, suddenly lunging through the door and pushing his way up to me. He looked so out of place in his elegant, formal clothing. “I had an interview, sorry.”

I shook my head. “How’d you do?”

“Nailed it!” He blushed upon meeting his girlfriend’s gaze. “Figuratively, I mean.”

Darius grumbled something under his breath, but I didn’t care to listen. “Don’t ever do that to me again, mister!” I warned him quietly. “I’m not taking Marcella out to find out if she’s pregnant again!”

“What?” he shrieked, casting a glance to Marcy. Her face revealed annoyance at me while managing to still appear amused.

“I’m not, Robbie baby.”

He sighed, grabbing her hand and falling into place beside her. “Way to keep me out in the dark.”

I turned away from the spectacle that would be resolved within two minutes and glanced to Darius. He caught my gaze instinctively, as if he had known I would look to him, and he put Alana in Marc’s arms and Keiki in Johnny’s and approached me leisurely.

“Are you ready to get out of here?” he asked quietly, keeping the moment between us.

“Very much.” I reached my hands into the air, and he helped me stand for only a second before pulling me off of my feet.

“I love you,” he mumbled, kissing me sweetly.

“I love you,” I murmured drowsily into his chest, barely able to keep my arms wrapped around his neck. “I want to go home.”

“I know.” He seemed to think for a moment. “Where do you consider home?”

“Anywhere,” I mumbled, “As long as you’re there.”


Oh, and...
In regards to hopes for a sequel:
Well, I did muse over it quite a bit, but I'm at a blank. I feel like this story has already expanded so much, and that if I tried to continue, it would end up being terrible and just over-extended. I would love to write a sequel, but not at the cost of ruining this story. I simply cannot think of a new plot, because so much was in this one plot and my brain is fried :)

And Gideon thanks you all for your support, as he is sleeping in his little wood house as I type this, as he is my never-failing inspiration what with his strangeness :D
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Option 1: Working Title
Basically it's about an Egyptian singer, Mori (previously Meret, will be explained in story), living in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a shapeshifter, Finch, and her little sister, Alzea. Mori escaped from the vampire Lazarus after her parents died, because her family had been in the Lazarus line for quite some time. Finch promised to help, as long as he took her with her. Their relationship is so natural it seems to be awkward, and Mori simply cannot think of beyond friendship, though she does describe their relationship as "married." Lately, she begins to see Lazarus, though Finch insists they cannot find her. Has Lazarus managed to track her down, or has the years of slavery merely caught up to her? She does know one thing: she'll never know... That is, until she kills him.

Option 2: Tie it with a Ribbon (Not definite, but a thought)
Two kingdoms: the birds and the lions. At one point, as legend says, the two had coexisted peacefully, but that is not the case of present day. No one remembers what started the war that has raged for centuries, but no one has questioned it or tried to resolve it--until the premature deaths of her siblings forces Alena Nicola to take up the throne at the same time as Zanzibar Giovanni. Her deep fear is consumed by curious feelings as they meet in secret, trying to get to know one another better, to consider the possibility of unity between their people. Through the midst of unthinkable romance, Alena discovers a secret that will surely change the course of her life--a secret kept from her from her own mother.

Both have been started and are considerately developed and frequently updated, as of late. Tell me which you like better, or if I'm just so great that you simply cannot choose. These are rough overviews, because you surely know how complex and full-o-things my plot lines are (or at least I hope you know, after this adventure!). Please don't be shy about feedback, everything is appreciated. And hopefully I'll hear from you again in future stories :D

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