Broken Angelz

Feelings, First's and a Date?

Tell me how to feel like I did when we were young. . .

Silence. Nothing but me and my guitar. Kelsi was out with Jackson and I kind of liked having the house to myself. Especially after our fight. It was nice. Although things were as back to normal as they could b for now, I couldn’t help but feel on edge around her. I’m sure she was the same with me, too. It was getting better though. Her being out gave me time to write. Something that I hadn’t done in ages. I had a feeling that our first official ‘ep’ would now be an album.

Hearing a knock at the door, I placed my guitar down and headed out of the studio and towards the door. Opening the door, I found myself staring at Rob. After over 2 weeks of them being here, you would think that I would be used to it, but no. “Hi.” He smiled, awkwardly.

“Hey.” I smiled back. “Jackson’s still out with Kelsi, I’m not sure how long they will be.”

“Oh, that’s fine.” Rob nodded. “I was actually kind of here to see you anyway.”

Oh how many 12 year old twats would kill to have ‘Edward Cullen’ stand at their door and say that to them. Me? I wasn’t fussed as much. “Really?” I asked. I was actually kind of shocked. Since our ‘romantic charcoal encounter’, as Kelsi liked to call it, we hadn’t really spoken much. “Come on in.”

Rob followed me into the kitchen, taking a seat on one of the three seats. “Jackson told me about your fight with Kelsi.”

“Oh.” I stated. “Really?”

“Yeah.” Rob drummed his fingers on the bench, nervously. “Both him and Kelsi are worried about you.”

“So they sent you to check up on me?” I smirked. “No offence to any of you, but I don’t think it’s right for you to be in our lives for less than a month and have right to but in like this.”

As soon as I finished saying this, I realized how bitchy it came across. He was just trying to help and I’m sure that when he came on his vacation here that he didn’t expect or what to be thrown into the life of someone as messed up as me. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s fine, Peyton.” He smiled, weakly. “A defence mechanism, right?”

I nodded. “I guess.”

“I don’t mean to pry or anything, Peyton.” He sighed. “I’m worried about you too. It may not have been long, but I’ve grown to like you. A lot.”

I smiled. “That’s not a smart idea, Rob.”

“You fascinate me.”

“How?” I laughed. “Is it my drunken walk or the greatness of how I must look with a hangover each morning that does it for you?”

Rob laughed at me, “I’m not sure.”

We both sat there silently for a few minutes, doing and saying nothing. Just awkwardly looking at each other. I decided to break the silence. “You have better things to do with your life then worry about some Australian 20 year old drunk who you met 2 weeks ago.”

Rob shrugged. “Probably, but that doesn’t mean I want it any other way.”

“What are you getting at Mr Pattinson?” I smirked.

“Depends what you’re implying I’m getting at Miss Matthews.” He stood up walking over to me. His eyes not leaving mine. I raised my eyebrows at him as he closed the space between us, our faces inching closer and closer. Then he stopped. Not even a centimetre away from me face, he stopped. “I’m not going to sleep with you Peyton.”

What did he just say? I looked at him, shocked. “What?”

“I’m not going to sleep with you.” He repeated. “I really like you Peyton, and I know what you’re known for. But I think you’re worth more than that.”

I shook my head at him. “You’ve got to be kidding.”

“I’m not.”

“This is fucking ridiculous!” I threw my hands up in the air.

“Why?” he smirked. “Because I’m the first guy that’s shown you any shred of respect?”

“No!” I defended. “No!”

He laughed at me.

“Okay, maybe yes!” I growled. “But who says I want respect?!”

“Because I know you.” Rob smiled at me.

“Okay, for one you know shit all about me!” I yelled “So stop implying you know everything!”

Who the fuck did this guy think he was? I don’t care that he was some sparkly vampire faggot that was loved by 12 years olds across the world! I was Peyton Fucking Matthews.

“It’s not that hard to figure you out, Peyton.” Rob stated. “Listening to your lyrics, the walls you put up. It’s all proof that you want to feel important and cared about just like everybody else.”

“Okay, wow. You really have let working on Twilight go to your head.” I laughed. “Not all of society is some happy freaking la de da romance. And not everyone wants that!”

“I’m not saying you do!” He threw his hands up in the air, defensively. “I’m just stating you want to feel cared about.”

“Can you cut the deep and meaningful bullshit?” I asked.

“Fine.” He sighed. “At least let me try and prove to you that you’re worth more than just a quick fuck?”

“And how do you plan on doing that?”

“11 o’clock, tomorrow morning.” He grinned “Be ready and dressed. We’ll go from there!”

And with that, he walked out of the house. Leaving me stunned. Oh boy, I needed a drink.


“He did what?” My friend Hayley and I sat out by the pool. I had called her straight after Rob left and told her everything. “What the fuck is he smoking?”

“Pot, according to the tabloids!” I laughed.

“So he’s taking you out tomorrow?” she asked. I nodded. “Where?”

“No idea.” I shrugged. “He pissed off before he mentioned it!”

“Weirdo.” She giggled.

“You’re telling me!” I laughed, sipping on my drink.

Later that night Kelsi got home and told me about her date with Jackson. She seemed really happy with him. I told her about the Rob situation, to which she laughed. “Maybe Jackson was right.” She smirked.

I looked at her, confused. “Explain?”

“Jackson thinks that Rob likes you.” She explained. “Apparently he got really shitty with Kellan after we had the pool party, because of how flirty you both were.”

“What the hell?!” I exclaimed. “Kellan and I were not ‘flirty’”

“You so were!” She defended. “You were all over each other! Spooning and kissing!”

“I spoon everyone!” I giggled. “Spooning’s cute okay?!”

Kelsi laughed at me. “But in all honesty, so you like Rob?”

“I don’t know, Kels.” I sighed. “This is all new to me, so I have no idea.”

“I’ll guess you’ll just have to see where it goes.”

I nodded.


I was all for you, you fell over my love. I just can’t afford it this time

Stupid ringtone waking me up. Damn it.

“Robert, this better be fucking good.” I growled into the phone.

“You’re not up yet?” He asked.

“Why the fuck would I be?” I asked looking at the clock. “It’s 10am!”

“You forgot?” He sounded kind of disappointed.

Forgot, forgot, forgot.


“No!” I lied, remembering our ‘date’. Or whatever it was. “I just don’t need that long to get ready!”

“Liar.” He smirked. “I’ll see you in an hour.”

Hanging up the phone, I groaned throwing my head back on the pillow. I felt. . . nervous? Excited? I had no idea.

What the hell was this boy doing to me?


Within the hour I was up, showered and dressed. Kelsi was making cookies when I found her. She smiled, seeing that I was ready.

“Someone looks cute.” She smiled, mixing the batch of cookies as she eyes me up and down. “You excited?”

“I don’t know how I feel.” I answered honestly. “Am I over dressed?”

“Look at you all worried about the way you look!” She smirked “Should I get out my camera and snap a photo?”

“Fuck off!” I growled.

“See, there’s the Peyton I know!”

There was a knock at the door and I stood there nervously.

“Do I need to give him the talk?” Kelsi joked.

“I hate you!” I yelled before going to answer the door.

Here goes nothing.
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