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To Kill or Not to Kill Dumbledore?

The Death of Dumbledore

I couldn't bother to pay attention in class the next day. My nerves were shot. I excused myself from each class to run to the bathroom to throw up. I refused to meet Draco's gaze, and hid my face in my textbook. When all of my classes were over, I ran to my dorm as fast as I could. I flung my books down on my bed, and put on my head phones. I turned my alarm clock on for 11:30, and fell asleep.
(Draco's Point of View)
I tried to get Tessie to look at me so I could reassure her about what was to happen tonight. What she didn't know was... I was having second thoughts about killing Dumbledore. I mean, the old man has never done anything to me! But if I don't, I lose my life! You can see how this puts me in a tight spot now can't you?

Poor Tessie, she looks so sad. God, all I want to do is hold her, and I can't even do that! I wish things could be different... I wish I never became a Death Eater. I would never have had to do this stupid task for HIM if I wasn't one. I'm so stupid for believing that being a Death Eater like my lovely father was everything!

But, you can't turn back time. And I have to prepare for my plan. I fixed the Vanishing Cabinet that Flint got lost in. Death Eaters will enter from the cabinet in Dervish and Bangs, and will transport to the vanishing cabinet in Hogwarts. Where is the vanishing cabinet you may ask? Room of Requirement. So, while all the Death Eaters are attacking the school, I will send up the Dark Mark over the Astronomy Tower, and spread the rumor that a student has died. Dumbledore will come running, I'll disarm him, and I'll... I'll...

Oh God, I can't even say it! I can't do it! I mean, this is DUMBLEDORE! He's the most powerful and greatest wizard ever; I would have no chance!

God, please let things go alright tonight... Please let me live... Let me be with Tessie for a bit longer...
(Tessie's Point of View)
I was awoken by screams. I turned to my alarm clock. It read 11.

'So, it has begun,' I thought to myself sadly. I got up, put on my white buttoned down shirt, and put my black corset on over it. I threw on my long black boho skirt, and began my way to the Astronomy Tower.

I was greeted with a cackling noise as I exited the portrait hole. Luna was fighting off a hooded Death Eater, and she was hanging on by a thread.

"EXPELLIARMUS!" I cried, pointing my wand at the Death Eater. The wand flew out of their hands, and Luna began to jinx her, and ran to alert the teachers.

'What am I getting myself into? Why did I promise Draco? Why do I still love him, even though he is going to KILL someone?' I thought to myself as I began to cry.

I reached the tower, and walked to the balcony, and gasped. There, in the night sky, clear as day, was the Dark Mark. "Oh God!" I cried. Hands grabbed my waist, pulling me backwards. I screamed loudly, and a hand went over my mouth. I began to panic, and try to wriggle out of the person's arms.

'Shhhhhhhh,' a soothing voice in my head said to me. I relaxed, it was Draco who held me. 'It's only me. Don't be afraid... I put that mark up in the sky... No one has died yet...'

"Yet," I whispered as Draco took his hand away from my mouth. He continued to hold me close to his body, and I could feel him shake with nerves. He buried his face into my brown hair, and I felt his shaky, warm breath on my neck. I closed my eyes, and let everything go for a bit. It had been a very long time since I had been this close to Draco. I slid my wand in between my chest, and opened my eyes to look at the scenery. Dumbledore was on the grounds, looking up at us, and he wasn't alone. Harry was with him, and the both of them pointed, and started to run up to the school.

"He's coming Draco!" I panicked. "Oh God, I can't be here much longer. I have to go..."

"Tessie, please stay with me..." Draco sighed. I shook my head,tears falling down my pale face, and I hid in the shadows just as the door opened and Draco had disarmed the intruder.

"I got you cornered," said Draco, holding his and Dumbledore's wand. "I actually did it! I have defeated you, the most powerful wizard in the world! No one believed I would survive, but see how I prove them wrong!" Draco pressed his wand against Dumbledore's throat. "And now, I am going to kill you..."

"Draco," chuckled Dumbledore. "You aren't the Death Eater that you have become. You aren't your father. Think about how much you have changed due to Miss Smith. Think of your love for the girl... Do you really want to do this?"

"Do not bring her name in this!" snarled Draco, placing the wand closer to his throat. "I HAVE to kill you... I will DIE if I don't..."

