Sequel: Like We Used To
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I'll Leave It at "You Amaze Me"


Kylie left a few days early so that she could catch the guys at their first show and spend the tour with them. Today was the funeral—the last one; my mom’s funeral. I felt awkward and out of place as I stood in the back of the group at the graveyard. There were red roses on her casket. I tried not to draw any attention to myself. The black fabric of my coat kept me warm as the wind blew and the chilly fall air nipped at my cheeks. My now-dark hair was curled and blew around my face.

I shoved my hands in my coat pockets and stared at the ground as everybody else slowly left, leaving me behind. I slowly walked closer to the casket. My breath caught in my throat and I was glad nobody else was around. “I love you, Mom,” I choked out. I pulled my hands out of my pockets and looked down at the ring that belonged to her that now permanently belonged to the third finger on my right hand. I wiped my eyes and wished that I at least knew who did it.

“You look like you could use a friend.” I jumped and turned around and saw Garrett smiling. He walked over and hugged me. I rested my head against his chest and he buried his face against my neck and shoulder. “I’m sorry I couldn’t have been here sooner,” he mumbled against my neck.

“Garrett, will you drive me home?” I asked.

“Well, seeing as my taxi has left, of course I will.” He let go of me and took my hand in his. He walked to my car in silence and he drove us home.

I unlocked the front door and let Garrett in. I took off my coat and dropped it on the floor after closing and relocking the door. I kicked off my shoes and saw that Garrett had already done the same. “You look like hell,” Garrett murmured as he, once again, embraced me in a warm hug.

“You have no clue,” I muttered. He loosened his grip enough so that I could slide my arms out and wrap them around his neck.

“Maybe I can help,” he whispered, kissing my lips lightly. His hands now rested on my hips. His lips massaged my own and I ran my fingers through his hair. My cheeks flushed red as I realized what I wanted more than anything else right now; I wanted Garrett to know that I was his. His tongue ran across my bottom lip; I slowly started unbuttoning his shirt. He pulled away breathless. “What—” I cut him off by pressing my lips to his again.

His shirt fell to the floor once I had successfully managed to unbutton it and push it off his arms. “Are you—” I cut him off again in the same manner.

“I’m sure,” I whispered. I nodded towards the bedroom and he smiled before grabbing the bottom of my shirt and pulling it over my head. It, too, fell to the floor before he reconnected our lips. I pushed him towards the bedroom as I unbuckled his belt and pulled it out of the belt loops. He unbuttoned my skirt and pushed it down my legs within seconds. I kicked the useless fabric away from myself and shivered lightly as he pulled away and started kissing my neck. He stepped out of his pants once I had managed to undo them. He led me to the bed.

“Are you sure?” he murmured against my neck. I nodded. I had never been more sure of anything.
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I love Garrett Zane!!! He's so cute and adorable. When he's not using my arm as a chew toy. xD

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