Sequel: Like We Used To
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“Get out,” I said.

“But,” Mikki protested.

“John will be happy to see you,” I said, hoping that she would leave.

“Oooohh.” She smirked, “You just want to be alone with Garrett.” She wiggled her eyebrows at me.

“Get out,” I sighed, pointing to the door. She sighed, stuck her tongue out at me, then left. I watched the small puppy stare at me with her ears perked and her head tilted to the side. “I suppose I should name you, eh?” She wagged her tail and I giggled. “What do you think about Reid?” She barked, and got up then ran in a small circle. I laughed. “Reid it is.” I slid down to the floor and she ran over, jumping in my lap.

The doorbell rang while I was playing with Reid; I eagerly jumped up and ran to the door. I drew in a deep breath than pulled the door open. “Hi Garrett,” I beamed. Reid barked again. “Come in.” I grabbed his hand and pulled him in; he laughed at my enthusiasm.

“Do you like her?” he asked as I dropped his hand.

I giggled and nodded as I picked her up then sat next to Garrett. “Thank you.” I kissed his cheek and he put his arm around my shoulders. Reid jumped into Garrett’s lap and licked his face. I rested my head against his shoulder as he pet Reid.

“Merrick, wake up,” Garrett whispered. I picked my head up and swayed from side to side.


He chuckled. “You fell asleep,” he told me. “And now it’s late, so I should go.” He sighed.

I clutched his shirt in my hand and pouted. “Please stay,” I murmured.

He looked down then smiled. “I will next time,” he said.


“I promise,” he grinned. I let go of his shirt and fell to my other side as he got up.

“Nighty night, Garrett. Please lock the door when you leave.” My eyes slid closed and I curled into a ball, pulling a blanket off the couch to cover myself.

“Night, Merrick,” he whispered. I could feel his hot breath against my skin and realized that he was leaning over me. He kissed my cheek and I was slightly disappointed; then I heard the door close as he left.
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