"Draco, you have a choice, and you better make it soon, because people are coming," said Dumbledore as footsteps were heard.

"Hmmm... To kill or not to kill Dumbledore..." said Draco. Dumbledore stood there, waiting for Draco to choose. Draco began to sweat, and the wand in his hand began to tremor. BOOM! The door to the balcony of the Astronomy Tower was taken off its hinges. A werewolf and several Death Eaters entered, and all of them started to laugh.

"Dumbledore's caught in Draco's trap!" cackled Bellatrix.

"Wait! I smell.... MUDBLOOD!" cried the werewolf. I began to panic, and tried to move away, but it was too late. "FOUND IT! She's a pretty little mudblood, ain't she? How about I turn her into a werewolf?"

"You will not touch her, Fenrir!" cried Draco. "HE has asked us to kill Dumbledore, not mudbloods."

"But she looks so tasty..." said Fenrir. "Just one bite? Very well Draco, finish him off then!"

Draco continued to stand there, shaking like a leaf. His left hand fingered around in his pocket, and I saw a glimmer of emerald. He had held the engagement ring that I gave back to him in his hand. "Draco! If you love me, strike that, if you have any love in your heart, please don't do this!" I screamed.

"Shut your mouth, or I will do it for you PERMANENTLY!" cried Bellatrix, slashing me across the face with her wand.

Draco didn't turn around. He just kept looking at the ring, and after several minutes, he dropped his wand, and fell to his knees. "I-I can't do it..."

"AVADA KEDAVRA!" cried a voice behind everyone.

"NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I screamed, as Dumbledore's body floated down to the school grounds, a broken body. I turned to see who had killed Dumbledore, and gasped. "SNAPE?" Snape turned and walked out the door. The Death Eater's followed him, and I began to chase after him. I followed him onto the grounds, and punched him in the face. "YOU COWARD! YOU BASTARD! YOU KILLED HIM! YOU ARE DESPICABLE!"



"I AM NOT A COWARD! CRUCIO!" I fell, writing in pain in the dewy grass, as Snape stood over my body. "NOBODY CALLS ME A COWARD!" he screamed before running away. I panted, and tried to get up. As I made my way to try to catch up with Snape, Draco had caught up with me.

"You didn't... you couldn't-" But that was all Draco would let me say as he kissed me with all the passion he had left in his body. His hand played with left hand a bit, and then he left me standing there. I sobbed as I watched him run off in the distance, and looked down at my left hand. There, on my ring finger, was my engagement ring. And there was a note in my hand.

'My dearest Tessie, I have made my choice, and that choice has led to my death. I am going into hiding, but if there is a way, I want you to try to find me before school. I will be returning to school next year, but I do want to be with you before school. Remember that I love you, no matter what happens. I only hope to see you soon. Forever yours, Draco Scorpius Malfoy.'

I watched as Professor McGonagall gave the eulogy for Dumbledore, and thought to myself. Where is Draco? Why is he coming back to school if he is in hiding? What is going on? My questions had been left unanswered since Dumbledore's death. It was now the last day of school, and we were all on the school grounds, sitting in folded chairs for Dumbledore's funeral. I sat next to Rosie and Fred, and held Rosie's hand. It was a comfort that she was there for me when Draco couldn't be. She was now really large, and at the moment, it looked like the twins were doing a wild, thrashing dance inside of her. I snickered as Rosie put my hand on her large belly, and felt the twins. Well, she was seven months along!

The funeral had ended, and everyone was sent to go to their dorms to pack. We all headed to the Hogwarts Express with sorrow and sadness in our hearts. Rosie and Fred, who were usually making out at any given moment, were sitting normally with Fred's arm around Rosie. It seemed Dumbledore's death had gotten to them too. Hermione tried to put on a brave front, but then erupted into tears as Ron pulled her into his arms. Ron had never looked sadder than when Dumbledore died... Harry sat there, stressing over his mission to get Voldemort. His head was in his hands, and he was in deep thought. Luna was just as sad as everyone, but blamed Dumbledore's death on a case of wrackspurts. Neville sobbed, and wiped his nose on his robes, and I gave him a friendly, reassuring hug.

"Things are going to get better, you'll see Nev," I said, trying to smile behind the pain of everything.


'Uh oh!' I thought to myself.
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